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Fave Five Friday – Shopping Web Sites

December 19, 2008

Withu Kurisumasu right around za corner (yes, I still have the accent from my Japan trip), I figured dat dis one might be a good one to buss’ out this week. We go tryum!

Ed’s Picks:

  1. – one stop shopping – dey got errthing over hurr!
  2. – gadgets galore!
  3. – for your boarding buddies out there
  4. – for your favorite computer nerd
  5. – have never shopped here, but I hear the prices are good!
  6. Oceanic Marketplace or AroundHawaii Shopping – might get scoldings if I don’t mention these. 😛

All you supah-dupah late Christmas shoppers out there bettah appreciate! 😉 Have a happy Friday y’all!

Survey Thursday – Mac or PC?

December 18, 2008

* Which do you like better Mac or PC?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

I know I goin’ get mayjah heat fo dis one, but I goin’ go PC. *cringing*

Last Week’s Results (Favorite Aloha Shirt Brand?)

  • Tommy Bahama: 3 (DA WINNAHS!)
  • Riggers: 3 (DA WINNAHS!)
  • Sig Zane: 2
  • Kahala: 2
  • Tori Richard: 2
  • Quicksilver: 2
  • Hilo Hatties
  • Local Motion
  • T&C
  • Manuhealii
  • Cooke Street ones at Costco
  • Op
  • Kahala
  • Iolani
  • Honolua Surf Co.

Ho, sad when my winnahs only get 3 votes yeah? Hehe! Shoots!

Google Auto-Complete

August 28, 2008

Since I’m like, in the industry, and the title of this blog is “World Wide Ed” for Pete’s sake, I thought I’d post a computer/web related post for the first time in months/years. (Sorry, the Hawaii/food/travel related stuff is so much more fun! 😛 ).

Recently (or coincidentally after I cleared my browser cache for the first time in years *blush*), Google activated their Auto-Complete feature to the general public on search terms entered into the search box on It’s nuthin’ new. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts have been using tools like this to optimize their sites with relevant keywords. But it’s interesting to play with don’tcha think?

Try it yourself! Go to and enter any search term you desire. Suddenly it starts to sense what you’re typing and attempts to auto-complete your phrase, complete with how many sites/results there are out there based on that search string.

Naturally, I had fun with “hawaii” and took a screen cap of it. Check it out yo!

Google Auto-Complete for hawaii
Google Auto-Complete for “hawaii”

Talk to me!
* Is this helpful for you? Annoying?
* Isn’t Google just insane/amazing?
* Why aren’t you commenting sum’more! 😉

Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Duck Soup!

December 1, 2006

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Content for this article is very dated. Many links will not work.]

If you’re anything like me, your brain has not yet started to fathom the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. Still hazy from the turkey leftovers that seem to return in every form and fashion, you convince yourself that there’s still planny time to do your shopping.

The reality is that there isn’t. C-Day: Monday, December 25, 2006 is like, right around the corner! Holy Kris Kringle, Batman!

Lucky for you, The Ed is here to save you and your valued relationships yet again. Come with me as we explore a few, last minute Christmas shopping options for us berry belated individuals.

If you click the Marketplace button on this site, you’ll reach’s Marketplace, an online shopping site for chic Hawaii products. No tiki torches or geeky aloha print shirts here… Just hip apparel and entertainment goods dope enough to give as gifts to locals and locals-at-heart.

Powered by our friends at e808, the selection of truly “local” products is mind-boggling. You can purchase apparel from Kai Clothing, Maiden Hawaii and even exclusive stuff from the Duke Kahanamoku collection, among others.

Kai Clothing Special!
During the month of December, BUY 3 KAI CLOTHING TEES, GET THE 4TH FREE!
(Purchase 4 Kai Clothing tees, and within five business days, 1 tee will be refunded back to your credit card. You will receive an emailed credit receipt within five business days.):: BUY 3 GET THE 4TH FREE! ::

And what about local kine books like “The 50 Greatest Hawai`i Music Albums of All-Time,” “Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ‘IZ: The Songbook Collection’ Sheet Music,” “Eddie Would Go,” “Pidgin To Da Max,” or cookbooks from our great island chefs: Sam Choy, Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong, Dave “DK” Kodama and Elmer Guzman.

