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Fave Five Friday – Hawaii Athletes

August 22, 2008

With all of the Olympic hysteria going on (and the lack of comments from my Kauai related posts 😛 ), I’ll switch it up a bit for this week’s Fave Five list to include an Olympic star from Hawaii: Bryan Clay. Clay captured gold in the decathlon this year, the last American to do so since Dan O’Brien did it in Atlanta in 1996.

Anytime a local boy (or girl) does good, it makes me proud to call Hawaii my home. Here’s my current list of fave Hawaii Athletes.

  1. BJ Penn – the ultimate bad @$$ in MMA. His stand-up is wicked and his ground game is off the chain. He is regularly mentioned when a “best pound for pound fighter” debate occurs and is easily in the top 10 of best MMA fighters of all time. The best part is that he stays humble and always recognizes Hawaii in everything he does. True local boy who remains true. You gotta love it!
  2. Colt Brennan – Bruddah turned this town upside down with the announcement of his returning, the leadership in our undefeated season and potential Heisman run. Now with his drafting from the Washington Redskins, we will continue to root him on.
  3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – this athlete has gone “Hollywood” on us, but we still love him nonetheless. He still does the shaka and mentions Hawaii periodically.
  4. Jason Elam – Anytime you can use a guy from Hawaii on your Fantasy Football team (and he does well no less!), it’s golden!
  5. Bryan Clay -you can’t argue the title of “world’s greatest athlete” for this Castle High grad. Doing in big on the International Level. Mad respect!

Who’s yours?