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How Hawaii Gets Extreme

September 16, 2011

Ask anyone about surfing here in Hawaii and you’ll probably get some sort of answer containing “waves”, “breaks” and “boards”, with a “brah” and a shaka sign sprinkled in between.

But when you talk about surfing on the Internet, we Hawaiians – the geeky ones in particular – tend to get even more excited, especially when it comes to our speeds.

So when Oceanic Time Warner Cable launched a new tier of broadband Internet called Road Runner Extreme, you can bet our customers were “stoked”! With download speeds of up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps, Road Runner Extreme takes Internet surfing to another level.

Here’s how one local techie uses Extreme in his day to day:

How customer Brian Dote uses Road Runner Extreme

And we’re not done there! Hawaii has recently introduced another level called “Wideband” where you can expect up to 50 Mbps down and up to 5 Mbps up to start, with the potential to hit up to 150 Mbps and beyond!

Here’s Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s President Bob Barlow to tell us a little more.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable President Bob Barlow talks about Road Runner Extreme and Wideband

So as you can see, we Hawaiians love our surfing, even if it doesn’t involve waves, breaks, or boards.

Surf’s up brah!