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Survey Thursday: Favorite Zippy’s?

May 14, 2009

When the answer was revealed during one of our previous Where In Hawaii contests (which was Zippy’s), it was suggested by kuya.d to do a Survey Thursday around that particular topic… So… hurr we are…

We’ve all got our favorite Zippy’s. Our “home base” if you will. This be yo chance to sound off and represent. So without further ado… *clears throat*

Chicky chicky check if your school favorite Zippy’s is in effect – Represent! LOL!

Growing up in H.K. during those “hard core Zippy’s years”, Zippy’s Koko Marina was probably the one I identified with the most. It could’ve been the lunch-pick-up on the way to the beach, the dinner-pick-up on the way home from school/work, the midnight thang after chillin’ at the homey’s crib, or, even the 2AM-er after a long night of shooting 9-ball at Brian’s/Shark’s/Velvet’s (LOL!)… We’d be there. Some close seconds would be the McCully one (that’s usually where the “scenery” was at), and the Kahala one (new and on the way home).

Since Zippy’s is so much a part of all of our cultures, we shouldn’t just limit this survey to locations. What say we open thangs up and share our favorite Zippy’s story/stories as well as our favorite Zippy’s dish(es) while we’re at it? Bonus question: Which Zippy’s have you NOT been to (click here for help or here’s a list: Ala Moana, Dillingham, Ewa, Kahala, Kailua, Kaimuki, Kalihi, Kaneohe, Kaneohe (William Henry Road), Kapahulu, Kahului, Kapolei, Koko Marina, Makiki, Mc Cully, Mililani, Nimitz, Pearl City, Pearl Ridge, Vineyard, Waiau, Wahiawa, Waimalu, Waipahu, Waipio)? I’ll start:

Favorite Zippy’s: Koko Marina (for sentimental reasons)
Favorite Zippy’s Story: I actually applied for Zippy’s back in da high school days and got rejected! How you figgah? Well, I did get called in to their main office for an interview, but never received that final call back… so that is kinda like getting rejected right? So shame! Ah, das ok, I got a higher paying job where I got to eat poke all day (seafood department at Safeway) so it all worked out. 😛
Favorite Zippy’s Dish: Zip Min
Zippy’s Location(s) I’ve Never Been To: Ewa, Kalihi, Kaneohe (William Henry Road location), Kahului, Kapolei, Waipahu. Just 6 out of 25? Not bad at all… 8)

Go get um yo!

Results from last week (Wireless Carrier Survey)

  • AT&T: 9 (DA WINNAH!)
  • T-Mobile: 8
  • Verizon: 7
  • Sprint: 5

Happy Survey Thursday… Woo Hoo it’s almost TGI(F)F!

Oh yeah, for you old older peeps, here’s a blast from the past (70’s) that you might enjoy! No offense! 😉

For those more my age, hea’s a classic (starring Jade Moon). If you’ve never seen either of these two videos, zip it! 😛

My thoughts and prayers go out to hemajang and the Yoshida family during this difficult time… 😦


Survey Thursday – Wireless Carrier?

May 7, 2009

* Which wireless carrier do you use for your mobile phone service and why?

Recently, I read somewhere that the BlackBerry Curve outsold the iPhone. Kinda surprising to hear, but then again, not really. Even though it may seem that errryone and their momma has an iPhone, the Blackberry line of products have the luxury of not being tied to a single wireless carrier (like the iPhone).

And I know it stems from some kind of early, boardroom contract-winning loyalty thang, but why Apple doesn’t open up their iPhone product to ALL the wireless carriers once the contract is fulfilled is beyond me. They are shooting themselves in the foot by just sticking with AT&T. But I digress…

Getting back to the topic, I’m with Verizon Wireless. In my personal experience, they have the best network, both here in Hawaii (all major islands), as well as during my travels. Aside from that periodic dropped call coming down Red Hill (east bound), I’ve never had a problem with coverage and am routinely the only guy whose phone has bars when in remote locations. And although their phone selection could use some work, the main thing to me is that I can make calls and surf the Interwebs.

K, before you think I’m a Verizon employee in hiding, I’ll end it there. Who you use cuz?