Not enough? How about the cheapest local CDs around for $11.98!? You can find CDs from your island favorites like the Makaha Sons, Israel Kamakawiwoole, Jack Johnson, Jake Shimabukuro, Kealii Reichel, Kalapana, Natural Vibrations, Hapa, Keahiwai and more

How about DVDs from Rell Sunn, Israel Kamakawiwoole, Jake Shimabukuro, Augie T, Bu La’ia, Rap Reiplinger, Mel Cabang, Andy Bumatai and Da Braddahs or miscellaneous goodies like Coffees from Hawaii, Island Home and Kitchen products, Stickers & Things and Calendars from Kim Taylor Reece? Yep, these are all available from the comfort of your own home, but be sure to order early! With the Christmas rush, recommends ordering before the following dates in order to get your products delivered by Christmas:

Order by:

  • 12/15 via Priority Mail or
  • 12/18 via Express Mail



Oceanic Mall

Oceanic Mall
Don’t have a computer? Why not give the Oceanic Mall on Digital Channel 001 a whirl? Powered by Fulfillment Werks, the Oceanic Mall empowers you to browse products from popular merchants around the island through the magic of your digital cable enabled television.

Merchants like McCully Bicycle, Paradise Florists, SWAM (Shiroma’s Wine and More), Island Mall, Wholesale Unlimited and RainBowTique offer a bevy of products that you can browse through and ultimately order through a posted telephone number. Phase 2, with real time credit card transaction through your TV is currently scheduled for 2007. To get to the Oceanic Mall,

  1. Tune to Oceanic Digital Channel 001
  2. Select Marketplace
  3. Select Mall

Don’t have Digital Cable? Call (808) 643-2337 to order today.

Jan Nadamoto of Fulfillment Werks also suggests placing your order at least 2 weeks prior to Christmas in order to receive your products in time for the holidays.

——————————————————————————– Marketplace Marketplace
Similar to the Oceanic Mall on Channel 001, the Marketplace allows you to browse from the UH RainBowTique and Wholesale Unlimited product lines – using your Internet connected computer – and place orders using a posted telephone number. Secure, online ordering is scheduled to become available shortly after the Oceanic Mall version.

The Oceanic Food Court

The Oceanic Food Court (also in the Marketplace), however, is fully interactive as we speak. Just punch in a few details about your Oceanic Account or come here after logging into MyAccount and BAM! you’re added to the mix… with essence! Choose items from Cybee Restaurant’s or Flamingo Pearl City’s or Pizza Hut’s menu and have them delivered after placing your order online. But Ed, what does having food delivered to me have to do with my last minute Christmas shopping? Ah, details. Let’s just call it a Christmas present to yourself and move on shall we… ? 😉


Actually, that’s pretty much all I’ve got to report to you for this month regarding last minute Christmas shopping through Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s array of products and services. Well, you can always, as they say, give the gift of cable… which ranges from Digital Cable Service, Road Runner, Digital Phone, DVR, etc. Oceanic’s offers for the month of December are as follows FYI (find the complete details on these at

  • Order Road Runner or Digital Phone and get HBO and HBO On Demand for $7 more per month for the first 6 months.
  • Order Road Runner and get the First Month Free
  • Order Digital Phone and receive Free Installation and Your First Month Free
  • Order DVR Self-Install and get the First Month Free
  • Get DVR for $4.95 per month for 6 months.

Call 643-2337 to order any of the above for yourself or as gifts.


One last hint for you extremely late gift givers… Once you pass the cut-off dates mentioned above and start sweating in your shorts about what to do, why not give the electronic superstores a looksee. Many of them, like BestBuy and Circuit City, have In-Store pick-up options so you can browse for and place your order online, and then physically pick it up without having to go through the whole rigmarole of looking for the product at the store and standing in line to purchase it.

Good luck with your shopping folks… Which reminds me… I have to get crack-a-lackin’ on mine! Yikes! Have a happy holiday season with your friends and family gang. I’ll see you here again next year!

