Something Like a Phenomenon [Guest Blog by JMAW]


Something like a phenomenon describes the types of experiences I have had in rapid succession in recent months. Wait, time out, pause. Let me give you my disclaimer. The words I write are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but yeah yeah yeah you get the point.

I’m a spiritual person. I used to say that to describe how I was interested in the greater unknown and the what-if’s and trying to explain what the heck I was experiencing.

I’m sensitive. Or intuitive. Yeah yeah to that too because you say that and most people give you funny kine looks.

I’m a soul having a human experience. I like this a bit more because it seems to help to explain everything that I’ve experienced in my life up until this point. Some people see dead people. Not me, I am clairaudient; I hear people and I’m hearing something that differs from the normal inner monologue that takes place. I’ve taken what I’ve heard and shared the messages with people in tarot readings (I’ve even read Professional Psychics, what a trip that was), conversation (with myself, just kidding, with others fo’reals), and so on.

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg to what I have experienced with the ethereal dimensions. And the Psychological community would be the first to tell you that I am schizophrenic or suffer from some other disorder. I don’t consider what I’ve experienced suffering (and I am not on any type of drugs, prescription or otherwise). So how does one explain this phenomenon?

I guess I can only look at it from my view and say if anything, these “spiritual” or “intuitive” experiences are liberating and alleviate the suffering I felt growing up in a fragmented society where there is a huge void in the caring department.

Now why blog about this? I don’t really know. Ed said to write about something that would get people talking. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my guides, it is that when people read something like this, well, it addresses the unknown, something within that recognizes its own.

Maybe I’m more open than most to this type of thing. Maybe I’m crazy. But in a mad world, is being sane a good thing? What do you WWE fans think? What type of “spiritual” or “intuitive” or otherwise experiences have you had?

JMAW is a life sojourner just trying to make sense of it all in this episode of his journey. For musings, poetry, and other writing visit To discuss “spiritual” type of things or if your interested in a reading contact

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