What Chefs Eat Launch Party

A-ight, so Urban Mix Plate’s Melissa Chang’s got some mean typing skillz and beat me to the punch already. Her version of last night’s “What Chefs Eat Launch Party” is already live on her blog. Geez Louise.

And although she posted a pic of me in there that looks like I’m balding, I won’t hate, I’ll appreciate… I guess. Nah, she’s da woMAN! πŸ˜›

So last night, the “Party Like A Chef” event, put on by Share Your Table‘s Melanie Kosaka, and hosted by the good people at Roy’s Restaurant, was in full effect. Melanie, with the help of tech entrepreneur Eric Nakagawa (ICanHasCheezburger.com), developed an iPhone app based on an idea she and Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya thought up: create a place that focuses on where Hawaii’s chefs like to go and grind during their down times. You know, the “insider” mom and pop kine places. The event helped to formally introduce and launch the app to much of the state’s local media (traditional and social) and food industry’s titans.

The app, fittingly called “What Chefs Eat“, is currently the #1 “Hawaii” app on the iPhone app store and can be downloaded here.

What Chefs Eat iPhone App
What Chefs Eat iPhone App

According to Kosaka, an Android version of the app is in the works. Yeah, I had to ask. πŸ˜‰

The quality of some of the pics are not the greatest as they were pulled from the pics from my live tweets (via my phone), but here’s a glimpse at some of the sights and ono grindz from last night.

World Wide Ed
Outside Roy’s Restaurant, Hawaii Kai

World Wide Ed
The Ahi Summer Roll

World Wide Ed
Misoyaki Butterfish (left) and Spicy Tuna Ahi Tomato and Salmon Puree rolls (right)

World Wide Ed
Hawaii Kai Style Crispy Crab Cake with Spicy Aioli Sauce

World Wide Ed
Chinatown Chicken Spring Roll with Maui Pineapple Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce

World Wide Ed
A Hank’s Haute Dog with Sweet Relish

On a side note, Kosaka is also busy working with Oceanic Time Warner Cable to develop a full-blown Share Your Table TV Channel. Scheduled to launch on June 1st, Share Your Table TV will literally share their table and air their massive library of culinary content to Oceanic’s customers via channel 320. For a sneak peek at Share Your Table TV, visit shareyourtable.tv or click on the screenshot below.

Share Your Table TV Sneak Preview
Share Your Table TV Sneak Preview

A big Mahalo to Melanie Kosaka, Eric Nakagawa, Roy Yamaguchi and the gang at Roy’s Restaurant, Starwood Hotels’ RumFire Bar Station, Hank’s Haute Dogs for the yummy dogs, and Oceanic Time Warner Cable. See below for some apropos linkage:


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