Fave Five Friday – Poke Locations

If you said “Tantalus” or “ma’s house”, you’re a perv! Getcho mind outta the gutter yo. 😛 I’m actually referring to the raw seafood mixture that so many of us love with our beer, er meal. Poke, NOT poke. Getum? 😉

In any case, I was thinking of putting together a “Poke around Hawaii” type of piece for AroundHawaii.com, like I did for Shave Ice, Pho, and Acai (part I and part II), and I wanted to get your guys’ help. Post some of your favorite poke around Hawaii and where it’s from and I’ll target the hostpots that get the most action. 🙂 For now, check out my Fave Five list!

  1. Masago Ahi from Yama’s Fish Market – YUMMMMM!
  2. Anything from Tamashiro Market! – just hard to find parking sometimes.
  3. Clam Poke from Costco – hooooo! surprisingly ono for something from Costco!
  4. Limu Ahi from Safeway – OK, I’m a bit biased ’cause I used to make it, but the recipe is some ono. And they only use fresh ahi, not frozen!
  5. Creamy Ahi from Poke Stop – I remember it being better before.

I heard good things about Ono Seafood in Kapahulu, JJ Seafood in Kaneohe, Fresh Catch in Kaimuki and Golden Mart in Mililani. Any recommendations for what to try there, or anywhere else? Holla atcho boy!

P.S. Wish me luck with the Victorino interview! Still crossin’ my fingers… : If you order the UFC 101 (Penn vs. Florian) fight on Oceanic Time Warner Cable PPV, look for us on TV k!? 8)

Happy VHO7V Friday and have an awesome weekend y’all! 🙂

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