The application Email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

It appears as though this is a common issue for many frustrated Android users out there, so I’m posting what I did – which actually worked! – in the hopes that it will help at least a few of you out.

A Little Background:
purchased the Droid on opening day, but never set up my Exchange email until recently (more than two months after the fact). Just never had the need really. After setting it up, it ran pretty smoothly for several weeks. I’ve (apparently) been fortunate enough to not run into the dreaded “The application Email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” error message… Until Now!

The Problem:
From what I’ve read, the root of the issue is a bug in the Email app/program related to unparsable email headers. When you get an email with such headers (which sorta explains why my email was working fine for a while), you will get the error message above.

The Non-Solutions:
– Killing the app (with programs like Advanced Task Killer Free) and restarting the app doesn’t work.
– Rebooting and restarting the app doesn’t work.
– Killing the app PLUS Rebooting and then restarting the app doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried several times.
– Attempting to kill the app in “Manage applications” doesn’t work (well sorta) because it’s not readily listed and not easy to find (see solution below).

The Solution:
1 ) Go into your email from your desktop client and delete or file away (archive) the latest emails that you suspect may’ve started to cause this issue.
2 ) From your Android device, go to Settings.
3 ) Select Applications
4 ) Select Manage Applications
5 ) Hit your Menu option/button (the one with four lines usually between the Back/Return button and the Home button)
6 ) Select Filter
7 ) Select Running in the Filter Options pop-up menu.
8 ) Scroll down and select Email. (If it’s not in the list, you probably killed it. Go back and start it first and then return to step 1.)
9 ) In the Email app’s Application Info screen, press the Clear data button. (Be advised that this will essentially clear all of your account info from the Email app, causing you to have to re-set everything up again like your login name, password, server names, etc. The exact prompt says, “All of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases and so on.” Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it will delete your emails on the server.)
10 ) Open up the Email app again and it will prompt you to set everything up again (log in name, password, servers, etc.). Walah! The error message should now be gone.

Some Linkage:
* Google Code string
* Motorola Support Forum string

Hope this helps y’all! Happy Droiding!

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130 Responses to “The application Email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Thanks! I just encountered this problem after having the phone for 3 days…and it’s helped me! My email started working again right after I made any incoming mail go to my Gmail archives instead of to the inbox on the server.

  2. World Wide Ed Says:

    Awesome, glad it helped Sarah! 🙂

  3. The application Email (Process has stopped unexpectedly. - Page 2 - Nexus One Forum - Google Phone Forum Says:

    […] moving it to a different box and then wiping your account configuration and setting it up again. The application Email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again | World… I had an email come in from a friend right before mine stopped working and when I removed the […]

  4. WillReadmore Says:

    I deleted recent email, cleared data and set up my account again.

    This didn’t help me at all. restarted fine, but went to it’s crashing behavior almost immediately.

    If the problem has to do with something someone sent to me, I need to know what can’t be safely sent to me by email anymore.

  5. John Says:

    FYI: On my Nexus One, I was able to solve the problem by deleting the offending email on a computer based client, and then restarting the Email app on Android. I did not need to apply the clear data process, or re-enter my account info.



  6. Dave Says:

    This advice works!!! Thank you.

  7. World Wide Ed Says:

    WillReadmore, your issue sounds a bit different than the rest of us if, as you mentioned, restarted fine. Maybe you can temporarily archive all email in your inbox and bring them back one (or several) at a time so see which one is the offending message?

  8. World Wide Ed Says:

    Cool, good to know John! Thanks for the feedback!

  9. World Wide Ed Says:

    No problem Dave. Happy to hear it! 🙂

  10. WillReadmore Says:

    All these ideas work to get email up and running again. The question is for how long.

    I tried moving all mail to a different folder and then bringing stuff back to see what does the deed. What I’ve found is that some spam with graphics, buttons, etc. will prevent my droid from reading email.