6th Annual Flavors of Technology Awards Banquet

October 22, 2006

So tonight I was named one of Hawaii’s Top 50 High Tech Leaders by the Pacific Technology Foundation and Technology News Network, receiving both a Commendation from Governor Linda Lingle and James “Duke” Aiona as well as a Mayor’s Award of Recognition from Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

The event was a blast with delicious food, great entertainment from Traci Toguchi, Kristian Lei and Camile Velasco, and fun times with family and friends. Mahalo to those of you who came out and helped me celebrate this great honor. Click on the photo below to check out the scenes from that night:

Flavors of Technology 2006

The Importance of Microsoft Update

March 1, 2006

[Editor’s note: The following column is meant for Windows users. Though written for newer computers, it can also apply for most older computers. Results may vary.]

In true geek fashion, I’m following up last month’s oh so chic computer firewall column with yet another nerdfest of a piece. I swear I’ll break out into a fun column one of these days, but right now, my spidey senses tell me that you and your computer still need me.

OK, so last month we laid the foundation of your computer’s security by installing the software firewall solution called ZoneAlarm. As I mentioned, this is just the first of many layers to protect your electronic beaut. We still need to get you hooked-up with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and install all of the Microsoft Update patches.

Note: Road Runner customers who remain unprotected, can choose to use the EZ Armor Security Suite (FREE to RR customers), which includes anti-virus and anti-spyware components. I can’t emphasize how important Anti-Virus software is, so if you don’t have any virus protection software, I highly recommend loading this.

This month, we’re going to cover the importance of Microsoft Update and what it means to you Microsoft users. (Sorry Mac community. BTW, if you’re a expert in the world of Macs and want to be featured as a columnist, I’m listening).

So a lot of you are probably like what is this Microsoft Update you speak so highly of oh wise one right? Well, it’s pretty much what the name implies. It’s a web site that helps you update your Microsoft products, including Windows and Office products. There was once a time when this “service” was called WindowsUpdate, with a separate update site for Office products, but they have intelligently combined the two creating what we now know as Microsoft Update. Any patches, service packs, critical updates, etc. will all be found here for your viewing and loading pleasure, and, because of the propensity of Windows to hackers, loading anything you find here is a must.

So let’s get crackin’!

Perhaps you’ve already seen that little yellow shield (with the exclamation point) in your taskbar and wondered what it was? Well, that’s Microsoft Update trying to tell you that you’ve been slacking in the update department and to get on it. Thank goodness for Bruddah Ed to help you get out of that funk right? (! – New Windows XP systems comes with what’s known as Automatic Updates installed – more on that below – but since it’s been a while that your computer has been updated, let’s get movin’!)

The Importance of Microsoft Update

So here we go…

1) Open your Internet Explorer web browser

2) Click on the Tools menu and select Windows Update (Tools –> Windows Update) or go directly to

The Importance of Microsoft Update

3) You will be redirected to the Microsoft Update site where your browser settings will be checked to see if you have the latest version of Windows updating software loaded to use the MU site. Yes, strange that you need to load software to load software, but that’s just the way it is… Stick with me…

The Importance of Microsoft Update

4) If you do not have the updating software loaded (which uses ActiveX), that familiar yellow info bar at the top of your browser will show up. Go ahead and click on it to load the software (! – Only do this with trusted programs/sites). If you are unfamiliar with what the info bar is, click here.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

5) At this point, you may be asked to load certain Windows components, which may include the Windows Validation Tool. This helps to validate your copy of Microsoft Windows before offering the updates, so as long as you are using a legal copy of Microsoft Windows, you’ll be fine. If not, you’ll only be able to update other Microsoft products.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

6) Once you’ve gone through all the preliminary updates and validation processes, you’ll come to a screen like the one below.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

Alas! You’ve made it… Well, not quite. All of the merriment above was there only because you’ve been a bad boy or girl and have probably never visited this site before. But now that you have, and you’ve gotten yourself to this point, you can join the rest of us bookworms and continue on below (the next time you visit Microsoft Update, you’ll shoot directly to the Welcome screen).

