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Fun Day Monday: Bill or Barack?

March 23, 2009

I know, I know, this one’s kinda old news, but it was recently forwarded to me again and it’s priceless! Hopefully there are some of you out there who are seeing this for the first time. It’s friggen hilarious! Poor poor Billy boy! 😦

Thankfully, this never happened to me, but I did kiss hair instead of a cheek before.*blush*

My friend Grant once said he doesn’t like to kiss anyone after me because it’ll be like he’s kissing me indirectly. LOL!

The absolute worst is when you see somebody waving at you and you wave back, only to realize that they were waving to the people behind you!!! I hate that! Grrrrr!

Talk to me!
* Did this “diss” ever happen to you?
* What’s the worst “diss” ever?
* Can you think of any other kissing mishaps?
* Got a fun week in store? Share, share!
* Who you takin’ in the World Baseball Championships today? J-Town or K-Town?

Happy Fun Day Monday y’all!


June 4, 2008

Now I know politics is a touchy subject for many so I’ll tread softly on this one. And besides that, you’re probably thinking “What is this mma jokester doing talking about something he barely knows anything about.”

Good point.

Alls I know is that one of Hawaii’s own, Barack Obama made history yesterday when he became the first African-American to head a ticket of a major political party, after beating out the favored Senator Hillary Clinton. And you know what, I’m proud of dat!

Obama, as most of you know, was born right here in Hawaii. He is a 1979 graduate of Punahou School and still has family here in the islands. Beyond that, I admittedly don’t know much more about him other than the factual stuff most people already know (Harvard Law School graduate, married to Michelle, two daughters, Illinois Senator, has a MySpace, etc. You know, the important stuff. 😛 ).

What I do know is that he has that Presidential air about him. That confidence, that natural leadership, that something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know you like and want in a future leader. You know, that “je ne sais quoi.” Bill Clinton to me, also had that vibe (not sure if that’s a good comparison or bad… hehe!). There’s also a general “cool” or “it” factor in him that I’m sure many of us find intriguing as well.

OK, I’ll stop it there before it gets too political up in hurr. I’m just a regular dude making observations yo.

In other news, former BYU and Philadelphia Eagles’ standout kick returner Vai Sikahema (incidentally married to a Kahuku woman) accepted former MLB player Jose Canseco’s $5,000 celebrity boxing challenge, which will take place on July 12th in Atlantic City. Apparently, Jose has been running his mouth about how much experience he has in martial arts and that a boxer cannot beat him. Vai is at an obvious size disadvantage, but was a former Golden Gloves competitor.

Talk to me!
* Obama or McCain?
* What do you think of Hillary Clinton as a possible choice for Vice President?
* Who do you think will win in the boxing matchup between Jose Canseco or Vai Sikahema (they will be using head gear and 14 oz. gloves)?
* Would you even be interested in watching it?
* Jose Canseco is apparently getting into MMA as well. Do you think he’ll do well, or is he just a circus act?