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Fun Day Monday: Storytelling Time!

April 5, 2010

Don’t you hate it when somebody answers your question with another question? I was going to use that as our theme today, where I’d ask a question, and the next person would answer it with another question, and so on… But I’ll do ya one better!

Lately, there’s been a lot going on in my life, as I’m sure it has been for all y’all. As such, I wanted to let you guys use this “forum” for the next couple o’ days to share/vent/make up any kine stories you like, but to combine them so that at the end, we will (hopefully) have one, giant, mega WWE `Ohana story that we can turn into a Harry Potter-esque multi-part novel (*crosses fingers*). OK, maybe just a Dr. Seuss book, but still… 😛

I’ll start, and the next person will continue with their part of the story. Feel free to use real life stuff or make um up as you go. Trashy stuffs from celebrity gossip or legit stuffs from da news, or your personal life. Be as funny/creative/serious/crazy as you like. I’m thinking this should get pretty interesting pretty quickly (hopefully Rosey’s around). Ahaha!

A-ight, I’ll start…

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a man named Javier who lived with his mom Sue…

(Don’t ask me… the name “Javier” was wifey’s idea when I asked her what random name I should use. LOL!)

K, your turn. Add to the story! 🙂


Harry Potter’s Biggest Japan Fan

July 31, 2009

Sorry peeps. Still slammed at work, but had just enough time to post these two HILARIOUS videos sent to me by my favorite niece. Hope this gives you a warm little chuckle and rounds out your weekend nicely!

Remember… BIG announcement on Monday! Stay tuned y’all! 🙂