7) For simplicity’s sake, we’ll click on the Express button. This will search your Microsoft products to see if you need to load any of the critical/high-priority updates. Depending upon how long it’s been since your computer’s last update, this may take a few minutes.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

8) If it finds any high-priority or critical updates, it will display them in a list. You can click on the plus sign next to each one to get more details, but for our sake, we just want to hurry and click on the Install Updates button.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

9) Well, what are you waiting for? Did you click the Install Updates button yet? Once you stop dillydallying 😛 , you will see an Installing Updates window come up, giving you a status report on what’s going on. It will download any and all updates in steps and then install them in steps. The screens below (in my particular example) shows the downloading and installing of an important service pack for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

The Importance of Microsoft Update
The Importance of Microsoft Update

10) At some point through this process, you may be greeted by our friendly neighborhood ZoneAlarm Security Alert. Give yourself (and me!) two kudos if so because that means your ZoneAlarm installation from last month’s column is working like a charm. If you look up “msiexec.exe” in the site examples I gave you last month (, or, you’ll see that it’s safe to allow this program to access the Internet, so we’ll go ahead and do that. (! – Only do this with trusted programs).

The Importance of Microsoft Update

11) Depending on the type of update, you may be asked to restart your computer, so let’s do what the man says and I’ll see you when we get back. (! – Be sure to save all of your documents before pressing the Restart Now button)

The Importance of Microsoft Update

Upon your return from reboot, you may think that you are king of the world. Not so fast there Jack. We may not be completely pau with our updates from Microsoft. Oftentimes, updates require prior updates to be installed before loading another, so let’s revisit Microsoft Update this instant.

12) Well lookee here… In my example, there is, in fact an additional update to load after coming back from a reboot. Let’s go through this business again (see steps 7-11 for help) and see what happens.

The Importance of Microsoft Update
The Importance of Microsoft Update

13) You will continue this search–> download–> install–> reboot process until you return to Microsoft Update and don’t find any more updates to install.

Remember that welcome screen that had the Express and Custom buttons? Well, if you go the Custom route, you’ll be offered other non-critical updates and patches. You can load those at your leisure if you wish, but it’s not as important as the High-priority ones we successfully just went through.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

Note: In February, 2006, Microsoft released a downloadable Security and Critical Releases ISO Image (CD). Read the Knowledge Base article for more information and updated links.

And that’s it! You’re all patched up and good to go champ!… For now, that is! And, because you’re such a wise and diligent young Jedi, you will use the force and visit Microsoft Update regularly from now on yes? Microsoft adds updates as they make ’em so it behooves you to check back often to make sure your software is up to date. If, by chance, you suffer from fatal short term memory, you can have your computer automatically do it for you. Let’s look into how to make that magic happen for you.

1) Go to your desktop, right click on My Computer and select Properties.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

(Alternately, you can get to your Automatic Update settings from Security Center in your Control Panel)

The Importance of Microsoft Update

2) In the System Properties window, click on the Automatic Updates tab. In here, you can adjust the time and regularity that your computer will check for updates and install them. I recommend setting it to Automatic. You can adjust the regularity (Every day or given day of the week) and at what time (hour of the day). If you leave your computer on 24/7, I would suggest setting the time at an hour when you’re probably not going to be on the computer. (! – Be forewarned that if reboots are necessary to complete the process, Automatic Updates will automatically restart your computer for you. In other words, if you have any opened and/or unsaved documents that you don’t want to lose, save them before you leave). If you’re the type to turn your computer off and on, then you’ll want to set the time at an hour when your computer is actually on, though you’ll have to keep in mind that Automatic Updates may be doing its thang in the background as you’re doing your thang.

The Importance of Microsoft Update

3) Some of you are control freaks and prefer a little more command over your computer’s activities. In this case, you can select one of the other options. If you do, you’ll get the Windows Update icon in your taskbar from time to time to tell you that there are updates to either download or install (depending on your settings). (! – Be forewarned that if you don’t select Automatic, you may miss or be late on some updates that will compromise the security of your computer).

The Importance of Microsoft Update

And there you have it. Another successful session from sensei Ed on learning how to keep your computer safe and secure. Before long, you won’t need me. You’ll be treating me like you did your parents when you were in your teens. You’ll pout, throw a fit, want nothing to do with me and attempt to do everything yourself and I’ll be temporarily inconsolable. That’s good, but, like any other great parent, I’ll lovingly be here for you – with open arms – whenever you’re ready to come back. Cause we all know you’ll be back. 😉

All kidding aside, congratulate yourself. Your computer should now be protected with a firewall solution in ZoneAlarm and is all patched up thanks to Microsoft Update. As mentioned before, an anti-virus program is equally as important so load that up as soon as you can.

