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FREE T-Shirt Giveaway!

December 5, 2011

A-ight so in last week’s “Where In Hawaii” Game, I announced that I was starting a new line of surf/skate/snowbaording/Hawaii/lifestyle wear. The first 15 to guess the photos correctly were to have won a FREE T-shirt when it came out. Well, I guess the photos were shmall kine hahd ’cause we only get 9 winners so far. LOL!

To make it easy, Santa Sugimoto says that the next 6 people to post a comment on this blog will win a FREE T-Shirt too! Bonus points for posting why you just adore this blog. Haha, OK, reaching, but it doesn’t hurt to ask right? 😛

The early bird catches the worm! Good luck y’all! 8)

T-Shirt Winners So Far…
1) che
2) rayboyjr
3) carokun – L
4) M – L
5) zzzzzz
6) Paco – XL
7) Coconut Willy
8 ) kickerbear – L
9) tweetpeep22
10) ???
11) ???
12) ???
13) ???
14) ???
15) ???