Lucky We Live Hawaii? Let Us Count the Ways…

With every bad, there are ten times as many good. The median home prices here in Hawaii are insane with salaries often not where they should be, but we’ve got the ono kine grindz and wonderful weather, with the thousands and thousands of warm-hearted kama`aina to share it with (to name a few).

I often get asked why I stay here in Hawaii and I ask those very people why I would ever want to leave? We live in paradise. A place that most others can only dream about. Sure, there are certain trade offs, but I would rather live a longer and healthier life with the people I love the most, than be miserable looking for something that was home in the islands all along. It’s something you can’t put a price tag on and I wouldn’t trade that for anything else in the world… Period.

Do ya share my sentiment? Use the comment area below and holla atcho boy. Post some of the personal reasons why you feel lucky to live Hawaii…

I’ll start:

Besides the obvious “weather” answer, I’ll go with:

* Diverse cultures. Diverse cultures = diverse people (personalities, traditions, etc.) and diverse foods.

Where else can you go to a party and enjoy sashimi, beef broccoli, pancit, meat jhun, etc., with your Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, etc. friends from small kid time? Gotta love it! Lucky I Live Hawaii!

Your turn…


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