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Cali Oddities

October 27, 2008

I’m baaaaack! Was good kine fun seeing my buddy Tommy get hitched to a wonderful girl in Margaret. Had a great time in Santa Clara and San Fran, but now it’s back to reality. *sigh*

Here are a few oddities (differences), I’ve noticed when traveling to Cali (or mainland for that matter). Now that I’ve finally got a place to write/vent about it, I am! 😛

  • The water sucks for drinking – Tastes like a pool (chlorine).
  • The water sucks for showering – Buggah stay hahd. Always feels like I’m slimy.
  • The ‘do gets flat – When I took off my hat (go Phillies!), the hair looked like someone ironed it to my head. (And you no can fluff um up!)  Haha!
  • My lips get dry – Chap Stick is a savoir!
  • Who does #2 work for? – kinda gross subjeck (sorry!), but I find that I gotta go #2 like CHOKE times! Ha-cum?

Talk to me!
* Add your oddities (or, what you like or dislike about the mainland) to da list below man!

P.S. Root my Phills luck in this afternoon’s game puhlease! 🙂 (FOX – Digital Channel 0003 or HD FOX – Channel 1003 @ 2PM)