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Survey Thursday: Banks?

June 18, 2009

In speaking with many peeps, I notice that we all tend to bank at varying locations. With interest rates at an all-time low, I’m curious to know where erryone banks and why (e.g. rates, loyalty, convenience, etc.). So… without further ado…

Where do you bank and why?

Over the years, I’ve somehow accumulated accounts at most local banks in one form or another (checking, savings, credit card, etc.). Now that I’m hitched, it’s probably a good idea to try and consolidate it to those I really need.

BOH is probably one of the most convenient banks. Their ATM locations are in the most usable places: Costco, Longs, Safeway, and their brick and mortar locations are pretty accessible as well. ASB is the other one: Foodland, Sack N Save, etc. Anyone go strictly online like ING Direct, Emigrant Direct, eTrade, etc.? Those buggahs used to have the bestest interest rates but not so much anymore these days.

K, your turn yo! What say you? Perhaps if we make enough noise up in hurr, the local banks will give us some special kine WWE hook-ups? 😉

Happy Survey Thursday… Woo Hoo it’s almost TGI(F)F!