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Fun Day Monday: Beggin’

April 13, 2009

Hooooooo! kuya.d‘s guest post on Friday gots 50+ comments and counting. Plus he got a few more peeps to come out of hiding (lurking) too. I’m impressed. Maybe he should write all the time! LOL!

Unfortunately, you’re back stuck with me again this week. Too bad, so sad. ๐Ÿ˜› Since it’s a Mondizzay, let’s cheer errrone up with a funny pic forwarded to me by a friend. The title is “How Bad Is the Economy” and the caption is even funnier. Check it!

How Bad Is the Economy - Cat's are SO dramatic
Cats are SO dramatic

Talk to me!
* Hypothetical situation time: if you had to beg for money, how would you do it? What would your sign say? Where in Hawaii would you do it?ย What special “talent” would you perform to “earn” your cash money?
– I’d write an honest note, but keep it short and sweet. Something “Please give me a job. I work hard, l’dat.” I figgah there’s not much time for the peeps to read a novel on my 10″x10″ cardboard while whizzing by me. And I’d probably hang in the Kahala area. I’m guessing they’ll be nice and help a brutha out. 8)
* A-ight weekend wrap-up time. I enjoyed a lunch in downtown, celebrated the sale of our car with a dinner (and Asahi) at Tokkuri-Tei, had a family brunch at Legend Restaurant in Chinatown, hit and played catch with wifey and the BIL, and had a nice Easter BBQ. What did all y’all do?

Happy Monday yo. Hang in there. We’ll stick together and make the week go by faster k? ๐Ÿ™‚