Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 26, 2010

A-ight peeps. You guys always monku that my food pics make you hungry so I figgah I’ll write this one at din-din time so I could try and relate. Kay den, I felt your pain. I’m outs. Time to eat. Hehe!

*insert 1/2 hour music break*

K, I’m back gang. So I’m pretty sure this week’s photo is gonna be a toughie, but you never know. Here’s how we’ll break out the points.

Points for…
* Name of this establishment?: 2 points!
* General area?: 1/2 point
* Year photo was taken?: 1 point
* Month photo was taken?: 1 point
* Name of dish?: 2 points!
* Google Street View Link?: 2 points!

Once again Takeshi scored points last week and increased his lead by 3 and a half points. Congrats Bruddah kesh!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - May 26, 2010
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – May 26, 2010

Hint: It’s what’s for dinner!

Da “Where In Hawaii” Winnahz Circle!

Da Leadahboard!

  • 27.5 – Takeshi
  • 24.0 – Coconut Willy
  • 21.0 – rayboyjr
  • 13.0 – kuya.d
  • 09.0 – snow
  • 08.0 – tita leerz
  • 07.0 – Paco
  • 04.5 – Rosette, NaPueo
  • 04.0 – HNL2LAS
  • 03.0 – BananaFysh, M
  • 02.0 – gecko, Scott, NeedaHobby, MakiSushi, hemajang, Syxx, jr.
  • 01.5 – pink lady, skycastles
  • 01.0 – S-Ticket, Dave, David In Oregon, carokun, mcat, YN, Marvo, k15, getITon, Kage, miLL-viLLe, jack, frankie, Ynaku, Rodney, teej, BarbieQ!, kako mochi, ijiwarui, GumbysHorse
  • 00.5 – onecupcoffee, J.P., t-roy, bB, Coconut Willy’s wifey, MoOgooGuypAN

 Great Eights!
* rayboyjr

Heavenly Sevens!
* rayboyjr

Sexy Sixes!
* rayboyjr

Five Alive!
* Takeshi, kuya.d, rayboyjr

Quad Playaz!
* Takeshi, kuya.d, rayboyjr

Turkey Turkeys!
* Takeshi, kuya.d, rayboyjr, Coconut Willy

Back to Back Winnahz!
* Takeshi, Coconut Willy, rayboyjr, snow, Paco, Syxx, NaPueo, MakiSushi, pink lady, kuya.d, BananaFysh, tita leerz

Have a Happy Hump and Where In Hawaii Day y’all! 🙂

Stay tuned next week! I’m considering doing a full week’s worth of WIH posts. Yeah E Yeeeeaah! 😛


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  1. Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - June 2, 2010 | World Wide Ed Says:

    […] Last week, M, uncle jimmy, and Takeshi all scored points. (I like when we have plahnny winnahz!) Bruddah kesh added 2 points to his lead while bruddah emmz moved up two spots, and bruddah ooj finally got on the board! Congrats fellas! […]

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