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Flashback Friday: Lunch Money?

March 6, 2009

A-ightchall, judging from yesterday’s comment count, Top Chef (or┬ásports or entertainment or tech or MMA news for that matter ­čśŤ ) ain’t as popular here as we once thought. I know, I know. My own fault for posting super late kine, but I’m back in bidness now and that’s all the matters right? Right. ­čśë

So as promised, we’ll switch it up a bit today and do a little Flashback Friday action here. *cue Saturday Night Fever music*

This week, let’s chat about something near and dear to our hearts… Food!

Although this question may reveal to us your age, no be shame! The fun is in the sharing. So hurr’s this week’s Flashback Friday question:

How much was school (kine) lunch when you were growing up?

I don’t remember how much it was back in the elementary school daze (yes, my memory sucks!), but I do remember quite fondly that my high school lunch was Free Fifty Free! Awwww yeah! I was a school lunch “snack” server.

For those of you not in the knizzow, a snack server was just like a lunch server but our side always had the better food. The Sloppy Joe’s and the Nachos of the school lunch world. Represent! Errryone always wanted to eat on our side.

It was like the best gig in town… We got to leave 4th period 20 minutes early (to go to the cafeteria to set up), work with the┬ádopest peeps (cool dudes &┬ácute chicks), and on top of all that (I’m so-so remarkable-ble)… we got a FREE lunch (or two) for our time! Booyakasha! Sure, there were some who teased, but they just didn’t know what time it was. Being a snack/lunch server was man.

OK, back to the question. If I were one of dem poor souls who had to dish out some serious coinage for my lunch 8) it would’ve been a whoppin’ $0.45. Snack line was $0.35.

So how about all y’all? Got any fun lunch time stories to tell? And how much was your school lunch back in the day?