    I can’t stop all spam from getting through the filters. So, if I’m on a trip or whatever, I can’t count on receiving my email on my Droid.


  11. World Wide Ed Says:

    Agreed WillReadmore, but that’s more of an “app” fixing issue more so than something any of us in this thread can control. Thanks for your feedback!

  12. John Says:

    In my scenario, the user had an apostrophe in their email address. The mentioned steps reset the email account info but the error would reappear every time I entered the users info again. I created an additional email address for them in active directory without the apostrophe.

    When I tried the new address it worked like a charm. Droid no likey apostrophe but the blackberrys the user had before had no problem with it.

  13. World Wide Ed Says:

    Great good-to-know info John. Thanks!

  14. Frank Says:

    This is not working for me. It only crashes on this email account, I am not sure why. It was working up to an hour or so ago. I have done what was stated in the solution to no success.

  15. Jonathan Says:

    This is what worked for me :

    Clear the Email data on the phone – see instructions above
    For a Gmail account erase the account from your phone (If the app crashes all the time some slight of hand might be necessary, but it is possible) , now access your account through the desktop – Click on Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP ->In the IMAP access section click on Configuration instructions -> Under mobile devices select Android.

    Now set up the account in your phone MANUALLY and try to connect.

    I also made sure to remove any labels in my account that had special characters (like non English letters) and I archived all the messages before setting the account again on my phone.

  16. World Wide Ed Says:

    Wow Jonathan. That seems rather excessive, but glad to hear that it worked for you!

  17. Josh Says:

    I had this problem too, narrowed it down to a single email, but couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. however, on the inbox on my computer (Apple Mail – Snow Leopard) to “to” listing for that email (it had multiple recipients) had one of the recipient’s email addresses double listed, next to eachother like this . I wonder if that was the parse error. I’ve asked the sender to double check their address book.

  18. World Wide Ed Says:

    Good tips Josh. Thanks!

  19. JMartin Says:

    Unfortunately, I have this problem, and I’m unable to use the suggested fix. I have an Incredible, and when I start the Mail app, I immediately get the error and a button to force close the app, so it won’t stay open at all. And it appears that it needs to stay open to clear the cache, because if I go into the Mail app settings, the Clear Cache button is grayed out.

  20. World Wide Ed Says:

    Have you tried opening your email from a desktop or laptop computer first and cleaning up your mail JMartin? Then, if you launch your mail from your Incredible, it should work… as long as you deleted the faulty email in question. Good luck!

  21. Jim Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve had my android for two weeks before experiencing this problem. I have no tech skill whatsoever so I was very worried when this started happening. Your fix worked for me!

  22. World Wide Ed Says:

    Great to hear Jim! Have fun with your Droid! 🙂

  23. tamcamry Says:

    I think this has been asked prior, but is this something that I’ll have to keep doing. It’s not too big a deal, but this isn’t a problem with Blackberry or iPhone. Their email interfaces just work.

  24. World Wide Ed Says:

    Not quite sure tamcamry. I did it once and the issue never came back. Then again, perhaps the “unparsable email headers” thing just did not come up again for me(?)…

  25. Oldguy123 Says:

    I just spent 2hrs on the phone with Verizion on this..
    my phone patched to 2.2 this morning and bam the corp email stopped working. After (the above and goign through setup again). It dies upon when checking the incoming settings… Motorola’s Droid Support – 800-734-5870

    Get this. They told me to download and use (pay for) Touchdown to solve my issue. WTF. Touchdown worked fine (even uses active sync). ITs a pain to use… I had to go to my corp contacts and download, export as a CSV and then email to the gmail account in order to merge with the gmail contacts local… this was so I could use the local contact applet. The scheduler is all jacked and have to use the Touchdown one.

    They told me its a known issue with default droid email 2.2 and Exchange… No eta on patch. He even said if I upgraded to a new droid2 or droidx, that wouldnt solve my problem since they run the same application.

    wtf over..

