Fave Friday – Lock Your Desktop Tip

A-ight peeps. Your boy is finally gonna live up to this blog’s name and provide a helpful computer/web related tip for this here Friday.

Some of you may already know about this one, but I still find myself teaching peeps about this underutilized, but VERY helpful tip, especially in the work enviro.

It’s an easy keystroke (for Windows users) that will quickly lock your computer (in a good way). You know, for those times when you gotta go potty one fast one, or go gallivanting to lunch for a while… This will essentially lock your screen (as long as you have a password set for your Windows user account) so that any snooping eyes that come around while you’re away will not be able to see/read a thing, and instead, see something like this:

Locked Desktop
Locked Desktop

Kewl yeah?

K, enough with da talk. Here’s the keystroke combo to lock your keyboard:

[Windows key] + L

In other words, if you hold down the Windows key (key with the Windows logo on it) and press the letter “l”, you’ll be all G. Never knew that protecting your sensitive data would be duck soup huh? Go tryum! But make sure you know your password k? Haha! Shoots! Have a good weekend y’all!

Talk to me!
* Did you learn something new today or did you already know about this little gem?
* Got any other keystroke gems to share?
* Which ones do you use most often?
* Any Mac users out there with keyboard shortcut hints/tips to share?
* What other life chores do you wish had a keyboard shortcut? 8)


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