The next level of protection is anti-spyware programs, which I’ll eventually cover in the coming months. With all the nerdy computer talk however, I’ve been getting a heightened case of cabin fever, waking up in cold sweats and breaking out in hives… so I think I need to make like Swing Out Sister and break out. Look for a fun column from yours truly next month. Until then…

Happy Surfing!

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

February 1, 2006

[Editor’s note: The following column is meant for PC compatible computers. Though written for newer computers, it can also apply for most older computers. Results may vary.]

So you’ve finally done it. You’ve made the improbably come true and bought a brand, spakin’ new computer. And it’s even pimped out with an ergonomic keyboard and optical mouse too? No… you don’t say!?

Now before you go all crazy on us and start surfing the web like a human Google, think about what you’re getting yourself into and ponder with me for a second won’t you?

(insert uncomfortable silence here)

The web is lovely and beautiful and yada yada yada, all that mushy stuff, but it’s also a place where them evil Internet lurkers hang out and prey on sweet and innocent computers… much like your fresh-off-the-boat gem that remains unprotected.

“Stop it Ed, you’re scaring me!”

Yeah, I know, but you’ve got to hear it, or another computer will fall victim to these evildoers… And, by golly, I will not stand for it!

So, the first step, above anything else, is to get a Firewall solution. Whattheheck is a firewall you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked that you inquisitive bee you.

Webopedia defines firewall as:

(n.) A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. All messages entering or leaving the intranet pass through the firewall, which examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.

Now in layman’s terms, this simply means that you need something sitting between your innocent computer and the (sometimes) evil Internet, acting as a gatekeeper of sorts. For this particular column, I will feature Zone Labs’ ZoneAlarm software product, since #1 – it’s easy and #2 – it’s free. (Road Runner customers without virus protection can choose to use the EZ Armor Security Suite, which includes a firewall solution. See addendum below.)

OK, so you took your computer out of the box and set it up – all pretty – on your desk. Assuming you have broadband Internet access like Road Runner, things should move pretty quickly from here. Just follow these steps and you can thank me later:

1) Go to either or and click on the link to download the latest version of Zone Alarm.

2) For simplicity’s sake, click on “Run” when it prompts you to Run or Save the file (! – Only do this with trusted programs/sites).

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

3) It may prompt you again to see if you really want to run the software, at which point you would click Run (again).

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

4) On the next window, leave everything as is (unless you have a preferred installation location) and click Next

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

5) Enter your information in the next window and click Next (an email address is required to continue). I usually use my real name and address and have never had spam problems with them. If you are extra paranoid and have privacy concerns, you can use a bogus name and as your email address and that should work (though you didn’t hear that from me). I also usually check the “I want to register ZoneAlarm so I can download updates.” (though, like I’ve said, I’ve never gotten anything from them) and uncheck the “Inform me about important product and security news.” box (unless you’re that lonely).

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

6) The next window is the License Agreement. Read it (or at least pretend to make an effort to), check the “I accept the terms of the preceding License Agreement.” box and click Install.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

7) ZoneAlarm will then go through its installing and configuring phases

Protecting Your Computer From Evil
Protecting Your Computer From Evil

8) Following the Configuring phase, a User survey window will appear. You can choose to respond or not. I usually skip it and click Finish.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

9) The next window will tell you that Setup is complete and ask whether or not you want to start ZoneAlarm. So, class, say it with me… Yes!

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

10) “Your Security Options” is the next window that appears. This window is basically here to try and “upsell” you to use their ZoneAlarm Pro product. Yes, you can try it for free for 15 days (which I’ve done in the past), but in my experience, I had difficultly with it once the trial period was over. So unless you’re willing to pay for the added security (current prices start at $39.95 for 1 PC for 1 year of updates), just select the (basic) ZoneAlarm radio button on the right and click Next.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

11) Click Finish on the next window.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

12) ZoneAlarm then takes you to the Configuration Wizard. where you will simply click on Finish. Experts can click on Next to individually configure programs, but I would not recommend it, as I’ve screwed up connections before (locked up things too tightly). Just let ZoneAlarm do its thang and then you can take full control over from that point on (I’ll show you a little later).