  26. Eric Y Says:

    Just got off the phone with Verizon, they just said that their is a patch available at local stores, I will be taking a few phones and see if it fixes the issue.

  27. Eric Y Says:

    Verizon store did not know what I was talking about, wrong info from Verizon Corp. support. I found out that it is an issue with Exchange 2003 and security policy enforcement. If you add the DROID users to the execption list, wait about 5 minutes, and they will start working. This is just a work around until the issue if fixed in the next update.

  28. oldguy123 Says:


    Go to market applet and download IMPROVED EMAIL.
    It looks and feels like the default email but with security settings built in (pin number, etc).


  29. KK Says:

    THANK YOU oldguy123!

  30. jaf Says:

    My (mot droid) exchange setup fails at the “checking server settings” with the subject error. It worked fine since 11-2009. Just before 2.2, my exchange profile disappeared. It set up OK after a few tries. (1) week after the 2.2 update, a second 2.2 update for flash came though. That day my phone ran very hot and ran battery down several times. I finally determined the mail service was doing it. I tried killing task, but it didn’t work. i finally pulled the battery and the mail cleared, but my exchange profile was missing. Subsequent setups ended up with the ‘application Email (process…’ error. I worked with Verizon. Reset to factory several times. No luck. They replaced the phone. Before the replacement arrived, I installed Touchdown and it worked flawlessly. The new phone did the same thing. I called Verizon again. One more factory reset and same error. I tried Touchdown again and it worked. Verizon escalated the issue and gave me $25 credit to buy Touchdown. They said they would get back to me, but it has been a month and I have heard nothing. Touchdown is still working flawlessly.

  31. mike Says:


    I have a dell streak and this has happend, worked fine for a couple of months and today got this message. Anyone any ideas on the streak?
    I’m trying to connect to my works exchange svr


  32. jaf Says:

    I spoke to Verizon again today, 9-30-10, and they advised me this is a known problem that will be fixed in a future relase, but no estimate of when it will be available.

  33. World Wide Ed Says:

    Are any of you still having issues following the steps above? Particularly Step #1? That should do the trick…

  34. Eric Says:

    I have the same problem as jaf. It worked for a few weeks, then my battery would drain in a couple hours. I tracked the issue down to the Exchange client repeatedly crashing and restarting. I connected the Android debugger and tracked it down to an illegal screen lock value. The problem is, no matter what I set the screen lock time value to, I always hit the problem.

    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-17
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: screen lock time
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at$PolicySet.(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at$2.validate(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at$
    E/AndroidRuntime( 7173): at
    W/ActivityManager( 1086): Force finishing activity

  35. jaf Says:

    yes, I tried those steps wiht my original phone and the rpelacmeent. btw, doing a factory reset also clears out all of the data that is cleared in your steps 1-9

  36. MEV Says:

    Performed your steps above and is working again. Will see how long it lasts.

  37. World Wide Ed Says:

    Eric, what you’re reporting sounds like an entirely different issue.

  38. World Wide Ed Says:

    jaf, are you cleaning/clearing your mail from your computer first? see step #1. this step has nothing to do with your phone. once you clear the suspected email from your desktop computer email client, you should no longer get the error through your email client on your phone.

  39. World Wide Ed Says:

    MEV, great to hear!

  40. jaf Says:

    WWE:, Note that when you do a factory reset, there is no mail to clear as all of the accounts are removed. Also, on my replacmeent phone, there were not mail accounts to start with and it still failed.

  41. jaf Says:

    I just recevied an Android update, 2.21, that fixed my Exchange connection problems.

    After configuraing Exchange, you have to agree to phone changes forced by the Exchange administrator, one of which forces the phone to be password protected.

  42. World Wide Ed Says:

    jsf said: WWE:, Note that when you do a factory reset, there is no mail to clear as all of the accounts are removed. Also, on my replacmeent phone, there were not mail accounts to start with and it still failed.

