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Fave Five Friday – Hawaii’s Worst Parking Lots

August 28, 2009

This one’s been on my “to do” list for quite some time, but I just never got a chance to get around to it. A recent visit to Mililani Shopping Center refreshed my memory.

We’ve all experienced it. Bad parking lots. Whether it be too few parking stalls (for the demand) or just plain poor architecture/engineering, some of Hawaii’s parking structures are pretty horrible and it’s time to call them out on it. Not necessarily to make them do anything about it, but more just to have a friendly monku session amongst family. 8) Y’all ready? Let’s do this!

  1. Pearl Kai – I have just 4 words: REE-DON-KU-LOUS!
  2. Hyatt Waikiki – this was suggested by a co-worker. Talk about narrow and dangerous. And on top of that parking is supah rare. Then again, it is Waikiki, so…
  3. Discovery Bay Center – recent trips to Bombay and Buffalo Wild Wings made me learn more about why I’m not very fond of this structure. The stalls are insanely packed (tight) together and at the weirdest angles. Not to mention, they share the lot with some rent a car place. Just weird.
  4. Mililani Shopping Center/Costco – there is like NEVER any parking here, which I guess is a good thing because bidness is going well. But still… I sometimes avoid going here because I know what the parking sitch is gonna be like. :
  5. Anywhere with dumb drivers– drivers who don’t know how to stay in their lines! Ho da irraz!

As I was putting this list together, I was like WTH!? These can’t be the worst. I know I’m missing some. Ah, I’m sure your lists will refresh my memory. Holla atcho boy!

Happy VHO7V Friday and have an awesome weekend k? Shoots!


EATS – Buffalo Wild Wings

July 21, 2009

It’s been a bit since we did a decent food review eh? I guess we can say that a recent trip to the newly opened Buffalo Wild Wings on Ala Moana Boulevard inspired a brutha.

Buffalo Wild Wings first opened in Ohio back in 1982. Well, don’t take my word for it. Here’s the story straight from their menu:

“It started with two guys driven by hunger. The year was 1982. Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery had recently transplanted to Kent, Ohio from Buffalo, New York. All was fine until one day they started craving wings. Not just any wings, but authentic Buffalo, New York-style Chicken wings. Problem was, there was nowhere to go. Hence the beginning of Buffalo Wild Wings (formerly known as bw-3) – the grill and bar that serves up a healthy dose of fun along with wings spun in signature Buffalo Wild Wing sauces. Over 25 years and millions of wings later, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar continues to grow.”

My first experience with B Dubbs was on a snowboarding trip to Colorado. My boy Bari swears by them after getting hooked in Pennsylvania. Our first attempt to check out the new one in Hawaii fell short. They weren’t open yet (good job Bari!). This was our second go. Enjoy the pics y’all!

Outside Buffalo Wild Wings Hawaii
Outside Buffalo Wild Wings Hawaii

The waiting area
The waiting area

We tried to go early so the wait wouldn’t be too bad, but even in the 4-5PM range, we had to wait a good 25 minutes. Expect to wait a while during these early days.

Inside Buffalo Wild Wings (faces blurred to protect the innocent)
Inside Buffalo Wild Wings (faces blurred to protect the innocent 😛 )

Caribbean Jerk and Honey BBQ Boneless Buffalo Wings with Potato Wedges
Caribbean Jerk and Honey BBQ Boneless Buffalo Wings with Potato Wedges

The sauces go from mild to wild in this order:
* Sweet BBQ
* Teriyaki
* Mild
* Parmesan Garlic
* Medium
* Honey BBQ
* Spicy Garlic
* Pepper Infusion (coming soon)
* Desert Heat (coming soon)
* Asian Zing
* Caribbean Jerk
* Hot BBQ
* Hot
* Mango Habanero
* Wild
* Blazin’

And the prices go like this:
Traditional Wings
6 Wings – $7.49
12 Wings – $11.99
18 Wings – $16.49
24 Wings – $21.99
50 Wings – $37.99

Boneless Wings
8 Boneless Wings – $9.99
12 Boneless Wings – $14.49
24 Boneless Wings – $27.99
50 Boneless Wings – $44.99

Here are the descriptions of the ones we tried: Caribbean Jerk: Red peppers you love, island spices you crave: An exotic, delicious sauce. Honey BBQ: A sweet, sassy sauce: Savor the flavor.

Asian Zing and Mango Habanero Boneless Buffalo Wings with Potato Wedges and Celery Stalks
Asian Zing and Mango Habanero Boneless Buffalo Wings with Potato Wedges and Celery Stalks

Asian Zing: Sweet meets heat: A chili pepper, soy and ginger sauce. Mango Habanero: Feel the burn, savor the sweet: Two sensations, one sauce.

Close-up of the Caribbean Jerk Boneless Buffalo Wings
Close-up of the Caribbean Jerk Boneless Buffalo Wings

Bari's Hot Boneless Buffalo Wings
Bari’s “Hot” Boneless Buffalo Wings

Hot: Classic wing sauce: Delicious flavor, exhilarating heat.

Which led to this...
Which led to this…

Bari either sweatin’ or cryin’. Not sure which. 8)

The Buffalo Chicken Flatbread
The Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

BWW is also known for their Flatbreads. We got their most popular one: the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread: The taste of Buffalo wings, in for a landing! Crispy flatbread covered with a blend of our signature Spicy Garlic sauce and Bleu cheese dressing, chicken, fresh celery bits and mozzarella cheese.

As with any new opening, they’re still working out the kinks. Our waitress warned us that the order may take an hour due to the kitchen back up, but that’s to be expected and we knew this going in. (Our order arrived in like 10 minutes BTW). If you’re in the mood for something a little different, check it.

Buffalo Wild Wings
1778 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96815-1605
Phone: 808-983-3933

In other news… BJ Penn is making viral waves with his latest video (jumping out of a 3 foot pool). It even made the front page of Yahoo! Simply amazing!