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The Taking of the Last Name

June 9, 2009

There are peeps in two different camps on this one. I know this for a fact. And although it isn’t Survey Thursday yet, I thought it might be an interesting enough topic for us to chat about today. 🙂

I’m old school. I believe in the traditional way of wifey taking hubby’s last name upon marriage. And I know that’s very non-Nu Skool of me, and that all of these modern women will be attacking me, but sorry yo, that’s just me. I’m not saying one is right and one is wrong. Just the way a brutha thinks and feels ‘ass all! Sheez, no get all nuts!

And believe me, seeing what friends and my wifey have been going through for the last few months (and still!), I know the kinda trouble it is to change one’s name. Honestly, if I were a woman, I don’t know if I’d wanna do it. It’s a LOT of work. But as the boy, it’s flattering. It makes you feel complete, as a couple you know. Like you’re now a team… Officially. Naw-mean?

So what say you? Which camp are you in and why?


Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

December 9, 2008

Sorry gang! I tried to work on that wedding recap blog, but quickly realized that it’s gonna take some time for that one. Maybe next week? *blush*

In the meantime, I thought I’d talk about the tradition of “Banzai” at Hawaii weddings, and how ours went over. Four words: HI-LA-RI-OUS!

According to the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii’s web site, the significance of the Banzai toast is as follows:

The word banzai literally means “10,000 years” and is associated with long life. Banzai cheers are given at joyous occasions, banquets and gatherings, to express congratulations, encouragement, or celebration. Traditionally, the participants shout the word “banzai” three times in unison, raising their hands in the air each time.

It is customary to deliver two separate banzai cheers at weddings. The first, “Shinro shimpu, banzai!” means “long life and happiness to the bride and groom.” The second banzai is: “Raihin shoku, banzai!” or, more politely, “Raihin no minasama, banzai!” This banzai cheer means “Long life and happiness to all the guests!” In Hawaii, these wedding banzai cheers are often given as a special toast, with participants raising their glasses with each shout of “banzai!”

In my personal experience, I’ve noticed that the “Shinro Shinpu” one is usually done by a friend, and symbolizes good luck from the guests to the bride and groom. The “Raihin no minasan” one seems to usually be done by a family member and is to the guests.

I sound unsure because when I asked my parents (who are straight from the muthaland mind you) about the history of this tradition, they were baffled. It seems this tradition is not done at weddings in Japan.

So on to our banzai. If I had one tip to offer future to-be-wed peeps, pit two competitive friends against each other. It will make for an interesting challenge to them and an entertaining banzai for all.

One was the brother-in-law, and the other was his (and my) good friend. Before the wedding was even here, they were trash talking to each other as to whose banzai would be better. Following the wedding was no different. They were boasting about their own banzai and how junk the other guy’s one was.

As to who won, it depends on who’s asking. If it’s the BIL, he won. If it’s his/my friend, he won. If they both ask at the same time, it was a tie! 😛

Dave's Banzai Lee's Banzai

Both were hilarious as heck and we were definitely glad we chose them to do our Banzais. Much love to Dave and Lee! “Banzai, Banzai, Banzaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!”

Talk to me!
* Any funny banzai stories to share from your wedding or other weddings you’ve been to?
* Anything to add about the banzai tradition?
* Anyone else from Japan who can speak to this tradition in Japanese weddings?
* Ever did a banzai for a friend’s wedding? (this means they think you’re loud BTW 😉 ) How’d it go?
* Did you use the banzai tradition at your wedding?
* Gonna use this at your wedding in the future?

What It’s Like to Be Married – Day 2

November 24, 2008

I’m going to make a prediction and say that day 2 of being married is just splendid. Yes, I’m queueing this one up in advance, before I’m actually married. Take that Nostradamus. *grin*

Well, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty and it’s about that time to leave the house to head for the hotel. Shmall kine jitters, but it’ll be fun. I’m just hoping that dang flash flood warning will hold up, or not show its face at all for one day… *sigh* Oh well, it’s out of our control at this point. Alls I know is that I’m looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime, life changing event…

Back to predictions… “Today,” we are running around and making our last minute preparations before heading off to tha muthaland “tomorrow”. We will be running a bunch of loose end errands (e.g. going to the bank, buying omiyage, packing our suitcases, etc.) and then relaxing on day 2 as husband and wife. I still can’t believe my new title is “husband”. Holy cow!

OK, fo-real-fo-real now… I’m outs! You just can’t get rid of me eh? LOL! Sorry, my editor said that I will be in the papah today, so you know I had to future-post for all y’all! See ya! 🙂

Play-By-Play for My Wedding

November 22, 2008

If you’re bored today, you catch the play-by-play for my wedding here: 

Much love ‘Reens!

Survey Thursday – Advice for Wedding Day?

November 20, 2008

* What is your one bit of advice for us for wedding day?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

Send us that gem that we could use come wedding day. Looking forward to what you guys come up with! 🙂

Last Week’s Results (Do You Floss?)