    I don’t think you are reading things thoroughly jaf. There are two places you can check your mail: 1) on your phone, and 2) on your desktop (or laptop) computer. Step #1 refers to your desktop (or laptop) computer. Don’t even look at your phone!

    With that said, I’m glad to hear that the Android update has possibly finally resolved your issue. The forced password for Exchange though is more of a requirement from your email carrier (probably a work mandate) rather than a function of the phone/update.

  43. Austin Han Says:

    Due to this problem, I had given up to use email app on my Milestone for a long time. Finally I solved problem by your tip. Anyway, I can’t understand why Google release new improved email officially. This is critical issue for business purpose. Anyway, Now I’m really glad to get your help. And, thanks once again!

  44. World Wide Ed Says:

    Great to hear Austin Han! Have fun!

  45. Julie Says:


    I purchased the Samsung Fascinate from Telus yesterday. Love it but my hotmail account always crashes with that ”application email( has stoppe unexpectedly. Please try again. Force closed.
    I tried the trick to clear the data but the problem is still there. I can get new or send outgoing messages.. PLEASE HELP!

  46. World Wide Ed Says:

    Have you logged into Hotmail on your desktop computer first to clear your inbox messages (see step 1) Julie?

  47. Mister B Says:

    Clearing your inbox is not a solution and should not even be a suggestion. Using AT&T Gaxaxy S as new phone, actually me and 3 other employees at my work and we all have this issue. We all hated the blackberry’s we had but at least email worked flawlessly for 3 years, but the first taste of Andriod we are disappointed.

  48. World Wide Ed Says:

    Perhaps you guys all got the same, malformed corp email Mister B? *grin*

  49. Stacy Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Removing the email into a subfolder on the server email is the trick. I tried this without doing so and it didnt change anything. As soon as I filed all emails from the date I started receiving the error message and followed your instructions – you are correct, fixes it right up. You have saved me a trip (a painfully unproductive one I’m sure) to the Verizon store!

  50. World Wide Ed Says:

    Glad to hear it Stacy! Have fun with your Android device! 🙂

  51. John Says:

    These fixes (clearing data, deleting emails) do not solve the problem on my Nexus 1. I don’t have time to waste on a cell phone, will probably just replace it…

  52. Anuraag Says:

    Thanks. It worked. I was planning to do the same thing, but was not sue. Reading this page helped me initiate the task and fix the issue. I wish I visited your page earlier.

  53. World Wide Ed Says:

    Glad to hear it Anuraag!

  54. David Says:

    Thanks this works very well. I had my phone for a couple of months and only just run it this issue.

  55. Josh Says:

    I did everything you suggested but the problem still remains. Thanks anyway

  56. Rose Says:

    I too faced the email error on my samsung g5. A week passed by, my company IT executive could not provide the solution inspite of contacting the samsung customer care. Finally, I searched the net myself for the solution….and there I found it. I followed the steps advised by World Wide Ed…and it worked. I can now view the corporate emails. Thanks.

  57. World Wide Ed Says:

    Woo hoo! Great to hear David and Rose. Congrats!

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you though Josh…

  58. Jeff Says:

    Mine works for a short time after that. But at least twice a day I get the “unable to connect to server” message. What gives?

  59. World Wide Ed Says:

    “Unable to connect to server” sounds like an unrelated, network issue Jeff.

  60. Bryce Says:

    Didn’t work for me either.

  61. Galaxy user Says:

    It Works me….
    Thank you very very much….

  62. World Wide Ed Says:

    Sorry to Bryce, but you’re welcome to Galaxy user! 😛

  63. Josef Johansson Says:

    Thank you!

