Fave Friday: Slugs

Whenever it rains near the crib, these crazy snails and slugs come out of the woodwork to greet me on the slime-filled sidewalk. I always think to myself, how sucky would it be to be a slug. You’re slimy, you’re super slow, you’re gross, nobody likes you, and you melt at the sight of the big, bad, evil, salt. Ooooooh!

No offense PETA, but I don’t like slugs and I definitely don’t wanna be one. Going through life as a slug must be pretty horrible. Can you think of anything worse?

I bet you not. In fact, I challenge you to think of something worse. Post your pick(s) below for your choice(s) as the worst animal/insect/bug evaaaar… and we’ll compare our slimy notes down below.

Have a great weekend y’all! 🙂


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