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pasta parmagiano reggiano (and cheese wheel from parma, italy) from the alley restaurant

June 15, 2010

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kotteri rahmen from raraya. hope it’s good @thedailydish 8)

June 12, 2010

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alonzo’s famous hawaiian beef steak plate at mililani golf course

June 11, 2010

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Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

Hey Hey HEEEEY! Looks like WWE (World Wide Ed) is up and running on the new Star Advertiser template. Props to bruddah Troy and his staffers for all their hard work so far. Yay!


I’m still not quite sure if anyone will be able to find this post from within the new site’s structure (unless they/you had already bookmarked Guess this’ll be a good way to test thangs ah?

First, a lil’ introduction:
We actually started this Hawaii-photo-scavenger-hunt-esque game way back in tha day… May of ’08 in fact, and we’ve been a’ rollin’ ever since. Following the “Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego” model (well, kinda), I usually post a photo of somewhere (potentially) recognizable in Hawaii, and da object is to guess where in da heck I stay! And since “Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego” makes absolutely no sense in this sitch (not to mention probably copyrighted galore), I took the liberty of renaming this puppy to a more apropos “Where In Hawaii Is Edward Sugimoto”. Ingenious right?

So wot? You t’ink you redday? There’s only one way to find out!

Post your guesses for the following in the comment area below…
* Name of location?: 1 point
* General area?: 1/2 point
* Year photo was taken?: 1 point
* Month photo was taken?: 1 point
* Why (come) wuz I dea?: 1 point
* Google Street View Link?: 1 point

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - June 9, 2010
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – June 9, 2010

Hint: Let’s see what you come up with on this inaugural one first… 😛

Last week, M, Masako, and Rosette were the big winners in our final (HonAdv WIH) game. Congrats to bruddah Takeshi for taking the overall crown with an insane 29.5 points! I got a little gifty gift for you kesh. In fact, I gots a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone who made the leaderboard. I’ll be emailing all of you soon with the details. (If I don’t, that means I couldn’t find your email, so holla at a brutha). Please help me give a warm mahalo to Oceanic Time Warner Cable and Road Runner Mobile for providing the prizes!

To see the weekly updates and final list of all of our past winners, click on the following link:

:: Past Results! ::

Have a Happy Hump and Where In Hawaii Day y’all! Don’t forget to post your guesses below! 🙂

Where In Hawaii: Results

June 9, 2010

Since we be resettin’ and startin’ this game all ova again on the new Star Advertiser site, this here WIH results page (from our memorable Honolulu Advertisers days) will be left for archival purposes. Ahhh, da memories!

Big ups to bruddah Takeshi for winning this round! 🙂

Da “Where In Hawaii” Winnahz Circle!

Da Leadahboard!

  • 29.5 – Takeshi
  • 24.0 – Coconut Willy
  • 21.0 – rayboyjr
  • 13.0 – kuya.d
  • 09.0 – snow
  • 08.0 – tita leerz
  • 07.0 – M, Paco
  • 06.5 – Rosette
  • 04.5 – NaPueo
  • 04.0 – HNL2LAS
  • 03.0 – BananaFysh
  • 02.0 – gecko, Scott, NeedaHobby, MakiSushi, hemajang, Syxx, jr.
  • 01.5 – pink lady, skycastles
  • 01.0 – S-Ticket, Dave, David In Oregon, carokun, mcat, YN, Marvo, k15, getITon, Kage, miLL-viLLe, jack, frankie, Ynaku, Rodney, teej, BarbieQ!, kako mochi, ijiwarui, GumbysHorse
  • 00.5 – Masako, uncle jimmy, onecupcoffee, J.P., t-roy, bB, Coconut Willy’s wifey, MoOgooGuypAN

Great Eights!
* rayboyjr

Heavenly Sevens!
* rayboyjr

Sexy Sixes!
* rayboyjr

Five Alive!
* Takeshi, kuya.d, rayboyjr

Quad Playaz!
* Takeshi, kuya.d, rayboyjr

Turkey Turkeys!
* Takeshi, kuya.d, rayboyjr, Coconut Willy

Back to Back Winnahz!
* M, Takeshi, Coconut Willy, rayboyjr, snow, Paco, Syxx, NaPueo, MakiSushi, pink lady, kuya.d, BananaFysh, tita leerz

Now… go check out our first Where In Hawaii Is Edward Sugimoto game on the new Star Advertiser site! Woo hoo!

Aloha and Welcome!

June 7, 2010

It was a little over a couple years ago that I found myself writing an introductory message much like this one and I gotsta tell ya, it feels a bit strange. Back then, I was introducing myself (and this blog) to the Honolulu Advertiser community, and today, I be hea, doing it all ova again.

I’m optimistic that some of you may be making your way over here from the WWE `Ohana we built on “that” side, and I’m also hoping that we can find new family members on “this” side.

Whatever the sitch, I’ll be sure to try and make this place as fun and as interactive as possible. We’ll start this Wednesday with an all-new “Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego” “Where In Hawaii Is Edward Sugimoto” photo guessing game.

Y’all ready for this!? 🙂

Big Ups!
* To the University of Hawaii Wahine Softball team for taking us on a ride during their amazing season!
* Props also to the Men’s Baseball team who fell to ‘Zona yesterday.
* To the Celts for evening the series up with the Lake show. Rondo is becoming a big time playa no?
* To the former Honolulu Advertiser staffers for their hard work in the past.
* To the current Honolulu Star-Advertiser staffers for their hard work in the present.

too windy for candles… lol!

June 6, 2010

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screw you diet! fridays = lobster dog from @hankshautedogs

June 4, 2010

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took a pic of the new HTC EVO 4G with the Droid! I expect fairies and unicorns to appear any second now.

June 4, 2010

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seared ahi salad at tropics at the hilton hawaiian village

June 4, 2010

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