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Bridal Shower Mysteries

October 20, 2008

So the woman went to another bridal shower this past weekend and was super stoked to see her homies for a much needed female bonding sesh. She came back with a bevy of interesting gifts from her girls (thanks ladies!), which led me to wonder what the heck happens at these blessed events? And more importantly, why we boys don’t get such a thing like a “Groomy Shower”? *grin* Not that I’m jealous (ok, just a little), but don’t you women also get bachelorette parties? Where’s the love?

And then it hit me.

Guys aren’t capable of having “Groomy Showers” for several reasons. Listed are the ones I could think of. Maybe you can think of others and add them to the comment area below?

  • Guys are lazy.
  • Guys are poor planners.
  • Party planning is too much work anyway.
  • One favor and centerpiece from the wedding is enough (it’s too much work to make these for another party).
  • Guys don’t want to buy gifts.
  • Guys don’t want to buy cards (which I’m told is necessary even though you bought a gift).
  • Guys don’t know, nor care, that much about each other (nobody will win that “who knows the groom best” contest)
  • Buying prizes for contest/quiz winners is way too much work.
  • Guys don’t want to play dress up with toilet paper
  • Gag gifts from guys would be 10 times worse.
  • Guys can only get the pass for one party, and you know we’re saving that for the bachelor party!
  • Guys are selfish – A “Groomy Shower” is just for the Groom. A bachelor party is for errone! *grin*

So wot? Did I hit it right on the head? Share the reasons why you think groomy showers don’t/won’t ever happen. Or, if you’re of the female kind, please fill us in on what happens at these wedding showers. Also, don’t forget to share why you yourself enjoy bridal showers… Holla!