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Guy Rule: Every Other Seat Please

July 22, 2008

So the other night when I went with Kelv (and Bari folks, even though we got separated! ­čśŤ ) to watch the premiere of The Dark Knight, it made me think of something funny we as guys do.

Have you ever noticed that guys, in an act of trying to be too cool for school, have to NOT sit next to each other? At the movies, or sporting events or even in class, if the crowd/seating permits it, we will leave an open seat between us and another dude or be seen as you know what (not manly). Hehe, yeah, I’m being politically correct, but you know what I mean. On top of that, we just gotsta┬áslouch way back in our chair, lean to the side and spread our legs like a gymnast in order to maintain that level of cool.

The theater was so packed that this was not even remotely possible, but I know you’ve seen it before. And it’s pretty funny when you really think about it. I don’t know what it is. Maybe we just need our personal space, maybe we don’t want another guy’s hairy leg touching ours, or maybe, just maybe, the single guys are leaving room for a hot chick to sit down and make our day. OK, NOT, but help me think of this baffler won’tcha?

BTW, before the movie started, some dude yelled out “Mario Kart!” and prompted everyone to join his Multiplayer network. At first I thought that he was just some annoying clown who wanted attention, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this man was a genius! When I told the lady that story the next day, she was like, “I bet you wish you brought your DS huh?” And I was like “YEAH!” Dammit. Anyway, I will do a Mario Kart post later, but thought I’d share that little tidbit for today. Happy Tuesday!

Talk to me!
* Why do guys feel the urge to leave a seat open between ’em?
* Do girls really care if we sit right next to each other?
* Any interest in a future Mario Kart post?