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Guest Blog: Name That Tune Summer Redux [skycastles]

July 6, 2009

Hey WWE Ohana!
Guess I’m the lucky one who gets to wrap up the guest blogging while Ed’s cruising with the wildlife up in Alaska. I’ve been tossing and turning trying to think up a decent topic for us that’ll also help boost Ed’s comment count. (Mebbe if we do good, he’ll let us hijack more often no?)
One of the funnest WWE blogs ever was the Name That Tune thread that lasted days and days. I figure, why fix what ain’t broke? (Plus, it’s Monday. Do you even have your first cup of coffee yet?) So with that said, let’s bus’ out the music and get this party started. Dust off those vinyls or load up that iPod ’cause we’re gonna rock this joint!
Feel free to keep this thing going by posting your favorite summer lyrics once my tune is named. Check back often because judging from last time, we got some music aficionados up in here and this thing will move pretty quickly. I thought I’d start us off with something from the summer of ’66:
“…All around people lookin’ half dead
walkin’ on the sidewalk hotter than a match head.
But at night it’s a different world,
go out and find a girl.
Come on, come on and dance all night.
Despite the heat it’ll be alright…”

Good luck!