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Fave Friday – Dream Jobs

May 7, 2010

A-ight. I know we’ve all thought about this one.

Whether you’re stuck at a dead-end place that you utterly despise, or you’re fairly happy, I’m sure we’ve all, at one point or another, drifted off to la-la land real quick-like, and dreamt about that ultimate job. The oh-so-lusciously perfect dream job that you can envision yourself at, every single day of your waking life, and be completely happy.

Here’s your opportunity to share your dream with the WWE `ohana (and, perhaps, give some of us ideas *grin*). Dream big yo. The world is your oyster.

Hurr’s my list:

* Professional Baseball Player – C’mon now. I’ll be playing a sport I love, making millions while doing so, with tons of fans chasing me around and begging for my autograph. Any questions? LOL!
* Travel TV Host – (see above). LOL! Nah, nah! I just think that you’d get to travel the world and see a lot of things that the every day person wouldn’t normally be able to see and do. Das da life!
* Full-Time Food/Hawaii/Travel Blogger – I eat, travel, blog and live in Hawaii already. If someone would just pay me to do it full time. Pshhh. Where do I sign up?
* Real Estate Mogul – Investing in key properties and just sitting back as the checks roll in every month? Wins!
* Own a Successful Business – Nothing like the feeling of being your own boss. Controlling your own destiny. Can’t get any bettah than that!
* Part-Time Job “Just to Keep Busy” – In this scenario, I would have already won the lottery, just FYI. Ahahaha! I would just need a part-time job (think golf course employee or lifeguard) so I won’t go crazy in between gallivanting around the globe and laying on the beach working on my tan.

So what say you? Gimme some ideas!

New Jobby Job!

On a side note, I picked this topic because as of today, I have officially started my new job in our new “Wireless” department. It’s pretty nerve-wracking, but exciting at the same time. I’ve been so entrenched in the web world for over 15 years (12-13 professionally), that it’ll be good to take on a new challenge – head on – at this point in my life/career (though I still think a lot of my web skills will translate well in this new position). I truly think the world of wireless is the wave of the future, with a lot of growth potential so I really look forward to what the future – in the industry as well as in the community – brings.

K, enough, before I bore your head off. Post your dream job(s) in the comment area below!

Road Runner Mobile
Road Runner Mobile

LOL! Sorry, had to slide that obligatory (photo) plug in dea one quick one. Couldn’t resist. Hahaha!

Have a happy VHO7V Friday y’all!