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Little League World Series Live and On Demand

August 20, 2008

Our undefeated Waipio team is currently leading Mill Creek, WA 4-3 in the top of the 3rd inning in the Little League World Series United States Semifinals. Tune in to ESPN (Digital Channel 0222) or HD ESPN (Channel 1222) and support our local boys in the hunt for the championship!

Missed the action ’til now? No worries! Catch up on all of Waipio’s previous games of the series on Oceanic Time Warner’s On Demand service on Digital Channel 0221! Here’s what’s available now:

  • LLWS Pool Play Round 1: Waipio vs. Connecticut (from Friday, August 15)
  • LLWS Pool Play Round 2: Waipio vs. Tampa (from Sunday, August 17)
  • LLWS Pool Play Round 3: Waipio vs. Rapid City (from Monday, August 18)


Fave Five Friday – Television Shows

July 25, 2008

Mahaloz to skycastles for suggesting this one. For today’s Fave Five Friday list, let’s follow up last week’s Hawaii Television Stations list with Fave Five Television Shows. Hurr we go!

  1. The Office (seasonal on NBC: Oceanic Digital Channel 0008 or HD NBC 1008)
  2. The Ultimate Fighter (seasonal on SpikeTV: Oceanic Digital Channel 0559)
  3. Inside MMA (Fridays on HDNet: Oceanic HD Channel 1355)
  4. Sports Action Team (seasonal on HDNet: Oceanic HD Channel 1355)
  5. ESPN SportsCenter (nightly on ESPN: Oceanic Digital Channel 0222 or HD ESPN 1222)

Others include TapouT (seasonal – starting on July 30th! – on Versus: Oceanic Digital Channel 0210 or HGOLF 1216), Late Night with Conan O’Brien (M-F on NBC: Oceanic Digital Channel 0008 or HD NBC 1008), American Idol (seasonal on FOX: Oceanic Digital Channel 0003 or HD FOX 1003), Art Mann Presents (regularly on HDNet: Oceanic HD Channel 1355) and for brownie points, Wedding SOS (Fridays on Fine Living: Oceanic Digital Channel 0322). 😛

What say you?

P.S. Stay tuned for a special FREE Movie Pass Giveaway post tomorrow for the new movie Pineapple Express!

Fave Five Friday – Hawaii Television Stations

July 18, 2008

*yawn* Sorry for the late post, but The Dark Knight took a toll on me last night. If you weren’t one of us nerds who saw it last night, I would recommend watching it. Great action, out of this world acting by the late Heath Ledger (the Joker), and decent storyline. Just prepare yourself for 2 and a half hours of movie time. *stretch*

Anyway, it’s Friday again, and that means the ever-popular (in my own mind) Fave Five Friday. Since we did Hawaii Radio Stations last week, let’s do the next logical thing and do Hawaii Television Stations. I’ll start again… Hurr we go!

  1. Spike TVThe Ultimate Fighter, anything UFC, Manswers, need I say more? (Oceanic Digital Channel 0559)
  2. HDNetInside MMA, HDNet Fights, Mark Cuban owned. Nuff said. (Oceanic HD Digital Channel 1355)
  3. ESPNAnything sports… yeah YEAH! (Oceanic Digital Channel 0222 or HD Channel 1222)
  4. Versus – To get my WEC fix, as well as TapouT (Oceanic Digital Channel 0210 or HGOLF 1216)
  5. VH1 – When I wanna get my reality on like Donkey Kong (Oceanic Digital Channel 0591)

Other situational favorites include A&E: more reality programming including real estate stuffs (0547 or 1547), the Premium On Demand Channels (HBO On Demand, Showtime On Demand, etc.), Food Network: when I’m hungry or for recipe inspiration (0321 or 1321), TBS: Office reruns, My Boys, etc. (0551 or 1551), OC16 (0016 or 1016), MTV: Hills… did I just say that? (0593), ESPN2 (0224 or 1224), ESPN News (0225 or 1225), Fox Sports Net West (0226 or 1226), CW: Beauty & the Geek! (0093), HD PPV: ordering fights (1700), Starz: good kine movies (0655 or 1655), Comedy Central (0545), and any of the Broadcast Network Channels: news, talk shows, special events (0003, 0006, 0007, 0008, or 1003, 1006, 1007, 1008).

Shoots! Happy Aloha Friday gang! Have a great weekend!

P.S. No fo-get to order and/or DVR the insane weekend of fight programming too (Affliction, UFC Fight Night: Silva vs. Irvin, etc.)! K!