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Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Fashion

June 25, 2009

Hey! It’s Thursday! And you know what that means!? Nothing really… but it’s a good excuse to make up yet another game to add to our partay ova hea… Somebody stop me! 8)

It’s called “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” and it’s an homage to the song that the great 90s group C&C Music Factory put out by the same name. Put dem tissues away, it’s time to get back to bidness!

The WWE version of “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” this week is all about fah-shone. Here’s your opportunity to dish anything fashion that makes you scratch your noggin’. Can be stuffs from the old school or nu skool. No mattah. Just as long as she makes you go hmmm… Ready? Hurr we go!

One thing that always made me go hmmm can best be described by the phrase “He wears short shorts.” Is it just me or do men’s shorts get shorter with age? Don’t wanna mention any names, but I’ve been noticing that the older peeps here at work (after working out) wear some of the shortest daisy dukes you’ve ever done seen. My guess is that it’s a combination of just plain having short shorts, and hiking up their pants Steve Urkel style (which is another interesting trait of old peeps, FYI).

Compare this with the youngans these days with their baggy, Hammer-like pants that fall halfway down their butt to show off either A) their boxers or B) their plumber’s crack (Say no to crack!) to the rest of the free world…

I’d like to think that I’m in the “cool” age group that knows what length shorts are supposed to be, though some of the shorts I’ve purchased years ago, are starting to feel a bit too long. Eek! Am I going to be in the “He wears short shorts” category before I know it? Let’s hope not!

So that’s my “TTMYGH”, yo. What are the fashion styles that make YOU go hmmm…?


90s Is the New 80s

March 1, 2009

Dear 1980s, I would like to announce – here and now – that you are on borrowed time. With the peeps who can relate to you getting up in age (yea, I said it!), your 15 minutes of fame is almost up. ‘Twas fun while it lasted though yeah?

OK, so I’m not exactly non-80s. I was born somewhere in the 70s actually (zip your lip!) But, while the craze of the 80s was a bumpin’, I was still early in childhood development in elementary school. Other than breakdancing and the Atari game system, your boy can’t relate much to the other “popular” (and expensive) trends like the Members Only jacket, Jelly shoes, slap bracelets, big hair, anything Lycra or neon (or both), mostly because I didn’t have spending money (and, I was a male! 😛 ).

So really, I am a product of the 90s culture and fashion. Hear me roar! Hehe!

Did you know that the 90s brought us some of the following life-changing winners?:

* The first show in (contemporary) reality TV format
* Major advances in video game play
* The mobile phone explosion
* The first, publicly available HDTV
* And, oh, this little thing called the Internet

You’re welcome 80s lovers. Beats PONG* shmall kine don’t it? *grin*

However, on the flip side, I had absolutely nothing to do with the following 90s gems:

* Beverly Hills 90210
* NKOTB (New Kids On the Block for those of you not in the know)
* Vanilla Ice
* Milli Vanilli
* O.J. Simpson

Apologies 80s lovers. 😛

A-ight, that’s enough nonsense for one day. But before I let you go, leaving you wondering what the heck the point of this blog was, here’s an explanation:

This is actually a lil’ taste of a new game we’re gonna play up in hurr on Fridays called “Flashback Friday.” I’ll give y’all a topic from yesteryear (80s, 90s or otherwise), and we’ll discuss amongst ourselves (until we’re not so verklempt). Be sure to check in then (and every other day for that matter) to join in on the tantalizing discussions, ya hear?

Mahalos to all you new readers who found your way here via my ugly mug in today’s Sunday paper. Hopefully, you’ll be back. Mad props also to the regular WWE commenters and readers/lurkers. Shoots! Have a good Sunday and I’ll see y’all on the flip side! Payce.

* Yes, I know PONG actually came out in the 70s you history Nazis. 😛