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I’m So Over It [Guest Blog by kuya.d]

March 12, 2010

by kuya.d

Once in awhile you just gotta vent it out (a la sistah Rosey), so for this Fave Five Friday edition let’s go against the flow and call it an “I’m So Over It Friday”. Get it off your chest! All those things, people, and topics that have been making you all “irrrimatated” … Vent it out people.

Just remember, this is a family show so let’s keep it classy and “G-rated”. We don’t want the Advertiser to give Ed the boot.

Here’s my “I’m So Over It” Five:

  1. The singing Mayor – I don’t even have to name this guy and we know who it is. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a decent singer. I’d just rather have my mayor talking about key plans to improve the city, not finding his key on the magic mike.
  2. Furlough Fridays – there’s like five left for the year … How about we just bunch um together and make Spring Break one week longer? Wait, didn’t they trim Spring Break by one week in order to keep the kids in school? What the?!
  3. Brett Favre – just say you going play already cuz’. We all know you will. (And we know Ed is targeting you for his fantasy team).
  4. “Prices differ in Hawaii” – weren’t we all stoked when Pizza H ran that “any size, any toppings all for ten dollars” ad? Then Bam! It costs us like sixteen dollars for the same deal. It ain’t costing six bucks more to make the same pie here in Hawaii. Price of Paradise and all … Puh-leeze!
  5. Dude with the surgical mask – buddy, you ain’t the only one suffering in this economy. I’m sure if you really need the scripts for a good reason, somebody might help you. But please, stop messing with the safety of customers and employees.

And with that … I’m So Over. Whew! Thanks for hearing me out. Enjoy the weekend, and VHO7V Friday to y’all!

kuya.d on da Front Page!
kuya.d on da Front Page!

[Ed’s note: as mentioned by Chicken Grease and confirmed by this photo sent in by kuya.d, this blog made it to the front page of the Advertiser! Too funny! Wish they would do that more often for my regular blogs! Ha! Nah, congrats dewz!]

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Brett to Jet Set

August 7, 2008


I had this quirky lil’ blog post about Brett Favre set to publish tonight at midnight, and then he had to go and get traded. Ruin my whole post why don’t you B Fav? Now I gotta pretty much re-write the whole thing in the present tense so I don’t sound like an out of it sports guy. Oh well, at least I’m near a computer tonight where I can edit this buggah to da max.

What am I babbling about? After months of back and forth, the Green Bay Packers finally sent Brett Favre a packin’, in a trade to the New York Jets.


What does this mean exactly? Well, curtains for Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens for one. For another, we’ll no longer associate B Fav (you heard that nickname here first… don’t touch! 😛 ) entirely with the Kaimuki High like, green and gold/yellow. He’ll still be donning green, but in a darker shade with white.

How did we get to this point?

…after B Fav all but retired after last season via a teary-eyed press conference? Well, he decided that retirement was not for him. I can kinda see/empathize with both sides:

* Green Bay: They’ve drafted and made roster moves, thinking Brett wasn’t going to be a part of their future. They’ve got a young stud Quarterback in Aaron Rodgers whom they’d like to get a good look at before deciding his contractual future. They’re just trying to move on.

* Brett Favre: He’s a competitor. He’s still got the itch. He knows he can still compete at this level.

Talk to me!

  • Who you siding wit’?
    • For me, I kinda side with the Packers on this one. I’m all about being a man of your word and doing what you say you’re going to do, so it’s hard for me to side with Brett.
  • Thoughts on seeing Favre in a Jets uni?
    • I’m neither a Packers or a Jets fans, so I look at it from a strictly Fantasy Football point of view. The idea of having Brett Favre on my fantasy roster instead of duds Chad Pennington and/or Kellen Clemens, is pretty scrumptious if you “axe” me. Wide Receivers Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery (and even TE Chris Baker and RB Thomas Jones for that matter) get a big boost as well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. *rubs hands together*
  • For the ladies who read this blog… Is Brett Favre still a hottie to you?
    • Guys don’t look at other guys like that.

Hopefully, there are some sports/football nuts out thurr who will comment/discuss this below for poor, lonely me… Hollaatchoboy! *grin*