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Fave Friday – T-Shirt

October 9, 2009

Returning home from a recent trip, I was sporting my “No Worry Beef Curry” T-shirt. Upon deplaning, the flight attendant noticed it, pointed and smiled, almost in an approval kinda way. (Well, at least I think it was the shirt she was smiling at and not my beefcake body! Ahahaha! 😛 ).

ENeeeeewaaaay, the shirt was dug up from an old “Ed’s stuff” box at the ‘rents’ house during a recent garage sale and has become one of my favorites (again) as of late. As with errything, the incident above made me think of you guys and what might be of interest for this here blog community. So here it is.

In the comment area below, post what your favorite T-shirt is and why. (I was gonna ask you to “post your favorite local saying”, but I think we already did that one… kinda). Bonus points for posting your favorite sayings anyway. 😛 The shirt can be one you personally own, one you’ve seen, or one you were thinking of designing one day. 😉

I’ve got a several way tie for my fave tee:

* My “No Worry Beef Curry” t-shirt: for sentimental value (since I dug it up as a somewhat new discovery). Plus, it’s comfy and the color matches a lot of my shorts.
* My “Army” t-shirt: suuuuper comfy!
* My eS brand t-shirt: Um, helloooo!? ES, get it? ES!? 8)
* My “SPAM” t-shirt: no explanation necessary. 😉

And I guess I’ll use “No Worry Beef Curry” as my special bonus point saying. Woo hoo! 😛

So what say you?

Happy VHO7V Friday y’all! Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya next week! Happy Monday holiday for those of you who have the day off! 🙂