Survey Thursday – Do You Facebook?

April 23, 2009

* Do you Facebook? If not where do you call (social networking) “home”?

Lately, the old older peeps here at work have been asking me about this strange new thing called “Facebook.” As the resident “Web Expert” I guess I’m the go to guy for these types of questions and boy, have they been a-comin’! First I smirk (at how late they are to the party) and then I proceed to explain to these newbies what it’s all about. How you use it, why people use it, privacy concerns, etc. The look on their face is priceless. It’s the same as that of someone who just watched TV in color for the first time. (at least I think that’s what they looked like. 😛 )

Facebook, at least to me, is where it’s at. There are so many features to control privacy, friends, microblogging/notifications (ala Twitter), and, as evident by the interest from the old older peeps here at work, it’s catching wind. I’ve gotten back in touch from old friends from yesteryear that I haven’t spoken to in years, and all the company and corporate peers are there as well! There are so many more relevant people up in thurr than say a MySpace. If I had to compare the two, I’d tell someone that MySpace is more for kids and ‘tweens and Facebook is more for adults. (No, not that kind of “adult” you perv. 😉 )

There is a downside though. With so many of your professional contacts up in the heezy, you really have to watch what you say and post. It’s not like I have anything to hide really, but posting that drunken party pic from the weekend (I don’t do this – just an example) is probably not something for your boss’ eyes. I’ve heard of stories of those kinda things coming back to haunt employees, and that doesn’t really surprise me.

How did we get to this point? I remember the good ol’ days when these social networking type sites were strictly for us “young” peeps? Let’s turn back the clock a bit shall we… Remember these?

Chat/Talk on UH’s Unix system –> HCU –> Asian Avenue –> IM/Messenger type services (AIM/Windows Live/Yahoo!/Google Talk) –> Friendster –> LinkedIn –> MySpace –> Facebook

Oh YEAH! I bet ya forgot about some of those gems eh? Ha!

And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what other sites are out there (Yelp, Flickr, TwitterBebo, Hi5, YouTube, and yes, we even have one on

Is there something after Facebook? Probably, but for now, this is where the party’s at yo. Holla if ya hear me! 😉

Talk to me!
* Do you Yahoo! Facebook?
* If so, how many friends ya got?
* Do you add anyone or just the people you know IRL?
* Are your bosses or company’s executives on there too?
* What’s your favorite part about Facebook?
* Your least favorite?
* What other social networking sites do you frequent?
* If you’ve never joined Facebook or any other social networking site, why or why not?

Possible Hijacking Topics 😛
* American Idol dish
* Hell’s Kitchen dish
* The Office dish
* Survivor: Tocantins dish
* CSI dish
* Grey’s Anatomy dish
* Harper’s Island dish
* Southland dish
* Dancing With the Stars dish
* The Biggest Loser dish
* Lost dish
* NBA Playoff runs
* etc.

Happy Survey Thursday… Woo Hoo it’s almost TGI(F)F!

Survey Thursday – Email?

April 9, 2009

Back in the glory days of the web, us peeps with email addresses were few and far between. As students, we  were hooked up with one by default (with an ugly suffix), but that was back when we had to log into a UNIX shell and check it via a program called Pine. Good lord! uhunix? Pine!? I’m choking myself up with all the memories! LOL!

Nowadays, every Bill, Sergey, and Jerry Tom, Dick and Harry has an email account from such free services as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Heck, even my momma has not one, but three that is checked on the regular. ISPs like us, offer accounts as part of our services: up to 10 accounts per Road Runner customer (via the sexy domain 😛 ) to be exact.

Whereas this question would’ve been “Do you have an email account?” in a past WWE column in the Ka Leo, today, I gotsta up my game and stay current with what’s happening on the world wide interwebs. Errrbody pretty much has email. It’s just a matter of provider. With that said…

* Which service do you use for email and why?

I’m a Gmailer fo sho. Their flexibility with forwarding, filtering, sorting, account management, header privacy, etc. is off the chain! There’s no comparison. And I didn’t even mention the searching aspect! Plus my account ties in nicely to the billion other Google “products” I use. I honestly don’t know how/if I’d survive without my Gmail and Google Calendar. Scary!

