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Fave Five Friday – Man Rules

October 23, 2009

Before our softball game last weekend, the team circled up and did a prayer. One of our teammates asked one of the new guys if holding hands was ok, and somebody else replied with “Yeah, just don’t interlock the fingers… Man Rule #3!”. Ahahaha! I thought that was pretty classic!

So it got me thinking. What other “Man Rules” do we have floating around out there? You know, dem rules that are unwritten and unspoken, but very well known.

Here are a few off the top of my head (and here are some I actually found from a previous post). Feel free to use the comment area below to add your own! 🙂

  • Beer and Poke, it’s what’s for dinner.
  • Boys don’t cry.
  • You are disowned if you don’t know how to change your own oil or change a flat tire.
  • Don’t watch sissy shows like The Hills. Oops! 😉
  • Shaving/grooming should only be done around your mouth area.
  • Man to man hugs should last no longer than 0.00001 seconds. 😛

Any others out there? Feel free to be as creative as you can!

Shooots! Happy VHO7V Friday y’all! Have a great (UFC 104) weekend and I’ll see ya next week!

Women’s Tolerance Level

March 31, 2009

So the other night, I was watching wifey as she plucked some hairs out of her face (eyebrows) and I cringed at the thought of doing that to myself.

We often tease women that they are so emotional and that they cry senselessly over romantic movies, or that they would get the biggest bruise over the smallest, lightest bump into the coffee table, but we don’t give them enough credit for their high tolerance in pain.

They shave, pluck, and pull every hair out known to (wo)man. They unload a 5-10 pound “bag of rice” from “their loins” (props leerz) when giving birth. Heck, they even have to deal with a monthly “friend” who comes with (I’m told) cramps, headaches, moodiness and the like.

What do we men have to do? Put on deodorant periodically and perhaps not fart in front of company from time to time. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I honestly don’t think I can handle being a woman. The heck with romantic movies, plucking a single hair out of my face or pushing “rice” through my body would make ME cry. Fo sho.

So here’s to you, you tough, tolerant women. Mad props. 😉

Talk to me!
* Fellas, do you groom your eyebrows? Why? 😛
* Ladies, without getting too graphic/personal, what’s the most painful hair to pluck?
* What do you think the toughest thing we men have to do is?
* Aren’t nose hairs the worst to pluck!?!? That’s death!
* Did I miss anything?

P.S. Be on the lookout for the link to my exclusive Justin Young Interview in tomorrow’s!