Christmas Lights in Kapolei

So da oddah week, wifey and I went to a first birthday party at the Kapolei Rec Center (Happy Birthday Tori!)… On the way home, we noticed some bright lights shining up a storm across the street. Curious, we went to go check um out, and…


Good thing we did! Buggah was NUTS!

Apparently this (normally) unassuming cul-de-sac on Hanapaa Street gets into the holiday spirit like no other, every single year. And it’s not just one house… several of the houses go all out to provide some nice “Honolulu City Lights” action, only, it’s in Kapolei. Below are some shots from that night to help get you in the mood for Christmas this week…

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
A family signing the guestbook

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
Yup! That’s a Heineken Christmas tree! *drool*

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
The guestbook with signatures from locals as well as visitors from around the world!

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
The garage

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
The path separating one house from the other

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
Side view

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
Neighbor’s driveway

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
Neighbor’s yard

Christmas Lights in Kapolei
Bench for photo opps

They even have the Heineken tree lighting up in tune with the Christmas music playing in the background. Check out the short video below.

Christmas Lights in Kapolei video

I spoke with the owner of one of the houses and she said that they’ve been doing it for many years… Since their kids were small kid time, and they are all young adults now. With no tip jar in sight, they leave benches and hot chocolate out for anyone and everyone to enjoy… for free! When I asked how much their electric bill was for the month, she said, “About $1,100, but it’s ok, we prepare for this all year…”

Wow, talk about sharing the Aloha. Mahaloz Hanapaa Street residents… Mahalo!

Go check them out, go check um, go! Fun stuffs!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, this will probably be my last blog until the new year. If I don’t see or talk to you guys until then, have a safe and happy holiday season k? See you next year! πŸ˜‰

Special Announcement!
Tokkuri-Tei, my favorite restaurant in all the land, is moving this week! They are going from their existing 611 Kapahulu location, right down the road to the old Sam Choy’s and Ranch House location (above Hee Hing): 449 Kapahulu. They are planning to re-open on Sunday the 26th Monday the 27th! Please go and support them k? πŸ™‚


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