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Manswers Monday: Non-Alcoholic Beer

December 7, 2009

OK, folks. Mixin’ it up again and trying something new here. With one of the most entertaining/hilarious shows on TV (at least for me) back for its second season, I thought it’d be fun to do a little Manswers Monday trivia, in honor of Manswers on Spike TV (Oceanic Channel 76 or Digital Channel 559 8) ).

As I’m not really sure how open y’all are to risque topics (e.g. 58008 LOL!), I’ll start with a rather tame one. 😛

How many non-alcoholic beers would it take to get drunk?

Here are some tidbits from the show to help:

WARNING: Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous and could kill you. Don’t do it, dude!
Non-alcoholic beer is made just like regular beer. After the beer has been brewed, the alcohol is removed by heating it up to alcohol’s boiling point, where the alcohol then evaporates. However, this will not remove all the alcohol. It leaves about 1/2 of 1% (.5%), which is about 1/8th the strength of near beer. According to the University of Oklahoma, 15 “non-alcoholic” beers will give an average guy a blood alcohol level of .02% (.08% is considered legally drunk).

Don’t you just love how they make it all scientific? So funny, yet so ridiculous! Ahahahaha!

Talk to me!
* How many non-alcoholic beers do YOU think it takes to get drunk? Don’t cheat and watch the online video! 😉
* Are you open to chatting about some of the more “racier” topics from this show?
* What other shows do you want me to watch and dish about. Please don’t say Top Chef. 😛
* Do you drink or have you ever drank non-alcoholic beer? Why? 8)
* What is your favorite regular kine beer?
* Anyone catch the Ultimate Fighter Finale fights? Thoughts on Kimbo Slice’s performance? Thoughts on other fights?
* Y’all ready and excited for BJ Penn’s fight this Saturday at UFC 107?
* How’s your Monday and week looking so far?

Fave Friday: Mate Traits

November 20, 2009

Kay, I’m gonna get shmall kine heat for this one from the fellas out dea, but since it’s one year anniversary time for yours truly and the lady friend wifey, here’s a mushy topic for us to chat about today (sorry boyz!). 😛

There’s a new song out on the radio by former American Idol finalist Jason Castro called “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again” (see video and lyrics below). It’s pretty catchy and, dare I say, cute (*cringe*), but more importantly, the lyrics teach us a nice little lesson about love and how to keep that fire a burnin’ with your mate of many years.

We’ve probably got peeps up in hurr who’ve been married for decades, newlyweds, and even the singles (heyyyy!) looking for love, so along those lines, let’s post our favorite traits of our mates for a fun little Fave Friday listing.

To all y’all singles, your job is funner. List the traits you traditionally look for in a future mate. And fellas, please use “Pager Talk” like 58008 if you’re gonna be pervy! Ahahahaha! Nah! Let’s do this!

  1. Cute (inside and out) – I may’ve mentioned this before, but a wise man (my friend) once told me: “Pretty is temporary, cute lasts forever.” Word.
  2. Supportive – whatever I wish to pursue (Tin Man, getting my real estate license, interviews with celebs, etc.) she’s always so supportive.
  3. Down – is always up for something fun and spontaneous (sports, new restaurants, etc.) and rarely monkus about it. Game for almost anything, as long as it’s with me. Awwww.
  4. Tries Hard – no matter what it is, she tries her best to improve and impress.
  5. Well Liked/Lovable – whether it’s my friends, family, co-workers, etc., she can get along with any of ’em. And they all loooove her. At least that’s what they tell me. 😛

Now for the fun list. If I were to put myself in the place of a single person, I’d probably look for the following:

  1. Smile – shows that they’re nice (usually).
  2. Honesty – liars are out like trout.
  3. Genuine – can’t stand fakeness.
  4. Thoughtfulness – shows that they’re interested in you.
  5. 58008 – Bwahahahahaha! Sorry, I just had to.

So what about you bu? No be shame ’cause remember, this post is mushy to begin with. 😛 Post away!

Jason Castro – Let’s Just Fall In Love Again

Let’s pretend baby
That you’ve just met me
And I’ve never seen you before
I’ll tell all my friends
That I think you’re starin’
And you say the same to yours

And oh, we’ll dance around it all night
And then I’ll follow you outside
And try to open up my mouth
And nothing comes out right

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I don’t have to try
It’s so easy
Who needs to pretend?
But because it’s so funny
Let’s just think about it honey
Let’s just fall in love again

I’ll call you in three days
Not too soon, not too late
And I’ll ask your roommate if you’re home
You call me on Thursday
And we’ll hang out all day
Then fall asleep on the phone

And oh, I’ll hold your hand when we drive
And we’ll lose track of all the time
And we’ll tell everyone
That we ain’t never felt so alive

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I don’t have to try
It’s so easy who needs to pretend?
But because it’s so funny
Let’s just think about it honey
Let’s just fall in love again

We’ll fall disgustingly fast
And we’ll stop hangin’ out with friends
And they’ll be so offended

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I don’t have to try
It’s so easy
Who needs to pretend?
But because it’s so funny
Let’s just think about it honey
Let’s just fall in love again

Let’s just fall in love again
So let’s just fall in love again

P.S. For anyone getting married soon, the song above is probably a cute little song for a wedding slideshow or the like. You heard it here first. You’re welcome! 😉
P.P.S. If you post something nice about your mate, and they give you a big fat smooch (or more?) as a result, you’re also welcome! 😛

Happy VHO7V Friday! Have a good weekend y’all, and be sure to tell that special someone you love them! 😉