Fave Friday – Products To Die For

Get it? To DIE for? Friday the 13th?

*waits a few seconds*

OK, so the correlation wasn’t that obvious, but what the hey, let’s have some fun (this beat is sick)!

So erry once in a while, this beautiful-gem-of-a-face (*barf*) gets a widdle flaw we like to call a pimple. Normally, I would just sit it out and wait ’til da buggah goes away. No problem.

Recently though, wifey introduced me to this gem-of-a-product (*no barf*) called On-the-Spot Acne Treatment from Neutrogena. Ever heard of/used it? At the first sign of a pimple (hummin’) comin’ atcha, you dab this stuff on it and poof, it disappears, mostly. Not too shabby if you ask me. They also have this one now called Rapid Clear, which is supposed to (I think) be newer/better.

Anybody else got any “to die for” products out there to share with the rest of us? It is Friday the 13th after all. 😉

Happy VHO7V Friday! Have a great weekend and I’ll see y’all next week!

P.S. If anyone wants 2 9th row tickets to tonight’s UH Bball game, comment “Go Bows!” below and they’re yours! I can’t make it. 😦 The only catch is that you gotta come getum from me cause I gotta work all day. 8) Shoots!

UH Men's Basketball Ticket Giveaway!
UH Men’s Basketball Ticket Giveaway!


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