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How Remote DVR Saved My Life

October 28, 2011

OK, so the story I’m about to share is not as dramatic as my title suggests, but let’s be honest… for many of us TV fanatics, forgetting to set our DVR to record our favorite show(s) often does seem like life or death.

Let’s take a few steps back and talk about what Remote DVR is. In fact, maybe I should moonwalk a little further and talk about what DVR itself is because, believe it or not, I still get asked this question on the regular.

DVR, which stands for Digital Video Recorder, is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I’m not just saying that because I work for the company. πŸ˜‰ It’s basically a smarter, “nu skool”-ier version of the beloved VHS recorder. Instead of using tapes like the VHS, it uses an internal hard drive (like a computer). And instead of relying on you and your fading memory (let’s face it, we’re getting old) to check the guide in the daily paper and set your recordings manually, the DVR automatically syncs to the on-screen guide through which you can set all of your recordings. You can even set it to record a whole series of shows, adjust start and end times, and much more!

Remote DVR, which was recently launched here in the Hawaii market, takes this convenience to the next level. Thanks to the power of the Interwebs, you can now log in to (using’s MyServices portal) from any Internet connected device, and manage your DVR recordings even when you aren’t home.

How Remote DVR Saved My Life

For Apple iPad users, you can leverage the power of our uber popular TWCable TV iPad App to similarly manage your DVR recordings. As a new father, I’ve found this service particularly useful & convenient because once baby goes to bed, the wife mandates that the TV be off. Not a problem. If I forgot to set a recording, I’ll just whip out my trusty iPad…

How Remote DVR Saved My LifeTWCable TV App on the iPad

fire up the TWCable TV app…

How Remote DVR Saved My LifeTWCable TV app launching

go into the DVR screen, and record away.

On this particular occasion, I forgot to set all of my UFC 137 related recordings. As a HUGE UFC and MMA fan in general, this event is of particular interest to me – as well as the rest of the state – because our local boy BJ Penn is headlining the card. (Read an interview I did with BJ Penn back in 2009.)

Since the “no TV when baby is sleeping” rule was in full effect, I simply did a search for “UFC” in the TWCable TV app and found all shows in the next 7 days with “UFC” in the title.

How Remote DVR Saved My LifeSearching for “UFC” in the TWCable TV app

From there, I simply selected the shows I wanted to record and, bingo-bango, they were all automagically set to record without even having to turn on my TV. Sweet right? Here’s what one sequence looked like when I scheduled a show (UFC 137 Prelims) to record on Spike HD.

How Remote DVR Saved My LifeSelecting UFC 137 Prelims in the search results brought up this options window

How Remote DVR Saved My LifeSelecting the HD version brought up this window that displayed additional show info and the Record button.

How Remote DVR Saved My LifePressing the Record button brought up the options screen where you could adjust the Save Time (“Until space needed” or “Do not delete”) and the Start and End times.

How Remote DVR Saved My LifePressing the Confirm Changes button set my recording

Not exactly life saving, but definitely time saving. Now, with all this extra time, I can concentrate on preparing for my UFC 137 BBQ/Party! 8) Goooooo BJ!

How Remote DVR Saved My LifeUFC 137 Poster (Poster Art Courtesy: UFC)

For Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers here in Hawaii, you can follow along through our UFC Video Content page. For more information on how to order, click here.




January 3, 2011

You’ve probably heard this more than enough times already, but really… is there a limit!?…

Happy New Year!
(or, for you nihonjins… ζ˜Žγ‘γΎγ—γ¦γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†οΌ)

Just wanted to send some love to y’all this 2011 and see how everyone’s year is going so far… Yeah, I know, it’s only 3 days old, but still. You’re bound to check the Star Advertiser site at least once during your lunch break today right? 8)

Today’s task, to make a REALISTIC resolution that we can each accomplish within the first month of the new year. We’ll check back in a month to see if we’ve done what we said we would. No pressha! πŸ˜›

So wot? What say you?

Ed’s Realistic 1 Month Resolution:
* Clean out my DVR! The storage on my DVR is about to explode. I record (and watch) all kine nonsense. I guess I gonna carve out some time so I can finally have my Sing-Off marathon. Hehe! Yeah, still haven’t watched back past the second episode! Ack!

Oceanic Going Green:
For those of you who’ve been around our Mililani offices recently, you may’ve noticed that we’ve been having some mayjah construction action going on… In order to continue to decrease its carbon footprint and increase its commitment to going green, Oceanic Time Warner Cable is currently installing a PV (photovoltaic) system in its entire parking lot.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable's Green Project
Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s Green Project

My January AroundHawaii article:
Don’t forget to check out my AroundHawaii article for January: Tokkuri Tei – Revisited. Get planny food “pr0n”!

Tokkuri Tei - Revisited
Tokkuri Tei – Revisited


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“Watching” Hawaii Five-0 Online (#H50)

November 16, 2010

So last night, I was finally home on a Monday night and able to catch Hawaii Five-0 live and in action in all its glory (as opposed to watching it off my DVR weeks later). With that, I thought I’d put a feeler out there to see if our WWE `Ohana is interested in a show not named Top Chef. πŸ˜› I know, I know… the post is shmall kine late in the day, and on a random/surprise Tuesday post, but we go see how it goes.

Talk to me!
* Do you watch Hawaii Five-0?
* How does it compare to the original?
* Do you watch it live or later off your DVR/TiVo/VCR?
* Favorite character and why?
* Ladies: Is Alex O’Loughlin as hot as everyone thinks he is?
* Fellas: Is Grace Park as hot as everyone thinks she is?
* Would you audition to be an extra on the show?
* Thoughts on how they’re doing with promoting Hawaii?
* Thoughts on their attempts at incorporating “bird” (pidgin) in the show?
* Thoughts on last night’s show?
* Any other positives/negatives you’d like to share?

