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Fave Friday: Possessions

December 4, 2009

Quick, you’re in a fire and you’ve got 5 things to save. What would you grab?

Heaven forbid this were to happen to any of us, but if it ever does, we’ve gotsta think fast and grab what’s most important. What does your priority list look like? Hurr’s mine:

1) Wifey of course. Awwww…
2) My personal effects (phone, wallet, keys, etc.)
3) My computers
4) My HDTV
5) Blankie (for wifey of course! šŸ˜‰ )

Bonus content!
I recently saw this HILARIOUS video today and thought I’d share. I don’t wanna give it away too much so just go watchum go. Alls I gotsta say is “Why didn’t I think of this!?!?” Hehe!

Instant Update

I have two extra tickets to this Sunday’sĀ UH Men’s Basketball game again Lamar (12/06 @ 5:05pm). If anyone wants ’em, let me know!

Happy VHO7V Friday, and have a great weekend y’all! šŸ™‚ Shoots!