K, your turn! Share, share!

Have a good weekend y’all! Das right! I get tomorrow off. Wahoooooooo!

Survey Thursday – High School Shout Out

March 12, 2009

* What high school you went?

On the radio they (used to?) have a thing called “High School Shout Out” where you could call in and rep your high school over the air. Let’s see if we can one-up em, using technology as our friend. Haha, nah! I figgah, like kuya.d said in a previous blog, the first thing we ask when we find out someone is from here is the question above. Why not do it hurr? We get to rep our alma matter while learning a little more about each other at the same time. Win-win. Include your grad year if you dare! 😉

(C’mon fellow Cougars! If you’re out thurr, don’t let me us down! 8) )

Results from last week (What Is Your Current Ringtone?)

  • Vibrate: 2 (DA WINNAH!)
  • “one of the default ringers”: 2 (DA WINNAH!)
  • the same ring tone of the phones in CTU on 24: 1
  • Jump by Van Halen: 1
  • Boogie Wonderland for the Wife: 1
  • Crazy Train by Ozzie: 1
  • Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group: 1
  • standard verizon: 1
  • santeria by sublime: 1
  • Tune Bach Fugue D Minor: 1
  • one of the train station chimes on the JR Yamanote line in Japan beleive it or not: 1
  • trill: 1
  • Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”: 1
  • Daytripper by the Beatles: 1
  • the Katamari Damacy theme song: 1
  • More by Sisters of Mercy: 1
  • the Benny Hill Show theme: 1
  • “A Thousand Miles”: 1
  • “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry: 1
  • gloria estefan’s “conga”: 1
  • 2 live crew’s “shake a lil’ something”: 1
  • lupe fiasco’s “daydreamin”: 1
  • flo rida – “in the ayer”: 1
  • 2 legit 2 quit by mc hammer: 1
  • “Nova”: 1
  • japanese rap group called m-flo: 1
  • the opening riffs on vh’s “aint talkin bout love”: 1
  • “shake a lil something”: 1
  • michael buble singing “this thing called love”

… R.I.P. to Charles “Mask” Lewis of Tapout

Survey Thursday – What Is Your Current Ringtone?

February 26, 2009

* On your mobile phone, what do you use as your default ring tone?

(Mahalos to soogs for suggesting this one.)

My default ring tone is set to “Ringtone 10” on my LG Voyager because it’s loud, catchy and unique. Loud because I’m deaf, catchy so I don’t get irritated at it whenever it rings, and unique so I no get confused when somebody else’s phone stay ringing.

The real ringtone I wanna talk about however, is the one I have set when one of my high school boys calls me: “Nuthin’ But a G Thang“! Ohhhhh snap! Makes me laugh every time! HA! (link is NSFW BTW). The sad part is I know all the lyrics by heart. LOL!

Another ringtone that makes me crack up is the one Michael Scott (Steve Carell) uses on his phone on the show The Office: My Humps from the Black Eyed Peas.

So what’s yours? No be shame? Can’t be any worse than those two above! Or can it? Spill the beans! 🙂

Results from last week (Are You a Fan of UH Men’s Basketball?)

  • Yes: 12 (DA WINNAH!)
  • No: 5

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!

Survey Thursday – Are You a Fan of UH Men’s Basketball?

February 19, 2009

* Are you a fan of the University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball program? More importantly, are you going to the game this Saturday?

I know, I know. It’s hard to be one after a gut-wrenching loss to Nevada last Saturday at home (*crossing my fingers for their nationally televised matchup against Fresno State today*)… but now, there’s more reason to come support the ‘Bows this Saturday at 7:05PM at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Not only is it the second to the last home game for the season (wipe back those tears!), it is the big Oceanic Time Warner Cable sponsored game! *grin* The first 1,000 fans through the gates gets a blue, eco-friendly Oceanic/ESPNU/Food Network/HGTV bag… great for grocery shopping! Check-check-check it out!

Get your eco-friendly Oceanic Time Warner Cable bag at this Saturday's game!
Get your eco-friendly Oceanic Time Warner Cable bag at this Saturday’s game!

