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Where In Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? – January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

With the lack of comments so far, early this year, I figured I’d shoot myself in the foot and change locations to make things even *more* difficult. LOL! Nah, I just wanted fo’ try something different. We go see if this works…

Photo #1
Where in Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? - January 23, 2013
Where in Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? – January 23, 2013

Photo 1) Wea Dis Stay? ________________________

Photo #2
Where in Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? - January 23, 2013
Where in Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? – January 23, 2013

Photo 2) Wea Dis Stay? ________________________

Photo #3
Where in Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? - January 23, 2013
Where in Seattle is Edward Sugimoto? – January 23, 2013

Photo 3) Wea Dis Stay? ________________________


This week’s “Spotted” shot for VH07V is with another Hawaii-born pro athlete! A big mahalo to Shinogu Sato of Hawaii Web TV who was able to snap this shot of former Kamehameha Schools player and US National Team champion (2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup), and current Houston Dynamo striker Brian Ching at the 2012 Pro Xtreme Soccer Camp where Ching was teaching!

Houston Dynamo striker Brian Ching loves his VH07V Tee!
Houston Dynamo striker Brian Ching loves his VH07V Tee!

Weekly VH07V Updates!

* I think I may be doing (having a booth at) the Ukulele Picnic event next month. More details to come!

* Still waiting on my HUGE re-fill order to come in (the holidays wiped me out)! Hopefully it doesn’t take too much longer.

* Getting closer to finalizing new styles (wicker type polo) and designs.

* Started the voting process on our next new design. Which one you guys like da bes’? Post it in the comments below!

VH07V design concept 1
Concept 1
VH07V design concept 2
Concept 2
VH07V design concept 3
Concept 3
VH07V design concept 4
Concept 4
VH07V design concept 5
Concept 5
VH07V design concept 6
Concept 6
VH07V design concept 7
Concept 7
VH07V design concept 8
Concept 8
VH07V design concept 9
Concept 9

* Get all of the latest VH07V gear at:


As always, a big mahalos to everyone for your support and for helping to spread the VH07V! 8)

Missing Cat – FOUND!

Remember that missing cat I asked you guys to help me find for my friends? Well, after being gone for 24 days, his parents are proud to announce that he has been found!!! Here’s a message from them:

24 days later, hachi is HOME!!!!! unbelievable! big ups to Teylor for spotting him near a friend’s house near longs/rec 4 side! so crazy! we have lifted hearts tonight. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Missing Hachi - Found!
Missing Hachi – Found!

Have a happy VH07V Wednesday y’all! Shoooots!


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Hawaii Self Storage’s Clear the Clutter New Year Promotion

Hawaii Self Storage's Clear the Clutter New Year Promotion
Hawaii Self Storage’s Clear the Clutter New Year Promotion


Fave Friday – Weekend Activities

April 30, 2010

So this weekend for me, as it is for most of us I’m sure, is a pretty hectic one. Here’s just a snippet of what’s goin’ down (down down down down) in one day:

* 6AM – Since tomorrow lands on the 1st of the month, I will be going in early to work to take care of some of our monthly updates for our web presences.
* 8AM – Back home to sleep (but, in reality, probably not)
* 10AM-ish – Head to Sears to get a part for our dryer
* 11AM-ish – I really shouldn’t, but I might want to take a peek at the new Droid Incredible by HTC (if I didn’t already buy it by the time this post goes live *evil grin*), which was just released to the public yesterday.
* 1PM – Meeting with Broker to discuss some options for my Real Estate license.
* 3PM – UH Baseball game (possibly) See note below for FREE tickets!
* 6PM – Was asked by a friend to cover the Galaxy MMA event at the Blaisdell (see details at bottom).
* 9PM-ish – Out with some friends after (possibly)

Some of these are chores/errands, some are for fun. Some is for work, some personal… Ideally, the weekends are supposed to be used to relax, but it never seems to work out that way yeah? So hurr’s our Fave Friday topic for this week:

If you could do anything you wanted
for an entire weekend,
what would you do and why?

I would probably just relax at home in my underwear and eat pizza and watch TV all day. TMI? Haha, nah, nah, das gross! I would probably just want to take a neighbor island trip with wifey and simply unwind. Turn off the cell phone, sit on the beach, eat good grindz, and just chill. Those Corona commercials on the beach always make me jealous! Lottery, where are you? 😛

So what about you? What would you do?

Galaxy MMA Event

Galaxy MMA - Worlds Collide Poster
Galaxy MMA – Worlds Collide Poster

WHO: (Main Event): Scott Junk vs Fabiano Scherner, (Co-main Event): Tyson Nam vs Keola Silva, (Plus Pro Bouts): Brennan Kamaka vs Preston ‘Bruski’ Louis, Roderick ‘RJ’ Richter vs Eldon ‘Sale’ Sproat, (Lightweight Grand Prix Tournament): Clay Lewis Jr. vs Steve Gable, Jenzen Espanto vs Kristopher Kyle, Kyle Ka`ahanui vs Jose Salgado, Harris Sarmiento vs Chris Yee, (Amateur Bouts): Ryan Clay vs Chris Templo, Markus Kindblad vs Evan Lowther, Zack Pang vs Kimo Sanders
WHAT: Galaxy MMA’s inaugural event: Worlds Collide
WHEN: Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 6PM (doors open at 5PM)
WHERE: Blaisdell Arena
WHY: Why not?

Galaxy MMA Trailer

Local boy Junk and Brazilian Scherner have both competed in the UFC and have something to prove in the main event.

For the Co-Main Event, although I love Tyson Nam’s fighting style, I gotta pull for Keola Silva. Ola was our resident wrestling expert when I was training stand-up at HMC, and an overall good guy. Here’s some info about him, as told by a couple of his peers:

“He is a school teacher and a coach for wrestling at Kamehameha High school…he also dedicates a lot of time to teaching a wrestling class out of HMC and was there this week to teach even though he has his fight coming up…Ola is the kind of guy that puts himself and everything on the side to help out his students and friends…”
– Kevin Yoshida (HMC owner/sensei)

“Ola has the innate ability to simplify the most complex wrestling moves so that even a person who has NO wrestling experience will understand. His talent does not only lie within his coaching, though. He can speak Hawaiian, has weekly music gigs at Blue Ocean Thai, and recently received his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Leandro Nyza. Overall, he’s just an awesome person to know and an even better training partner. He proves to you that you can turn your “can’ts” into “cans.” If can, can. If no can, you still can!”
– Lea Young (fellow HMC student)

Keola Silva
Keola Silva

Can’t forget to also send some love to my high school classmate Todd Tanaka and his school Team HK, who will have two fighters (Zack Pang and Chris Templo) represented in the amateur bouts. Templo will actually be fighting HMC’s Ryan Clay. Shmall kine torn on that one. 😉

Anyway, good luck to all fighters and, most importantly, be safe.

FREE UH Baseball Tickets!

UH fans! Let me know if you want FREE baseball tickets to this weekend’s games against Nevada. I got 4 for tonight’s game (2 winners) and 36 for tomorrow’s game (18 winners). Holla!

* Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 6:35PM – Hawaii vs. Nevada
* Saturday, May 1, 2010 @ 3:05PM – Hawaii vs. Nevada (Doubleheader)

Have a great weekend gang and don’t forget to post your response below to this week’s Fave Friday topic! Shooooots!