    I just deleted the e-mails for the day that my E-mail client died on my Dell Streak (froyo 2.2) from my web-mail using my computer. Emptied the data and catch for my E-mail client on my Streak and it works. I narrowed it down to a e-mail with some heavy java-build-pictures that the E-mail client cud not handle and shut down every time it was synchronising with the web-mail server. I tested, just for fun, to send my self the e-mail again. The same problem occurred. Then i just deleted the mail without emptying the catch and it work too. I found the SCADA-webbpage containing the animated java pictures that i can see in my winXP-explorer but my froyo2.2 web-explorer can not handle them, show them. Something about the java-script i think.

  64. World Wide Ed Says:

    Mahalo for sharing Josef Johansson!

  65. Klive Says:

    Thanks a lot for the helpful hint … it worked very well !

  66. Connie Says:

    duizend maal dank het werkt weer

  67. asim Says:

    didn’t work for me either but i did different way n its easy few steps

    1. From your home screen, press the tab on the bottom and go to Settings.
    2. Select Applications
    3. Select Manage Applications
    4. At top you see all press it
    5. then look for email n press it
    then it will show you app info
    6. just press clear data… its work

    but you have to re setup your email …
    i hope its work for u guys

  68. asim Says:

    didn’t work for me either but i did different way n its easy few steps

    1. From your home screen, press the tab on the bottom and go to Settings.
    2. Select Applications
    3. Select Manage Applications
    4. At top you see all press it
    5. then look for email n press it
    then it will show you app info
    6. just press clear data… it works

    but you have to re setup your email …
    i hope its work for u guys

  69. ROB Says:

    I found the issue was a JAVA enabled email in the INBOX. I moved it and it only blew up when it tried to sync that email.. I then deleted it and now everything syncs again. Thanks for the help.

  70. BabyBear Says:

    Your post saved my life! One of my emails with ‘RE:RE:’ at the beginning of the header was causing the stupid error.
    I didn’t go through all the steps, but deleting the culprit fixed the damn error! You’re a champ!

  71. mfuasi Says:

    Many thanks! It worked. Followed the steps and sweeeet, now back on push email.

  72. Dave Dixon Says:

    Clearing the data and starting again fixed it.
    It was only happening with 2 e-mails I received on 1 particular day though.
    Thanks again.


  73. World Wide Ed Says:

    Glad it worked for you guys Klive, Connie, ROB, BabyBear, mfuasi, Dave Dixon!

  74. Jok Says:

    thanks, it works with my galaxy 5

  75. Alex Says:

    It’s work for Huawei 8230.
    Many thanks!

  76. Nancy Says:


  77. Josh Says:

    It did not work for me – actually I had tried it before I found this page. The comment about Java got me going and I narrowed the issue down to a recent e-mail with a Pages (Mac app) attachment. Every time I took the e-mail out of my inbox via another client, my e-mail app on Droid worked fine. As soon as I put it back, crash.


  78. World Wide Ed Says:

    You’re welcome y’all!

  79. dorothy Says:

    my pad stop working for about two days and reset it but when it started back up i cant get into my email address nor my apps please help me with this

  80. Tiberius Rex Says:

    Thank you!!!

  81. Noxolob Says:

    Hi! Thank you so much, I had tried everything, googling was my last option and voila! your solution, thanks so much it worked, though I lost my mail it was worth it.

  82. Cbr Says:

    Big Bonour one thanks for this remedy which allowed to regler the problem even thanks

  83. Cbr Says:

    Hello one wide thanks for this remedy which has allowed to regler the problem even thanks

  84. John Says:

    Thanks. It worked, excellent advice..

  85. Dodo Says:

    i just upgraded my GTab to 2.3.3 gingerbread and this issue came out. i try to clear data form the application menu and it works fine right now. you just have to fill your email and pass again. thank you it works….

  86. World Wide Ed Says:

    Tiberius Rex, Noxolob, Cbr, John, Dodo… You’re welcome!

    dorothy, sorry, your issues sound unrelated to my post… 😦

  87. jctoo Says:

    Thanks a lot. This works for me when Email app force close after flashing to CriskeloROM on Galaxy S2.

  88. Kuda the Great Says:

    Thanks, it worked like a charm!