Yeah, shmall kine advertisement, but come support your ‘Bows nonetheless man. They need it!

Results from last week (Celebrating Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day?)

  • No: 9 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Yes: 3

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!

Survey Thursday – Celebrating Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day?

February 12, 2009

* Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day (for one, and if so will you do it) on Valentine’s Day?

OK, so this Saturday is Valentine’s Day (To all you forgetful men out there, you’re welcome for the reminder. 😛 ) and I’ve basically heard from two sides of the camp on this one:

One side believes that celebrating Valentine’s Day – in all its glorious glory – on February 14th is a guarantee must. And that includes the whole buying roses and going out to dinner thang. And if you don’t, you obviously don’t love your husband/wife.

The other side believes that it’s all a “stupid” (and I quote) marketing ploy where flower shops and restaurants overcharge for the sake of the “special” day.

Where do you stand on this one?

I’m more with camp 2 (remember the cooler group in cabin 18 at Camp Erdman 😉 ) – and thankfully for me, wifey is with me on this one – so we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day on, of all days, the night before: Friday, the 13th. Haha! We got a laugh out of that one, but, since we’re saving ourselves from the crowds and some hard earned “scripps” (thanks dews! 😉 ), we’ll be the ones with the last laugh.

Talk to me!
* What say you? Do you go on Feb 14, or pick another night?
* Do you just ignore it entirely?
* Do you agree that it’s all a marketing ploy?
* If you’re single, where do you hang out (so I know where to send my single friends 😛 )?
* Any Valentine’s Day traditions?

Results from last week (Superbowl Betting Results?)

  • Won: 4 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Didn’t bet: 2
  • Lost: 1
  • Lost Wallet: 1 😦

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!

Survey Thursday – Superbowl Betting Results?

February 5, 2009

* How did you do in your Superbowl bets?

Please do not post your losses if it will get you in trouble with the wife/husband/gf/bf/friend/loan shark/parents. *grin* And by no means does this mean I condone betting as a regular activity. Personally, I don’t really like to do big cash bets – especially if it’s between friends – because, like they say, money is the root of all evil. 🙂 I’m more of a “for bragging rights,” plate lunch bet kinda guy, just to keep things interesting.

But since I was in the betting capital of the world for Super Bowl weekend just 4 short days ago, I put a cool 100 to the test for Arizona (with a spread of 7). Zona lost, but by just 4 (27-23) so I was in the money baby! I got $180 back, netting $80. Not bad, but it was a small consolation for the $100 (and a full week of plate lunches I owe my co-worker) I lost with my Penn pick the night before.

So that’s my “damage.” How’d you do?

Results from last week (BJ Penn or Georges St. Pierre?)

  • BJ Penn: 14 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Georges St. Pierre: 1

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!

Survey Thursday – BJ Penn or Georges St. Pierre?

January 29, 2009

* Who are you picking to win at UFC 94: BJ Penn or Georges St. Pierre?

These two bruthas are arguably the best pound for pound MMA fighters in history and they will be facing off this Saturday in Las Vegas for the UFC Welterweight Championship (again). Penn is a local boy from Hilo and has a HUGE following both in Hawaii as well as in the MMA community. St. Pierre is an athletic stud from Canada and is loved by the more mainstream/every day fan. Women especially swoon over him for his physique. Which side are you on for this one man?

Me? I gotta go with our local boy Penn. Not only is he from our aina, but he is unbelievably talented in the art of combat, and makes me crack up in every interview he does. I just love it that people outside of Hawaii are also huge fans of his. Represent baby!

Results from last week (How Old You Stay?)

  • Tie – I could be your dad!: 8 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Tie – You’re cool! We could’ve been classmates son!: 8 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Me, Adam & Eve were homies!: 1
  • Anyone born in the 70s or before is old brah!: 4
  • Shut up and lemme get back to the Disney Channel!: 2
  • You could be MY dad!: 0 (Whew!)

I’m flying out to Vegas tonight for a little UFC 94/Super Bowl 43/snowboarding action so I’ll see y’all next week a-ight? I’ll be checking the results of this Survey Thursday on my breaks throughout the day and on my phone when I leave though, so be sure to vote k? Shoots!

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!