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News Day Tuesday: A-Rod to the Hall of Fame?

February 10, 2009

I know I probably won’t be the only one blogging about this today, but I’m hoping I can find a different angle for all y’all to comment about up in here. I just hope there’s enough of you baseball fans (or women who think he’s hot) out there to get a dialogue goin’. 🙂

With the news that Alex Rodriguez admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his 2001-2003 Texas Rangers years, he’s been called anything from A-Roid to A Fraud. His numbers will undoubtedly be questioned and his legacy forever tarnished. [Watch’s Video Interview here]

For some strange reason, however, I find myself still a fan.

Is it because he did not go the way of lying vehement denial like the Mark McGwires, Rafael Palmeiros, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds of the world? (Then again, Jose Canseco admitted to taking PEDs, but I won’t even go there).

Is it because A-Rod has never let me down while playing on my fantasy baseball team? *grin*

Or could it be his otherwise clean cut image (aside from the whole *ahem* Madonna thing), before this news?

Whatever it is, I kinda believe him. He made a mistake during one period in his life, has since closed that chapter, and is now ready to move on. And although I don’t agree with his choices (he said he did it because he felt an enormous amount of pressure to perform at a high level after signing a 10 year, 252 Million dollar contract), I do believe his story that he’s been clean ever since, and I still feel that he has a place in baseball’s hallowed Hall of Fame, where the other names above do not.

Talk to me!
* Whatchu tink? Am I off my rocker?
* Once a cheat, always a cheat?
* Setting a bad example to our young children?
* He’s the same as Jose Canseco?
* Think he should still make it into the Hall of Fame?