BTW, if you’re on Twitter, try your hand at live tweeting, using the #H50 tag next week during the show. A bunch of Twitter/Five-0 geeks have been doing that since the first episode, and it has apparently been growing every week. I took my first stab at it last night, but it was a bit of info overload for me I think. Guess I’m getting old. LOL!


P.S. Go Bows! 8)


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American Idol – Confessions of a Middle Aged Reality TV King

May 1, 2006

Those of you who know me know that I’m a reality TV crazy. Shows spanning the spectrum from Wild Boyz, The Ultimate Fighter, Streetball, Beauty and the Geek, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Surreal Life to that dang American Idol. And though these may seem like an eclectic collection of randomness, I’m, oddly enough, like an old man set in his ways with his favorite underwear brand… Highly particular.

Don’t get me wrong… new reality shows are given a chance, but if it doesn’t catch my fancy within the first few minutes, Old Man Withers comes out and demands that I shut that garbage off and finish my homework.

Some shows are lucky enough to collect my Nielsen ratings for more than one episode. Heck, I often go a whole season with a show before snapping out of my trance to realize how much time I’ve been wasting on such nonsense.

For those auspicious few though… (Oooh you lucky little devils you…) They’ve forever won a place in my heart (and more importantly, space on my to-die-for DVR), assuring obsessed, zombie-like viewership through sleet and sn… well, you know what I mean.

One such show is the juggernaut otherwise known as American Idol. Yes, I’m man enough to admit that I’m addicted to this program beyond belief. Almost to the point of attending regular A.I.A. meetings. Get it? Oh, never mind!

You know it’s bad too, when you know who Chicken Little, Mandiva and Princess P are and what Pick Pickler, Soul Patrol, Catching the McPheever and Getting Aboard the E Train means… Sad ain’t it?

I don’t know what it is either. It’s not like the idea is a new one. We’ve had shows like The Gong Show and Star Search and even Amateur Night at the Apollo in the past. Even copycat shows like Nashville Star (complete with it’s own Simon in Anastasia Brown) and the new version of Star Search just don’t have the same ‘oomph’ for some reason. There’s just something about this AI Train that makes me not want to get off.

As I write this, we’re down to our final 5 (Chris Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee, Paris Bennett and Taylor Hicks), and by the time this column comes out, we’ll be down to our final 4 or 3, with the show’s finale ending on May 24th. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself come June, but for now, let’s sit back and enjoy the ride while we have it.

Join me for a little stroll on A.I. Lane won’t you? Why don’t we take a look at how we can take our obsession to another level in the final few weeks of this season. And for all of you non-believers and non-conformists to the Ministry of A.I., the options below will make you come to the dark side whether you want to or not. If you’ve got other ideas, feel free to post them in the comments at the bottom of this column.

AI Superfans Donna, Lorraine, Gabby, Shelley, Maribel, and Jamie
AI Superfans Donna, Lorraine, Gabby, Shelley, Maribel, and Jamie

  • Have an office pool – Round up a bunch of your fellow co-workers and see who can choose the bottom three from week to week.
  • Spend “quality” time with your family – It’s a good excuse to invite your family over on Tuesday and/or Wednesday nights for dinner while watching the kids do their thang.
  • Hold an American Idol – All Star Challenge Party (you weirdo) – As quoted from the web site, “Challenge your friends and family as you journey through all three levels of competition, from Auditions to the Finals round.”
  • Play Fantasy Idol – Much like Fantasy Sports, you can “draft” your favorites and see how you fair against the rest of the online world.
  • Have an American Idol Video Game Party – Available for PlayStation 2, PC and Game Boy Advance.

And the list goes on and on… I was going to mention other activities like reading the message boards, shopping for Idol apparel, catching up on Idol gossip and news online, etc., but I didn’t want you to think I was some sort of fan or something. πŸ˜‰

Now I would be remised at this time if I failed to mention them pioneers of yesteryear who started it all. You know, the Kelly Clarksons and Tamyra Grays of the A.I. world. But the real excitement for this show, especially for us in Hawaii, was when those chaps from our island home made it deep into the competition and made us proud. It was amazing to see how excited our entire State got and how we banded together to get behind our talented youngsters.

Lianne, Kassie and Nan with Jasmine Trias
Lianne, Kassie and Nan with Jasmine Trias

In case you just returned from your 5 year voyage on the moon, they were Jordan Segundo from Season 2, and Jasmine Trias, Camile Velasco, and Jonah Moananu from Season 3. It was surprising to me that after discovering 2 stars like Jasmine and Camile, who went far in Season 3’s competition (three if you count Diana DeGarmo), the show didn’t return to the islands to find more talent, but I guess that’s their prerogative. Hopefully, they’ll be back and we can show ’em what we got.

Though American Idol is constantly on my Elevated, yellow level for DVR recordings, the little annoyances and suspected conspiracy theory is starting to get to me. Annoyances like the constant bickering between host Ryan Seacrest and the judges, Simon Cowell’s shirt that is 2 sizes too small, Paula Abdul’s eccentric clapping style, the excessive commercialism, and the transformation of innocent teens into phony little Hollywood monsters. And am I the only one who suspects that there is a little bit of “tampering” in the results to make good TV? How can one contestant never be close to the bottom three one week and gone the next? Anyway, I digress…

Thanks to the beauty of the web, you can find almost anything on your favorite reality shows, including exclusive, web-only content. Below is a list of cool links for A.I. to check out. For more information on the Digital Video Recorder from Oceanic Time Warner Cable, go to

“Hi, My name is Ed. And I’m an American Idol-oholic.”

World Wide Ed, out!

Me and Shell with Camile Velasco
Me and Shell with Camile Velasco