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

13) On the Configuration Successful! screen, click Done.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

14) ZoneAlarm will then start to configure your default programs’ access rights and prompt you to restart your computer to finish the installation process. (! – Once you click the OK button, your computer will automatically reboot itself, so make sure that you’ve saved all of your unsaved documents. This means that if you’re reading this column as you’re installing ZoneAlarm, bookmark this page – as if you hadn’t wisely done so already! 😛 – or print the puppy out so that you can continue when you come back from reboot. Go ahead, go print um, go… See you when you get back!)

Protecting Your Computer From Evil
Protecting Your Computer From Evil

15) Ahhh… Welcome back. What took you so long? I missed you. Anyway, upon your return from reboot, you probably noticed the following window. If you’re interested, you can click on Tell Me More, but it’s another upsell attempt. I would just click on “No, Thank You” and continue…

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

16) Alas… You’ve arrived! You’ve successfully installed ZoneAlarm if you’ve come this far and now see the main ZoneAlarm program window. Give yourself a high-five for me. There are many sections and options to play with from within this window, but, if you don’t know what you’re clicking on, please read the Help first, confide in a favorite techno geek, or leave things as is.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

17) Go ahead and click on the “X” icon in the upper right hand corner of this main ZoneAlarm window to “close” it. What you’re actually doing is minimizing it to the taskbar so that you can continue working. The first time you do this, you’ll get the following prompt, basically telling you what I just did. Check the “Don’t show this message again” checkbox and click OK.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

18) To access ZoneAlarm again in the future, just doubleclick on the ZA icon in your taskbar. To shut it down completely (which I don’t advise), right-click on the ZA icon and select Shutdown ZoneAlarm.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

19) Following is what you can expect to see on a day-to-day basis with ZoneAlarm:

One of ZoneAlarm’s greatest features is that it prompts you whenever a program you’re using is trying to access the Internet. For the most part, the everyday computer user will only need Internet access for software like a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape Navigator) or email clients (Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird). Other programs that commonly require Internet access are Instant Messenger types (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!), Virus Protection types (McAfee, Norton) and others. If you’re using a program (or not), that is not one of the above, and ZoneAlarm strangely tells you that something is attempting to access the Internet, you would probably be safer Denying access to that program (you can always adjust the access control from within the main ZoneAlarm window).

If something comes up that you’re not familiar with, do a Google search on the .exe name that appears next to “Application” and you’ll be able to figure out what type of program it is and whether or not you can trust it. A couple good web sources to search through are:,, and

Now, let’s take a look at what I’m talking about. Using MSN Messenger as an example, below is what you’ll see when you first launch Messenger after installing ZoneAlarm.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

The first positive sign is that the prompt popped up immediately after I started MSN Messenger. When the prompts pop up without you even doing anything, you may have spyware or badware issues, but that’s another column altogether. In any case, I naturally need Messenger to connect to the Internet in order to log in to the server to jump into the instant messaging world. In this case, I would click on Allow. Since I use Messenger quite regularly, I would also click on the “Remember this setting” checkbox so that it doesn’t continue to prompt me every time I launch Messenger.

! – Take note of the colors of the window. If it’s a new program requesting access, it’s the above yellow tinge. If it’s a repeat program, the window’s color will be green-ish (in addition to saying repeat program).

Sometimes, however, a blue-ish prompt requesting server access comes up (see below). Most times I deny it vehemently and with all my might. There is almost always no reason why a program you run (unless you’re an expert computer user with advanced software) would need to operate as a server. Basically, this means that your computer would become available to accept connections from the outside (connections coming in) in addition to the connections going out. Some features of your program may not work completely (like file sharing & webcam in the Messenger example below), but it’s things I can live without. Now, I know a lot of you are thinking, “Stop being such a worry wart, Ed” and that I may be a bit paranoid with this, but I think many more of you will agree that it’s a small price to pay to keep your computer secure.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

Another great feature of ZoneAlarm is that it will prompt you when it senses activity trying to come into your computer (see below). If you’re an advanced user, you can probably do a lookup on the IP and figure out why or what it’s doing (a good resource for this would be or even who it may be. For the rest of you, I would recommend clicking on our favorite “Don’t show this dialog again” checkbox and letting ZoneAlarm take care of it (block it) in the background. Trust me, you don’t want that prompt to keep popping up every time there’s activity going on.