  89. Baizid HC Says:

    very helpful solution for a GalaxyTab. There was three e-mail accounts and one of them is giving the problem. I have deleted/created several times with no use. At last i reached here in this page and it’s all done for me.

    Thanks again.

  90. Marwan Says:

    I faced this problem from the first day I set up my work email. Your solution worked perfectly. Thanks

  91. World Wide Ed Says:

    @jctoo, @Kuda the Great, @Baizid HC, @Marwan happy to hear guys! 🙂

  92. Lucax Says:

    You are a master.
    I’ve been struggling with this since weeks ago.

    Thank you, man !


  93. Sathiya Says:

    The above options did not help me. I tried the below way and it worked. But you need to root your device though.

    1) Downloaded email.apk 2.3.5 version from net(googled).
    2) Uninstall email application.
    3) go to /system/app folder(used root explorer) and copy the newly downloaded apk.
    4) Reboot phone..

    It started working fine as of now without any issues.


  94. World Wide Ed Says:

    @Lucax not a problem. enjoy! 🙂

  95. World Wide Ed Says:

    @Sathiya any time you get into rooting a device, it gets sketchy, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

  96. Larry Says:

    Worked perfectly for me on a new 4G Samsung Galaxy that I had for two weeks before the problem cropped up. On this phone the route to “running” is simpler since it is a selection at the top of the Manage Applications page, but the principle of clearing data is the same.

    Resetting the accounts is so simple, just an emai address and password, the rest being automatic, that there is little inconvenience to doing so.

    Thanks so much! Now I can sleep tonight.

  97. Larry Says:

    Sorry, I meant a Samsung Stratosphere.

  98. Cláudio Says:

    I followed the steps and worked ! Yes !

  99. The Realty Doc Says:

    It’s so awesome to find a site with a simple fix. Thanks much!

  100. World Wide Ed Says:

    Glad to hear it @Larry, @Cláudio and @The Realty Doc! Have fun!

  101. Pavan.L Says:

    Thank you… this worked for my also on my Galaxy – R

  102. trislyn Says:

    Cant someone help get a email for facebook

  103. Steve Says:

    Hey guys
    I have done all of the above and not working for me. If the problem is in a paticular e mail how did you find it.
    Help please

  104. Debra Mintz Says:

    I amhavn problem as we speak with the email has unexpectedly stopped dont kno what I supose 2 do.cant access my email Help me 2 restore my email upset an frustrated with out ot!!

  105. lucy Says:

    how do i start it first step 8 cause it is gone i must have killed it

  106. World Wide Ed Says:

    @Pavan.L no problem. Glad it helped!

  107. World Wide Ed Says:

    @trislyn I think you’re on the wrong “board”.

    @Steve it’s usually best to jump on your desktop computer shortly after it happens. that way, you can usually trace which emails came in during that time period and delete or file them away.

    @Debra Mintz have you tried the steps outlined?

    @lucy Step 8 refers to your Email app. if it doesn’t show up, start it up first. you should be able to find it on your apps window.

  108. jason Says:

    this did not work for me. the clear data button is greyed out in my manage apps. i removed the 2 email accounts, 1 pop and 1 exchange, but the mail app still opens empty. when i click on add account, it crashes. i deleted all of my mail since yesterday through my mail client and it does not seem to matter. it grabs 0 mail headers like it’s not even trying. i guess i call verizon now and get nowhere with them.

  109. SAM Says:

    Excellent !!! Its just worked cool….. Cleared the data, reconfigured the account…. Its working cool..

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  110. abbyregacho Says:

    it doesnt work on my samsung galaxy Y.. i dont know what to do to make this android phone back to its original settings, ive tried everything i surfed in the intern about this matter..

  111. ed Says:

    awesome. worked great. thank you

  112. yh Says:

    It worked for my galaxy s2! Thanks World Wide Ed! *thumbs up*

    Step 1 is a tricky one. Coz i did the rest of the step without step1, it doesn’t work, as in the Email app still closed by itself.

