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Envelopes and Stamps

September 28, 2009

Sorry for being shmall kine MIA gang. Just flew back from San Fran/Reno/Sac-town and boy are my arms tired. Yeah, ok, LAME! I know. Sorry. Anyway, I only had time for a quickie post today, so I’m a-passin’ on this info I got forwarded to me via email. Not sure how true it is (Snopes says it’s not), but a good way to start off this Fun Day Monday nonetheless don’tcha think? BTW, if you are the type to easily get grossed out, you may wanna scroll at your own risk. 😉 Have a good week y’all!

A woman was working in a post office in California. One day she licked the envelopes and postage stamps instead of using a sponge.

That very day the lady found a cut on her tongue. A week later, she noticed an abnormal swelling of her tongue.

World Wide Ed

She went to the doctor, and they found nothing wrong.. Her tongue was not sore or anything.. A couple of days later, her tongue started to swell more, and it began to get really sore, so sore, that she could not eat. She went back to the hospital, and demanded something be done.

The doctor took an x-ray of her tongue and noticed a lump. He prepared her for minor surgery. When the doctor cut her tongue open, a live cockroach crawled out!!!!

World Wide Ed

There were cockroach eggs on the seal of the envelope. The egg was able to hatch inside of her tongue, because of her saliva, which was warm and moist… This is a true story reported on CNN!

Andy Hume wrote: “Hey, I used to work in an envelope factory. You wouldn’t believe the things that float around in those gum applicator trays. I haven’t licked an envelope for years!”

I used to work for a print shop (32 years ago), and we were told NEVER to lick the envelopes. I never understood why until I had to go into storage and pull out 2500 envelopes that were already printed and saw several squads of cockroaches roaming around inside a couple of boxes with eggs everywhere. They eat the glue on the envelopes.

After reading this you will never lick another envelope or stamp again.

(No, don’t actually pass it along cause it appears to be a hoax, but do feel free to chat it up in the comment area below 😛 ).

P.S. The Colbie Caillat interview went really well (stay tuned for the video). She’s such a sweet, genuine individual and I wish her all the best! Who shall I interview next? 🙂


Fave Five Friday: Phobias

July 17, 2009

Yeah, OK, so “Phobias” do not exactly constitute a “Fave” Five list, but you know what I mean right? 8)

This one was actually suggested by wifey, after coming eye to eye with a friendly widdle cockroach – something she’s DEATHLY afraid of – at a restaurant.

Since I’m such a manly man (*grunt* *snort*), coming up with a list of things I’m afraid of will not be easy. *grin* But seriously, for those having trouble wid dis, try here, here or here (some of ’em are HILARIOUS!). OK, let’s do this thang!

My Phobias yo:

  1. Kakorrhaphiophobia (defeat) or Atychiphobia (failure) – Hate to lose. Nuff said.
  2. Agoraphobia (crowded public places) – not really a phobia, but more of a peeve. Don’t like things/people crowding me. Personal space people. 😉
  3. Thanatophobia (death/dying) – who isn’t afraid of dying?
  4. Trypanophobia/Aichmophobia/Belonephobia (needles) – not really scared of um, but I’d rather not have to have um in me. 😉
  5. Phalacrophobia (becoming bald) – kinda funny, but serious. Hehe!

Is there such a thing as PublicToiletSeatphobia? If so, I got it! 8)

Some amusing ones I found:

  1. Caligynephobia (beautiful women) – poor guy
  2. Kolpophobia (female genitals) – no comment
  3. Japanophobia (Japanese or Japanese culture) – Ahahaha!
  4. Gamophobia (marriage) – could be blamed for some long engagements?
  5. Gymnophobia (nudity) – craziness! Playboy would go broke!
  6. Didaskaleinophobia (school, going to school) – Dammit! I could’ve used this back in the day! 8)
  7. Genophobia (sex) – is you serious?
  8. Cacophobia (ugliness) – Bwahahahahahaha!

I really shouldn’t be laughing though cause these could be very serious fears for people. :

Happy VHO7V Friday y’all and have a good weekend a-ight? Shoots!