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Fave Five Friday: Pizza

May 29, 2009

Last weekend, wifey, BIL, BIL’s gf and I were trying to figure out where to grind. The thought of trying a unique/tasty pizza came up but, for the life of me, I couldn’t think of any besides the usual suspects. This one’s for those of you who will be in a similar predicament in the future. You’re welcome. 😛

So here’s my list of favorite pizzas in Hawaii:

  1. Brick Oven Pizza (Kalaheo, Kauai) – every trip to Kauai HAS TO include Brick Oven fo sho!
  2. California Pizza Kitchen – they have a lot of winnahz, but one of my favorites is probably the Original BBQ Chicken one (sans the onions).
  3. La Pizza Rina – I love those little 8 inchers.
  4. Domino’s Pizza – makes me reminisce to the days when pops – only on special occasions – used to treat us to Domino’s Pizza (he was/is a health freak!)
  5. Round Table Pizza – I’ve never tried it before, but BIL seems to swear by it, so I’m curious. 😛

Yeah, I know, not very interesting, but I’m not much of a pizza connoisseur. Teach me a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ will ya? 🙂

Happy VHO7V Friday y’all! Have a good weekend and I’ll see y’all on Monday! 🙂

P.S. Wish me luck with BJ Penn this weekend!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009

Sistah skycastles got her name on the board for the first time (surprisingly) by correctly guessing California Pizza Kitchen last week. Shucks (but props) to zzzzzz for mentioning it in general conversation. 😛

This week’s photo is another one of dem “I hope they’re still there” shots. *blush* Haven’t been there in a while, but I think they’re still popular with the young folk. Post your guesses below yo!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - March 4, 2009
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – March 4, 2009

Hint: No need. Guaranz someone goin’ getum!

And oh-by-the-way, the Top Chef reunion show is tonight! Thanks for the reminder tita leerz! Even if you haven’t been watching (like me), check it out, cause the WWE readers seem to be crazies of the show. There’ll be talk about it tomorrow fo’ sho. Top Chef (“Andy Cohen hosts a candid gathering of season five’s chefs and judges”) – Wednesday, March 4th from 7PM-8PM on BRAVO (Oceanic Digital Channel 0560).


Da “Where In Hawaii” Winnahz Circle!

Happy Hump Day Where In Hawaii Wednesday y’all. 🙂