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Hawaii 5 (and) 0!

November 30, 2010

As an avid University of Hawaii Warrior Men’s Basketball fan, I have been following former Advertiser sports reporter Dayton Morinaga’s new venture – WarriorInsider – with much interest.

When my Google Reader showed up last week with the title “Hawaii 5-0” in it, I skipped over everything else and went straight for the jugular. It was actually a clever play on words referring to both the Warriors’ hot 5 and 0 start (with wins over Montana State, Cal State Fullerton, Central Michigan, Central Arkansas, and Arkansas-Pine Bluff) and the popular CBS television show by the same name… Which, oh-by-the-way, happen to be two big interests of mine.

Usually our Tuesdays are reserved for Hawaii Five-0 chatter, but with last night’s episode being a rerun (already???), what better time to talk about the other 5-0 right?

Note: I don’t know Dayton personally (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen him in person), but I’ve heard a lot of good things about him. He has no idea I’m blogging about this today, but I’ve always liked his work, so I wanted to do my little part to support a fellow sports fan/journalist/(and now) blogging brutha. Gotta support da local businesses naw-mean?

Anyway, check out his web site: and follow him on Twitter: @WarriorInsider. He’s doing some good stuffs for the UH sports community. Here’s one of the videos from the site that I particularly enjoyed. It’s a video introduction of the 2010-2011 roster… with the players appearing in numerical order! Awesomesauce!

2010-2011 UH Men’s Basketball Team Video Roster

Talk to me!
* Are you a UH Men’s Basketball fan too?
* What do you think of t heir hot start?
* What do you think of the WarriorInsider site?
* Have you been there before?
* Do you know Dayton Morinaga personally?
* Do you remember Dayton Morinaga’s work from his day’s at the ’tiser?
* Anything special to say to him?
* Interested in winning my tickets to a future game I can’t attend?
* Do you know why Hawaii Five-0 was a rerun already? So soon!
* Thoughts on the series so far?
* Thoughts on last night’s repeat episode?
* Alex O’Loughlin. Grace Park. No questions. Figured I’d get some feedback just by mentioning their names. 😛

Have a good Tuesday y’all!


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Fave Friday: Hawaiian Treat (Desert Island Edition)

April 23, 2010

It’s been a while, but let’s take a stroll back on memory lane and buss’ another Desert Island game/survey. Y’all know how it works so I won’t get into too much detail explaining it, but fast kine, these are things that you just can’t live without if stuck on a desert island, like, for-EVA.

Today’s Desert Island item: “Hawaiian Treat”.

You can interpret “treat” howevah you like cause it could be anything from food to a foine female (or handsome hunk), but the rule is that it’s gotsta be “Hawaiian”.

* Poke would be the easy/expected answer from me, but after 5 straight months of non-stop poke-ing, as well as yesterday’s news about salmonella poisoning, I’m gonna mix things up and not be so predictable (for once). 😛

Hmmm… I really like Haupia and Kulolo, but I think I’d get large (and in charge) eating that errry day. I LOOOOVE Lau Lau, but I wonder if I’d get tired of it after a while… I guess then, I’d choose:

* Chicken Long Rice.

It could pass as a soup dish, a noodle dish, AND a chicken dish… enough to keep me interested at least for a little while I think. Oh yeah, and

* Primo Beer and an ukulele

Those count as “Hawaiian” right?

* What are the “Hawaiian Treats” you’d bring to our Desert Island?  If you say a “Hawaiian” genie in a bottle with three more wishes, I’m gonna die. 😛
* Thoughts on yesterday’s NFL Draft? How did your team do? Thoughts on Tyson Alualu at #10? Am I the only one who thinks Tim Tebow will prove his doubters wrong?
* Thoughts on the NBA playoffs? Isn’t Kevin Durant just a beast!? Feel sorry for Portland? (First Jordan, now this?)
* Thoughts on Roy Halladay’s even-better-than-expected, awesome start for the Phills?
* Thoughts on Jeremy Lay leaving the UH Men’s Basketball program and all of the other activity coach Gib Arnold is up to?
* Gonna order WEC’s first PPV event: Aldo vs. Faber? Who you pickin’? I say Aldo still. Also, not sure if they’re gonna air it, but don’t forget to root for local boy Brandon Visher on the undercard.
* Any exciting plans for the weekend?
* Did you see Brian Kownacki and his Fordham Flip?

I think we’re gonna be helping wifey’s friend with wedding stuff as well as possible house hunting/browsing this Sunday. If you own or know of anyone who owns a reasonably-priced crib in town (Oahu), holla! WWE special discount? 8)

Happy VHO7V Friday! Have a good weekend y’all!