    So i’d to forward the 1st 5 emails ( those I received on the day when i started to have this error), to another pure webemail account. And deleted the 5 emails, and complete the rest of the steps to get it fix. Hope this helps someone.

  113. World Wide Ed Says:

    @SAM, @ed, and @yh glad to hear it. Enjoy!

    @jason & @abbyregacho Sorry to hear it. Have you tried Step 1 before anything else?

    1 ) Go into your email from your desktop client and delete or file away (archive) the latest emails that you suspect may’ve started to cause this issue.

  114. Maureen Says:

    thank you so much….I did not even have to delete the email account like the phone company said…..I just followed your steps and ta-daaaa

    mail works again just fine – no error message – and I can actually sent mail again as well….

    Thank you for your help…..I appreciate it.

    You should post this on facebook and all those other places because a lot of people in the comments section said they could not get to it….I found it and had to fight my way through the error messages but when I finally got to the apps manage page and cleared…all I had to do was let it re-download the mail…..

  115. Fonzi Says:

    A real great hint solving the problem right away! !! Clearing the e-mail program settings was enough. Thanks a lot.

  116. eldad Says:

    tried it all, not working for me… i use a galaxy s2. in my specific case there is another complication though-just before the mail app. message comes a similar message about the Social Hub application (¨The application Social Hub (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again¨). when i force closing it, the message of the mail app. appears. after doing all you wrote, only half the mails (weeks 3 &4 of the last month) are synced, and none of the contacts and calender events are synced, even though in the defenitions/settings menu it shows the sync is done and there are no error messages there. also when i try to go to the mail app. i see the inbox (weeks 3 &4 of the last month) and i can click on a mail and see it, but afer that the app. closes and gives that error message again. same message happens if i press the ¨back¨button.
    any ideas?
    with thanks in advance and blessings of peace, love and harmony

  117. eldad Says:

    Regarding my above comment – nothing helped, so i had to do a hard reset. it worked wonderfully. of course dont forget to backup all info, and if you want also make a list of all your applications becuase everything goes away… here´s a guide for hard resetting the device:

  118. Kevin Says:

    Great advice, but I found that if you are attempting to clear the email account while it is active it will time out and quit before you can accomplish your goal. If you go to “All” on the menue at the top under “Manage Applications” you will find the e-mail application even if it is not active. From there you can follow your perfect advice and things will once again be hunky-dory. I read somewhere that if you exit or quit the email app while it is running, rather than backing out of it, can cause problems. I will have to experiment in order to prove that hypothesis.

  119. sonny Says:

    not working o=in my galaxy y…i’ve tried the 10 steps already….

  120. Jen Says:

    I tried all the steps but the option to Clear Data is grayed out. Therefore, I’m still stuck.

    Any ideas?

  121. julia watson Says:

    not rec no mail from tagged could you please resolved the promblem

  122. kay Says:

    Thankyou so much. After about 5 very long unsuccessful phone calls to orange and being told to switch my phone on an off again 15 times this has actually worked first time!! Very pleased!!

  123. Geoff Says:

    Outstanding. This worked. I actually did the order in reverse – cleared data and reset email, and then cleared out emails from day when the problem occurred. When I cleared data, nothing. But then after I trashed emails, problem solved.

  124. Ron Ellis Says:

    It worked for me… Thanks for taking the time to share this navigation aimed precisely at my desired end result! My android phone receives E-mail yet again…

  125. AL Says:


  126. Stevie Says:

    Brilliant fix, tried it just as you described and it worked first time, thanks again.

  127. Melinda Says:

    Thanks so much!! Worked perfectly.

  128. Steven Says:

    Thank you worked fine in 5 minutes.

  129. Harold Says:

    help me i cannot get my email to work on net 10 phone

  130. Morgan Howsare Says:

    Can’t wait to try it out.

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