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Aloha and Welcome!

June 7, 2010

It was a little over a couple years ago that I found myself writing an introductory message much like this one and I gotsta tell ya, it feels a bit strange. Back then, I was introducing myself (and this blog) to the Honolulu Advertiser community, and today, I be hea, doing it all ova again.

I’m optimistic that some of you may be making your way over here from the WWE `Ohana we built on “that” side, and I’m also hoping that we can find new family members on “this” side.

Whatever the sitch, I’ll be sure to try and make this place as fun and as interactive as possible. We’ll start this Wednesday with an all-new “Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego” “Where In Hawaii Is Edward Sugimoto” photo guessing game.

Y’all ready for this!? 🙂

Big Ups!
* To the University of Hawaii Wahine Softball team for taking us on a ride during their amazing season!
* Props also to the Men’s Baseball team who fell to ‘Zona yesterday.
* To the Celts for evening the series up with the Lake show. Rondo is becoming a big time playa no?
* To the former Honolulu Advertiser staffers for their hard work in the past.
* To the current Honolulu Star-Advertiser staffers for their hard work in the present.


Aloha Friday!

June 4, 2010

Or should I say VHO7V Friday?

Well, this here is officially the final (work week) day for blogs on the Honolulu Advertiser site. Wow. An end of an era for sure. Although I’m one of the babies of the group, I still definitely feel the impact.

Hopefully, some of y’all will stick around and continue to read and participate as I attempt to move our WWE `Ohana to the new Star-Advertiser site.

Still not exactly sure what’s going to happen, but I guess I’ll find out with the rest of you come Monday. In the meantime, here’s a link to my personal blog just in case.

:: ::

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s not new, but since everyone’s posting theirs I figgah I’d do it too. 😛 Plus, you never know what’s going to happen on Monday…

Have a (final Advertiser) VHO7V Friday gang! See you bright and early Monday morning!

P.S. Don’t forget to read my latest articles for June:

The Rice is Right - Mana Bu's Has the Best Musubis in Hawaii
The Rice is Right – Mana Bu’s Has the Best Musubis in Hawaii
What Is Road Runner Mobile and Where Does It Work?
What Is Road Runner Mobile and Where Does It Work?

Yep, that is indeed our very own Melissa Chang from Urban Mix Plate! Hehe!


Talk to me!
* Post your favorite memory/memories of the blogs on the Honolulu Advertiser site.

AAJA-Hawaii 2009 Media Basketball League – Week 5 Results

July 26, 2009

With most of our guys out for Saturday’s game, we had our lowest scoring output (22) and suffered our first loss of the season . We rebounded with style in Sunday’s game however, with 61. Not sure why they didn’t list our high scorers for Sunday’s game, but from what I heard, Neal and Todd went off. I’ll rejoin the team this week, after a weekend rest for the 2009 Tinman, to see if we can’t do some damage leading into the playoffs…

We’re entering the final regular season games with the playoff picture clearing up: HMSA, Oceanic and MidWeek have clinched berths. The final berth will be between ESPN1420 and KHON; if they both finish 4-4, ESPN will advance via the head-to-head tiebreaker. Both teams own the head-to-head tiebreaker over The Advertiser (3-4).

Saturday, July 25, 2009 Results:
Advertiser 45, KHNL 40
KHON 47, KGMB 34
MidWeek 38, Oceanic 22
ESPN def. Star-Bulletin, forfeit

Leading scorers:
Advertiser: Lance Kwon 18, Chris Simpson 10. KHNL: Deryl Seino 19. KHON: Kanoa Leahey 17, Rob DeMello 14, Joe Udell 12. Oceanic: Matt Hines 11.

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Results:
MidWeek 61, Star-Bulletin 33
KGMB 38, ESPN 32
HMSA 48, KHNL 26
KHON 71, Advertiser 50
Oceanic 61, Advertiser 41

Leading scorers:
ESPN: Micah Komine 10. KHON: Kanoa Leahey 21, Rob DeMello 16, Joe Udell 16. Advertiser: Rick Daysog 12, Shaye Oana 11, Chris Simpson 10. Oceanic: Neal Matsumoto 29.

