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Man vs. Mild

May 30, 2008

Nope, that’s not a typo. I meant to write Man vs. Mild, not Wild, cause that’s exactly what this show has become to me.

Recently, the show’s host Bear Grylls admitted that the situations presented in the show were sometimes not as intense as they were portrayed, but rather elaborate set ups by the production crew. Often times, Bear and his camera crew would even stay at hotels, while supposedly roughing it in the wild. WHAT THE?

Before the news, you would see signs of this “set up” when Bear would over exaggerate certain actions like pretending his feet were stuck in the mud more than they actually were, or over-reacting to rain splashing in his face. The funniest thing is when, 5 minutes into the show, he says he’s starving and that he has to hunt for food. He’ll then nibble on a 1 inch worm, (purposely showing the guts explode in his mouth of course), and pretend to be full from it! LOL!

And then, there was the camera crew. If these were really that life threatening, the real hero is the camera person who has to go through what Bear goes through, with one hand and 20 pounds of equipment strapped on! The show should be renamed to CameraMan vs. Wild! Ya feel me?

I can’t diss the show too much though. It does give you good hints on sheer survival, like telling time, starting fires and finding sources of water. For that, I give ’em props. And, like a train wreck, I can’t resist watching it to see what crazy things he’ll eat next.

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