Protecting Your Computer From EvilProtecting Your Computer From EvilProtecting Your Computer From Evil

From time to time ZoneAlarm will automatically prompt you to let you know that it’s time for an upgrade, which is also free. You can also manually check for an upgrade by going into your Preferences tab within Overview.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

If there’s an available upgrade, just select upgrade now and click OK. If your ZoneAlarm is up to date, you’ll get the following prompt.

Protecting Your Computer From Evil

Well, that’s it! Pat yourself on the back. You’re now protected by a software firewall solution that will prompt you of Internet activity coming in and out of your computer. Even if you have an older computer, I highly recommend installing ZoneAlarm (or another trusted firewall solution). In addition to the protection and peace of mind, it will give you a good idea of what kinds of programs and/or “attackers” are trying to send/receive info to/from your computer. You may have been unknowingly sending info via spyware/badware before, and clicking on that “Deny” button now just makes you feel like the master of your own domain, you know?

Keep in mind folks that this is just the first of many layers of protection that you should use to secure your computer. Additional layers of protection (and possible future columns from me) include using WindowsUpdate regularly, and installing Anti-Virus software and Anti-Spyware software.

A little protection will go a long way in securing your computer so that you can continue to get your fill of this wondrous World Wide Ed column. 🙂

Happy Surfing!

Addendum: Road Runner customers can choose to use the FREE EZ Armor Security Suite, which includes a firewall solution. This software is free for all Road Runner customers and comes with additional PC protecting software, so it is especially beneficial for those of you who do not have such things as virus, spam and spyware protection and pop-up blockers.

Web Watch – Online Christmas Shopping

December 1, 1998

When we think of Christmas in Hawaii, we think of chillier breezes, the beautiful lights in downtown and our dearest loved ones. Ice skating, building snowmen and roasting chestnuts on an open fire doesn’t really hit home for us during this special time of year.

The same can be said about shopping in Hawaii. Although we can relate to crowded shopping malls with crazed housewives diving for the best bargains, we cannot fathom what it would be like to buy Christmas presents such as snow tires, snow gloves and beanies (no, not beanie babies, just beanies!).

One common bond that we all can share during this festive December however, is how we carry on our shopping duties. Whether snowing, raining or mostly sunny after brief morning showers, we can all enjoy the convenience of pointing, clicking and completing all of our shopping duties without ever leaving our home. Yes, more and more of us have found that doing our Christmas shopping online saves us both time and money.

An estimated $2.3 billion will be spent online by Americans this year and a total of approximately 17 million people will buy at least one product online, a far cry from the scarce, online activities of yesteryear. Part of the reason for this boom in transactional activities online as of late can be accredited to an increased trust that consumers have put upon purchasing goods online. Entering one’s credit card number through a web site seems to not be as spooky as it once used to be.

There is an abundance of national web sites that we can visit to help cut our Christmas present shopping list down to size, but why not support the local economy this season by buying products from Hawaii’s very own wealth of web sites? Let’s go shopping!

If it’s music you want, then it’s music you’ll get at, the self-proclaimed Hawaiian Music Island. Here, you can peruse their rather impressive collection of local, Hawaiian audio CDs, videos and even books. Real Audio streaming technology is implemented to provide sample audio clips of a number of songs, and there is also a concert calendar tracking local artists and concerts around the country. Although the order form is not encrypted and secured using the SSL protocol, ordering a product of your choice is handled and processed in a simple, straight-forward process.

Another place to discover Hawaiian music products to tickle your fancy is at Island Gifts Direct ( In addition to selling Hawaiian music and related items (e.g. books, videos, etc.), IGD also offers an abundant assortment of local food products and stuff for the keiki. Although the ordering process is not as automated as shopping cart-type applications seen at other commerce web sites, IGD uses a simple, top-down process and also utilizes the encrypted/secure SSL protocol for form processing.

