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Fave Five Friday – Smells

April 3, 2009

Just call me the blender, cause I mix thangs up!

Awwww yeah! We’re goin’ back to Fave Five Friday this week.

“OMG, what is he going to do next week? I’m so scared!”

Das right! You should be scurred. I be keepin’ you on your toes son!

Hehe, ok, that was the longest, most ridiculous opening ever. But you’re still reading, so we a-ight.

This week’s Fave Five list is smells. For kicks, I may have to add a non-faves list up in hurr as well. Feel free to do the same y’all!

  1. Wifey – [insert obligatory “Awwww” here]
  2. Wifey’s cooking – See, I stay learnin’!
  3. Anything New – new car smell, new shoes, new clothes, new electronics, anythang!
  4. Fresh Air – Lucky we live Hawaii!
  5. Poke or French Fries! – ’nuff sedd! 😛 Actually pretty much any food smells ono if I’m hungry…

Non-Fave Five “Smells” list:

  1. B.O. – Please use deodorant people! Da worst is when it lingers even after they’re gone!
  2. Barf – I got four words for this: Y U C K!
  3. (Someone else’s) Poop – Doesn’t your own not bother you that much? Or is that just gross to talk about? 😛
  4. Men’s Bathrooms – anywhere in the world! Always stank!
  5. Stink bombs – damn you troublemaking classmates during our assemblies!

Happy Aloha Friday (and weekend) y’all! Shoots!