*HMSA 6-1
*Oceanic 5-1
*MidWeek 5-2
KHON 4-3
ESPN 3-4
Advertiser 3-4
KGMB 2-5
KHNL 2-5
Star-Bulletin 1-6

* Clinched playoff berth

This weekend’s schedule
Saturday, Aug. 1
6:30 p.m. — KGMB vs. Oceanic; KHON vs. Star-Bulletin
7:30 p.m. — ESPN1420 vs. Oceanic; KHNL vs. MidWeek
8:30 p.m. — Advertiser vs. HMSA

Sunday, Aug. 2
6:30 p.m. — Semifinal 1
7:30 p.m. — Semifinal 2

AAJA-Hawaii 2009 Media Basketball League – Week 4 Results

July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Results:
Advertiser 39, KGMB 35
KHNL 32, Star-Bulletin 27
HMSA 37, MidWeek 32
Oceanic 46, KHON 43
BYE – ESPN 1420

Leading scorers:
Advertiser: Dave Dondoneau 12, Lance Kwon 11. KGMB: Chris Archer 12. KHNL: Aaron Brooks 11. Oceanic: Neal Matsumoto 16, John Tavai 11, Ed Sugimoto 10. KHON: Rob DeMello 12, Ryan Hirata 12, Joe Udell 10.

Sunday, July 19, 2009 Results:
Advertiser 44, Star-Bulletin 29
KGMB 30, KHNL 25
KHON 63, MidWeek 47
HMSA def. ESPN 1420, forfeit
BYE – Oceanic Time Warner

Leading scorers:
Advertiser: Chris Simpson 13, Dave Dondoneau 11. KHNL: [Name removed] 13. KHON: Ryan Hirata 18, Kanoa Leahey 18.

Oceanic 4-0
HMSA 5-1
MidWeek 3-2
Advertiser 2-2
ESPN 2-3
KHNL 2-3
KHON 2-3
KGMB 1-4
Star-Bulletin 1-4

AAJA-Hawaii 2009 Media Basketball League – Week 3 Results

July 12, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009 Results:
HMSA 66, Star-Bulletin 37
Oceanic 47, KHNL 32
ESPN 40, KHON 33
MidWeek 41, KGMB 21

Leading scorers:
Oceanic: Neal Matsumoto 23. KHNL: Kevin Tokuda 11, Deryl Seino 10. ESPN: Micah Komine 12.

Sunday, July 12, 2009 Results:
Oceanic 58, Star-Bulletin 31
KHNL 38, ESPN 35, OT
MidWeek 69, Advertiser 28
HMSA 55, KHON 42

Leading scorers:
KHNL: [Name removed] 11. ESPN: Micah Komine 11. KHON: Ryan Hirata 19.

MidWeek 3-0
Oceanic 3-0
HMSA 3-1
ESPN 2-2
KHNL 1-2
KHON 1-2
Star-Bulletin 1-2
Advertiser 0-2
KGMB 0-3

AAJA-Hawaii 2009 Media Basketball League – Week 2 Results

July 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009 Results:
ESPN 30 – Advertiser 28
KHON 55 – KHNL 44
Oceanic 44 – HMSA 32
Star-Bulletin 33 – KGMB 25

Leading scorers:

KHON 1-0
MidWeek 1-0
Oceanic 1-0
Star-Bulletin 1-0
ESPN 1-1
HMSA 1-1
Advertiser 0-1
KHNL 0-1
KGMB 0-2

AAJA-Hawaii 2009 Media Basketball League – Week 1 Results

June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009 Results:
HMSA 54 – KGMB 29
MidWeek 45 – ESPN 33

Leading scorers:
HMSA: Jon Lee 13, Cliff Lau 12. ESPN: Micah Komine 16.

HMSA            1-0
MidWeek         1-0
Advertiser      0-0
KHNL            0-0
KHON            0-0
Oceanic         0-0
Star-Bulletin   0-0
ESPN1420        0-1
KGMB            0-1

Fave Five Friday – Must Have Books (Desert Island edition)

February 6, 2009

Well… We’ve already shared our lists for must have DVDs and CDs on the Desert Island. Logic tells us that the next list should be books right? Well my little Einsteins, you are absolutely correct-a-mundo!