  • Yes, Flossing BEFORE Brushing: 8 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Yes, Flossing AFTER Brushing: 5

Best Man Blunder Video

November 10, 2008

With the day of the big dance quickly approaching, let’s give these wedding-related blog posts another shot now shall we? What the heck right? After I get hitched, blogging about weddings won’t make a lot of sense das why, so let’s get it all out of our systems now right?

And even though your comment counts (on wedding related posts) tell me to do otherwise, I’ve never been a man to lose hope. In fact, since I’ll be gone for like 3 weeks or so, let’s do the improbable and go all week with a wedding blog postin’ fiesta! Yeeeee haw!

Today, I’ve just GOTSTA start us off with a video my co-worker forwarded to me recently. It’s of a best man… ah, I won’t ruin it for ya. Just watch it and laugh in delight horror. (*hint* Watch it over and over and over. OMG! It gets funnier every single time!)

Alls I know is that my best man Kelvin bettah not do this to wifey! Hahaha! Nah, junior (if you’re reading this), I guess you have decent motor skills.

Happy Monday y’all! Show this not-single-for-long man (*gulp*) some love with some comments below willya! 😉

Bridal Shower Mysteries

October 20, 2008

So the woman went to another bridal shower this past weekend and was super stoked to see her homies for a much needed female bonding sesh. She came back with a bevy of interesting gifts from her girls (thanks ladies!), which led me to wonder what the heck happens at these blessed events? And more importantly, why we boys don’t get such a thing like a “Groomy Shower”? *grin* Not that I’m jealous (ok, just a little), but don’t you women also get bachelorette parties? Where’s the love?

And then it hit me.

Guys aren’t capable of having “Groomy Showers” for several reasons. Listed are the ones I could think of. Maybe you can think of others and add them to the comment area below?

  • Guys are lazy.
  • Guys are poor planners.
  • Party planning is too much work anyway.
  • One favor and centerpiece from the wedding is enough (it’s too much work to make these for another party).
  • Guys don’t want to buy gifts.
  • Guys don’t want to buy cards (which I’m told is necessary even though you bought a gift).
  • Guys don’t know, nor care, that much about each other (nobody will win that “who knows the groom best” contest)
  • Buying prizes for contest/quiz winners is way too much work.
  • Guys don’t want to play dress up with toilet paper
  • Gag gifts from guys would be 10 times worse.
  • Guys can only get the pass for one party, and you know we’re saving that for the bachelor party!
  • Guys are selfish – A “Groomy Shower” is just for the Groom. A bachelor party is for errone! *grin*

So wot? Did I hit it right on the head? Share the reasons why you think groomy showers don’t/won’t ever happen. Or, if you’re of the female kind, please fill us in on what happens at these wedding showers. Also, don’t forget to share why you yourself enjoy bridal showers… Holla!

When You Know, You Know

September 29, 2008

Yesterday, we went to finalize our tuxedo style and colors. To my own surprise, I was uncharacteristically finicky about the colors and the overall presentation of the entire get-up. Men don’t usually care about this kinda stuff, but for some reason, I did.

The one for me was an easy one. White/Cream was the only color option (of course!), but the rest of the ensemble (style, patterns, etc.) was duck soup. As soon as I saw the one I wanted, I knew. The ones for the fellas and the papas posed a greater challenge. We were initially gonna have the boys in a pink-ish style to match the ladies, but the I wasn’t quite feeling the vest. After hours of deliberation (minutes actually), we decided to go grey/silver on um. The dark pink/mauve accent will come in the way of the handkerchief or a flower. Hours (minutes) more, and we decided on the papas’ color and style. Whew!

Our point person Elsie teased about my long decision making process, but said, “But when he knows, he knows.”

I thought to myself, that’s exactly how I felt about the lady when we first started dating.

Talk to me!
* What kine tuxedo style did you choose/will you choose?
* Are tails still in? Ha!
* Should I change my color to baby blue ala Dumb and Dumber?
* Want me to “man up” and stop getting mushy on you? Haha!

Happy Fun day Monday yo!

Wedding Stamps

August 29, 2008

So yesterday I was assigned the task of picking up the femme-looking stamps from the Post Office. Our envelope was a bit heavier than the $0.42 standard, so I had to think on my feet and decide which $0.59 stamp (or combination) to get. A yellow heart, a sunflower or a picture of a ram. The guy in me wanted to go ram, but I made the smarter decision and went the safer route: yellow heart. *grin*

Did you fellas out thurr know that postage would cost so dang much!? WTH? Including the ones we needed for the insde, the grand total came out to $109.40. If it weren’t for the gas prices these days, I would’ve tried to save money by hand delivering every single invitation… and then waiting for the person to fill it out before leaving! Haha! OK, so I’m not that cheap, but seriously… over $100 just for postage? It’s a good thing we’re going Nu Skool and offering the option to email back their RSVP. This will save our guests gas money (to drive to the post office) and they can also use the stamp for something else.

One of my main goals is to try and do things different from what people are used to. Thinking outside the box as they say. I would list all the things we’ve done or will do, but I don’t want all y’all to be stealing the ideas before our big dance yo. Haha! We’ll save that for a future piece I guess.

Have a good weekend!