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Nice Guys Finish Last?

May 14, 2008

Last night, we were channel surfing and came across an episode of “A Shot At Love 2 With Tila Tequila.” (This was one of dem shows I gave a chance to, but it lost my interest about half way through the season.) On this night, my attention got caught by a guy holding it down, sporting a (University of) Hawaii T-Shirt. I was like “Very Niiiice!”

Bruddah’s name was Kyle and he’s a Real Estate agent from Honolulu. It soon became apparent that this dude was a little off his rocker. The other cast members referred to him as Creepy Kyle for the way he stalkingly stared at Tila. Eventually, he was booted, but this post is actually about the other guy who got booted: George.

George is a waiter from Tampa Florida and is apparently known as the “nice guy.” As he was making his tear-filled exit speech (which I cracked up to by the way), he mentioned something that resonated with me.

He angrily/tearily stated the following: “If you’re a nice guy, you do nice things, you get !#$% in the end, you get !#$% now and you’re going to get !#$% for the rest of your life.” Basically that “Nice Guys Finish Last.”

I consider myself a nice guy too, but I’m not a pushover. I think there’s a difference. I really don’t think that if you’re a nice guy you’ll get, as Georgy mentioned “!#$% in the end.”

What do you think? Do you think nice guys get walked on and finish last? What about nice girls or nice people in general?