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We Be Clubbin’

September 22, 2008

For the first time in what felt like ages, I went with the lady and her friends to the W Hotel on Saturday night. I don’t exactly know when it happened, but I think I’ve finally gotten too old for this. LOL!

A few observations that made a brutha feel this way:

* My suddenly sensitive ears started to hurt from the volume of the music
* Everyone looked like kids to me (except this one old lookin’ dude that made me feel good/young. Ha!)
* I found myself complaining about the overpriced beers and thinking how much cheaper it would be to buy it on sale at Costco
* By midnight, I was tired and wanted to go home

It didn’t help that I didn’t know I was going clubbin’ that night, and wasn’t mentally prepared for it. I even had to borrow hand-me-down clothes from my friend (thanks Kelv!), which didn’t help with my “game”, if I were to attempt to have any.

OK, so it wasn’t all that bad, and I’m pretty sure I can still pull off this “clubbin'” thang if I tried or really wanted to, but I guess these days, I’ve got higher priorities in life. Saving money, thinking about the future, you know, the important stuffs.

I remember the days when Thursday nights meant Oceans with the boys. Now, Thursday nights usually means a home cooked meal with the girl… and you know what? I’m perfectly content with that.

Talk to me!
* Do you or someone you know (in your/their 30s) still go clubbin’?
* Where do you like to go?
* What is your drink of choice at the club?
* How do you now spend your (former) clubbin’ nights?


Nose Hairs

August 12, 2008

Continuing with yesterday’s delightful conversation, let’s talk nose hair.

As we get older, we not only lose the hair on our heads, but father time slaps us in the face two times and puts it back in places you’d never guess or prefer. The ear, the nose, the neck, the back… I can almost hear Khia’s song My Neck, My Back queuing up.

Thankfully (again), I’m not a very hairy fella so I don’t think I’d have the neck/back problem. The ears haven’t started yet either (if they ever will), but the nose hairs, like the hills, are alive with the sound of music.

Perhaps it’s me just being overly paranoid of visible nose hairs (it’s one of the first things I notice on other peeps), but I take my nose hair grooming seriously. I don’t want them to show, plus da buggahs tend to itch the insides pretty good if they get too long.

Grooming for me consists of a periodic snipping with those little scissors and a once in a while weed whack-like mowing of the whole yard with those electric trimmer-type deals. I know the hairs are there for a reason (right?), but sometimes I just get the urge to chop-chop and not have to worry about it for a few weeks, yahurrdme?

Talk to me!
* Am I the only one out there with this fetish/peeve?
* What are some of your rituals/secrets?
* Ladies, do these things bother you (nose/ear/neck/back hairs)?

Let’s Talk Hair

August 11, 2008

Continuing the trend of learning a little too much about me (why stop now right? 😛 ), let’s talk about the mystery of hair. As we get older, we lose it where we’re supposed to have it and we gain it where it’s not supposed to be. Anybody every wonder why this is?

Thankfully, *knocking on wood* I’m still good up top. The dome is still vibrantly growing. But many peers my age and even those many years younger, are losing their blessed locks. Receding, bald spot in the back, and general thinning all ova. Is it hereditary? Is it diet? A lil’ bit o’ both? Something else? Any doctors out there? Holla atcho boy!

I’ve heard many theories, but the one I believe (somewhat) the most is the one that says it skips every other generation on yo momma’s side. You’re supposed to check back at mother dearest’s papa and if he’s healthy up top, then you’re all good in tha hood. Eating non-greasy foods and staying away from hats probably doesn’t hurt either.

But what about other theories? Type of shampoo you use? Staying out of the sun? Stress? Post what you’ve heard below so the pre-balding men of this blog can save themselves from damnation. 😉

Tomorrow’s Quality Topic: Nose Hair

Getting Old?

July 2, 2008

Remember back in the day when we were young bucks? When running home from school non-stop was duck soup?

Those days are ova!

I don’t exactly know when it happened, but I think it has… I’m getting old… Or at least I’m finally admitting to it.

After a far too lengthy hiatus (thanks to my stinkin’ teeth), I made my triumphant return to boxing class at HMC last night (shout out to Kevin and the gang!). Sage was our guest instructor and he mixed in some wicked cardio and core training to go along with our usual fundamentals.

Let’s just say I’m pretty much hurt-in’ today. Yeah, two days later, the obliques, calves, tris, bis, and thighs are all pretty tenderoni.

I don’t remember ever being like this. Coming home from practice all my life wasn’t ever no thang (but a chicken wang), but now it takes longer for this bruddah to recover what normally never ached. It’s like I’m falling apart son!

I used to laugh at my older co-workers who would complain about back aches or neck pains or soreness in the shoulder l’dat and equate it to senility or E.D. or prostate issues. I’d tell dem grandpas to man up or pull up their dress and stop whining. But now look at me. I’m just like ’em. On the verge of geriatric-ism. *sigh* Nah, it’s not that bad, but still, I wanna go back to the days when my body was like a unstoppable tank and I could just punish it like mad and it would just keep on a-tickin’.

Ahh… the good ol’ days!

Talk to me!
* Am I alone on this one you 30 somethings? At what age do you remember noticing your body ackin’ up?
* Are you 20 somethings laughing at me?
* Are you 40 somethings jealous it’s only my muscles and not my prostate? 😛
* Any secrets you wanna share to help the healing process (or preventative measures)?
* Should I just pull up my dress and suck it up? Haha! Happy Hump Day Errbody!

P.S. Speaking of preventative measures, I’m considering doing an Acai Bowl Tour around Hawaii (article). I got Lanikai Juice, Jewel or Juice, Diamond Head Cove, Blue Hawaii Lifestyle and, of course Jamba queued up. Anyone else have any suggestions?