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Movies In My Pants (#moviesinmypants)

November 1, 2010

Happy November 1st y’all! I hope you’re all recovered from a lonnnng weekend of Halloween partying. *grin*

So the other day on Twitter, the hilarious #moviesinmypants hashtag picked up a lot of steam. It’s a funny game that cracked me up and made me think about you guys. The idea is to think of a movie name and fill in the blank for the following statement:

__________ In My Pants

The more creative you get with the movie titles, the more we’ll crack each other up. Yes it’s juvenile… but what the hey, it’s a good way to help each other get through this Monday together right? LOL!

So in the comment area below, post your favorite movie in your pants! Hurr’s an example: “40 Year Old Virgin In My Pants”… Ahahaha! Get um?

In other news, check out my new article (including videos!) on

Cougar Pride - Three Kaiser High Grads Making a Difference
Cougar Pride – Three Kaiser High Grads Making a Difference


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Fun Day Monday: Time Flies…

October 19, 2009

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought this email I received recently was quite appropriate. Have a good laugh and I’ll meetcha at the bottom k?

Seems like only yesterday…

BARBIE DOLL had her 50th birthday this year…….

World Wide Ed

TWEETY BIRD was 60 years old!

World Wide Ed

And what about all our other Childhood Superheroes?


World Wide Ed


World Wide Ed

WONDER WOMAN (touch of menopause here I think?)

World Wide Ed


World Wide Ed


World Wide Ed

“Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love, laugh without control and always keep smiling. Maybe life is not the party that we were expecting, but in the mean time, we’re here and we can still dance…..”

Growing old is not for whimps….. Jock Smith & Bette Davis

Talk to me!
* Pretty funny yeah?
* Did it get you excited for Halloween?
* What are you planning to do/where are you planning to go?
* Any tips on haunted houses around the state? How’s that Haunted Lagoon one at PCC?
* Anyone ever experience Halloween in Lahaina?

In other news…
* World Series Playoff games continue this week. Gooo Phills!
* Windows 7 is scheduled to be released this Thursday. Hallelujah! Peace out Vista!
* UFC 104 is this Saturday! Gooo Machida!
* WWE will be promo’d on the front page of next Wednesday’s Advertiser (print version)! Gooo me! 🙂
* University of Hawaii Men’s Bball kicks off next week Friday against UH Hilo. Gooo Bows!
* Happy Halloween next Saturday!

Have a great week y’all!

Wacky Weekend of Wonder

November 3, 2008

Friday was Halloween so I went to work dressed as a copper, see. Since I’m cheap (and too lazy to think of two different costumes), I also used the getup for when we went out that night, see. Throughout the day, people thought I was either Lt. Jim Dangle from Reno 911the Cop from the Village People, or just some sukebe cop, see.

Note to self (and others): don’t be a cop again! 😛

Sukebe Copper with the Golf Foursome
Sukebe Copper with the Golf Foursome

Sukebe Copper with the Goulish Gang
Sukebe Copper with the Goulish Gang

Then came Saturday, my day of bachelor-related festivities.

First, my old KHET buddies took me out to Dave & Buster’s for a pseudo “Last Days As a Single Guy” celebration. Much love y’all!

KHET Rugrats
KHET Rugrats

Then, the future brother-in-law and gang took me out for bachelor party #2. I wish I brought my camera with me on a night filled with beer, gun shooting, drunken karaoke, 16+ shots and a performer named “Strawberry,” (who looked eeringly similar to bruddah Derrick LOL!), but I was able to snap a few hangover shots from the back of BOL’s truck the next morning.

Hangover Photo
Hangover Photo

All in all a fun weekend. Thanks errone for helping me celebrate. Not sure how serious she was, but my friend Noreen mentioned something about Twittering my wedding… That would be interesting now wouldn’t it? LOL!

Talk to me!
* Lt. Dangle, Village People or just plain sukebe?
* What did you dress up as for Halloween?
* What did you do that night?
* Are you like me and use the same outfit for work and going out?
* Did anything special on Saturday night?
* Would you be the least bit interested in following a Twitter at my wedding?

P.S. No fo-get fo check out my new AroundHawaii article: Fro-Yo, Yo – Yogurtland Is Where It’s At!

Fave Five Friday – Halloween Costumes

October 31, 2008

BOO! Happy Halloween y’all! Since today is that spe-sho goulish time of the year, let’s kick it off with our list of Fave Five Halloween costumes. They don’t necessarily have to be ones you’ve worn (or will wear)… Let’s go with a list that may contain any of the following: hot ones from the opposite sex, funniest ones you’ve seen in the past, ones you think you’ll see this year, etc.

Check out my list and holla atcho boy with yours, mmmmmmkay!

  1. Night Nurse – there’s something about Halloween that brings the naughtiness out of errone eh? Haha!
  2. Dog and Beth – I know this was soooo last year, but they are such unique characters and so easy to “dress up” as yeah?
  3. Guy with trench coat hiding something special – I have a hilarious pic of myself and this guy at Oceans years ago, but we won’t go there!
  4. Pimp – big afro wig, track suit, gold chains, planny of bling, and you’re good to go!
  5. Sarah Palin – Haven’t seen this one yet, but I bet there will be some who try to pull this one off this year. People hot in the news is always fun to go out as!

Happy Halloween and Aloha Friday folks! Be safe and have a nice, fun weekend k? And don’t drink too much or you’re gonna look like the below! 😛 Shoots!

Pumpkin Puke