Survey Thursday: Allergies?

So during my trip to Alaska last month, I strangely broke out in hives after taking a jog after dinner. In trying to figure out if it was the shellfish I ate just prior, I set up an appointment with the allergy specialist at my doc’s office. For anyone who’s ever done this kinda test, it’s very strange. They poke your arms up and down with known allergens. The ones that get puffy are the ones you’re allergic to. Pretty old school, caveman-kine testing, but hey, it works.

Turns out I’m rather allergic to mold, grass and dust mites (but I’m thinking “who ain’t”!?), and fairly allergic to cockroaches. Yeah cockroaches! What the? How the heck did they test that!? Did they prick me with some of their juicy goodness? Yikes!

This interesting life experience led me to today’s survey question:

Is yous allergic to anything and if so, what?

Wifey is lactose intolerant (does that count?), and I know of some peeps who are highly allergic to shellfish. I know when I dive around during softball games, my legs and arms get all itchy kine, so grass for me, is one fo sho. And, after that crazy test, I guess I can’t mess around too much with any more B52s! Awww, that makes me sad. I’m gonna miss those cute lil’ buggahs! Hehe! 😛

K, your turn! What you be allergic to yo? 😉

Happy Survey Thursday… Woo Hoo it’s almost TGI(F)F!

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