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Tax Tip Thursday: File for Free!

April 2, 2009

Didja file your taxes yet? You are aware that it’s due in 13 days riiiight? 8)

Well, for those of you who waited until the very last second, you may be in for a little treat, WWE style: Filing your taxes for FREE!

A friend sent over this little tidbit so I figured I’d post it for da `ohana as it may very well help a few of you. Check it:

If your Adjusted Gross Income for 2008 was $56K or less, you can file your taxes for free this year. No gimmicks, no catch, the IRS just wants those with AGIs $56K or less to e-file which saves them costs and saves you a couple hundred bucks. Even if your AGI topped $56K, you can still file for free. You just won’t get tax-preparation software, though. Just the forms.


1) Go to,
2) Click theĀ “Free File” link
3) Choose which company’s software you want to use (including the biggies like Turbo Tax and H&R Block)

If your tax filings are a little more complicated than the average or if you file your own Schedule C, it’s probably best to just stick with a tax professional.

Hope this helps at least a few of you. Remember, getum in by the 15th!

Have a happy Thursday y’all!