This may catch you as a shocker, but I’m not much of a book worm. I think I have the attention span of a 4 year old. LOL! So my list will consist of magazines. The benefit with this (no bite! 😛 ) is that the subscriptions for them will include delivery; so errry month, a new magazine will magically show up on my porch on Desert Island. Lord knows how they know my address or why they can’t rescue us if they know where we are, but don’t ruin the moment for us a-ight? 8)

  1. Slam Magazine subscription – haven’t read it in a while, but back in the day, it was one of those must-reads for me as I could totally relate (culture, language, etc.).
  2. Sports Illustrated Magazine subscription – this is an ingenious pick (if I do say so myself) as it comes weekly instead of monthly, so I’ll always have something fresh and new to read. Plus, I can sell off the annual swimsuit edition (for shells *grin*) to the most desperate guy.
  3. Maxim Magazine subscription – for um… the articles. 😉 Also sellable for valuable shells. I’ll be rich!
  4. Men’s Health Magazine subscription – they’ve got it all in here. Health, diet, style, gadgets, etc.
  5. Honolulu Advertiser subscription – Awwww yeah! Gotsta represent the HonAdv yo! Plus, I gotta keep up with what’s going on on the “other” islands.

Honorable mentions go to People/Us/Entertainment Weekly (any of those that will keep me up to speed with pop culture), Time (ditto for world news/culture), MMA/Jiu Jitsu related magazines/articles (we gots lots of time on the island… might as well earn my black belt while we’re there 😛 ).

Post your must-have books (or magazines) below yo!

Have a happy Aloha Friday (and weekend) y’all! Shoots!

P.S. Oh yeah, no forget fo read my “UFC 94 Weekend In Vegas” article! 🙂

UFC 94 Weekend In Vegas
UFC 94 Weekend In Vegas

Happy New Year Preview (Photos)

December 31, 2008

Like last week, I’m sure many of us (I hope!) are away from our computers today and spending quality time with our families. For those of us who are taking a quickie WWE break before heading on home (I don’t blame you 😛 ), here’s a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for y’all: a couple long exposure shots I took during last year’s New Year’s celebration. Enjoy!

Pretty cool yeah?
Pretty cool yeah?

Pretty cool yeah?
Pretty cool yeah?

I’m scheduled to be promo’d in this Sunday’s print version of the Advertiser so pick one up and support the paper won’tcha? And den, check out this blog right hurr for Part I of some of my Japan adventures! Woo hoo!

Have yourselves a safe and happy new year y’all! See you next week year! 🙂

Survey Thursday – Who Are You Voting for?

October 30, 2008

* Who you goin vote for for President?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

Now before you get all nuts, I do realize that politics is a touchy and personal subject for us all, so don’t feel obligated to voice your opinion here. I expect to either get very few responses or a record amount for WWE readers (which isn’t very much anyway! 😛 ).I was originally just going to post this amusing video a friend sent me (see link below) for today’s blog, but since it’s Survey Thursday, we might as well keep with tradition right? 🙂

“Obama’s Loss Traced To Ed Sugimoto”
(customized video)

Isn’t that video just the most hilarious thing ever? (The old lady cracked me up!) Amazing what technology can do nowadays… You can customize it yourself here.

And yes, I know it’s shmall kine propaganda aimed at getting us to vote for Obama, but the real reason why I posted this for you guys is the underlying message… Just Vote! At next week Tuesday’s General Election, don’t leave it to chance! Whoever you support, just vote, vote, VOTE!

This is Edward Sugimoto and I approve this message. 😛

Last Week’s Results (Favorite Newscaster)

  • Minna Sugimoto: 6 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Rob Demello: 4
  • Shawn Ching 3
  • Stephanie Lum: 2
  • Steve Uyehara: 2
  • Trini Kaopuiki: 2
  • Kanoa Leahey: 2
  • Malika Dudley: 2
  • Tanya Joaquin
  • Keahi Tucker
  • Jade Moon
  • Dick Allgire
  • Marisa Yamane
  • John Veneri
  • Robert Kekaula
  • Emily Chang
  • Kristine Uyeno