Both Aloha Cybermall ( and MarketPlace Hawaii ( use the “virtual mall” concept, providing a front-end gateway into their collection of online “shops”. Aloha Cybermall has a number of “tenants” occupying the mall, including shops carrying Hawaiian wear, food & beverage items, and health & beauty goods, among others. MarketPlace Hawaii offers orderable product lines from such names as Hilo Hatties, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, and Liberty House. Both sites offer shops with shopping cart capabilities, as well as security on selected sites.

What defines Hawaii’s snacking craze better than crack-seed? Wholesale Unlimited, Inc. (, one of Hawaii’s most popular snack specialty stores is finally online. Now, searching, selecting, and purchasing to your tummy’s content is easier than ever.

Shopping for the techie this Christmas? How about paying the ByteWare Connection’s ( web site a visit. Although there are no online shopping capabilities at present, ByteWare’s web site is constantly updated with their latest specials.

[See also for the TechHead: Motorola (, CompUSA ( and CNET (].

This Web Watch cannot be complete without mentioning the State’s shopping centers who are online. Most of these do not have online ordering capabilities, but you will be able to find the mall’s merchant listings and directions on how to get there.

Ala Moana Shopping Center

Aloha Tower Shopping Center

Hawaii Kai Towne Center

Kaahumanu Shopping Center

Keauhou Shopping Center

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

Vitoria Ward Centers

Windward Mall

What the hey! Let’s also list some of the more popular web sites that are not from Hawaii. Follow these links to complete your round of online shopping. Happy trails!




Oceanic Internet – Road Runner Business Solutions launch at Computer Expo ’98

November 1, 1998

For more than a year now, Oceanic Internet has been providing high-speed, residential Internet access via their ever-popular cable modem service called Road Runner. And, throughout that year, Oceanic Internet made huge strides in the way we use and think about the Internet.

They have not only offered (and continue to offer) such standard services as Email, Home Page Service and Newsgroup access, but they also offer what nobody else can: a high speed, high bandwidth connection to the Internet. With this considerable advantage, they are able to utilize the speed and power of Road Runner by offering unique local content like streaming local news video clips and Music Choice audio stations, a TUCOWS shareware software downloading mirror site, and much, much more.

This year, Road Runner content is getting a facelift. As an affiliate of media powerhouse Time Warner, Road Runner is offering what is tagged as v2 (the Road Runner Version 2.0 web site). It features compelling content from an abundant list of national programming suppliers such as A & E, CNN, People, Time and CNET, along side of timely, local, Hawaii content.

The new interface not only makes vast navigational and content enhancements, but also incorporates important customer information like “Member Services” and “Help” sections into the site. v2 is the perfect marriage between local and national content and does an excellent job in offering its customers ample help resources.

In addition to launching v2, Oceanic Internet is unveiling Road Runner Business Solutions – high-speed, corporate access solutions – to Hawaii as well.

Oceanic Internet is offering three, standard Road Runner Business packages to interested businesses: Road Runner Pro (for small businesses), Road Runner LAN (small to mid-sized businesses) and Road Runner Enterprise (large businesses). For more detailed information, including pricing and availability, go to Oceanic web site at

Not to be outdone, Road Runner Residential solutions are still being offered at $39.95* ($49.95 for non Oceanic cable subscribers) and, if you sign up for residential services right here at the show, Oceanic Internet will give you a 50% discount off of installation and a free, Road Runner pin.

There will be presentations by Oceanic Internet’s General Manager Mike Meyer as well as CyberCom, Inc.’s President Peter Kay, and exciting drawings and giveaways to be conducted throughout the day.

Representatives from CyberCom (RR web application/hosting integration), Motorola (cable modems), Busch Consulting (RR business systems integration), Bank of Hawaii (eBankoh), as well as Oceanic Internet/Road Runner are also here to answer any questions you may have regarding their services/products.

There are many exciting things coming from Oceanic Internet. It’s no wonder everybody is buzzing about Road Runner and how they use it to take advantage of all there is out there in the vast world called the Internet.

* $44.95 as of June 9, 2001.