This Is How We Do: Airplanes

Since bruddah ova hea has been travelin’ a bit as of late, I thought that sharing our airplane habits might be a nice widdle topic for our “This Is How We Do…” series. Agree? We go!

* Book Online – one of the benefits of the glorious Interwebs is that you can use it to book your flight, pick your seats, check in, print your boarding passes, etc., all without the headache of doing it in person. I take full advantage of it, especially with the seating. There’s nuthin’ that makes me more antsy/impatient than sitting on a plane waiting to get off. The further up towards da front I can get, da bettah! Less waiting!
* Pack Light – if I can help it, I try not to check anything in. Not only are there extra fees these days, I just like that I can get on and off de plane (de plane) and on my way in a flash. I know, I know… it’s probably easier for us guys than you ladies to pack light cause all we need is one clean underwear and we all G. 8)
* Set It and Forget It – I like to pack my bag in the overhead compartment in the row ahead (in row 11 if I’m in row 12). This way, retrieving it on the way out is easier/quicker and less of a hold up for the peeps behind me.
* iTunes – if it’s a long trip, I needs ta bring my iPod with loaded up tunes. Optionally, I’ll pick up a good magazine or two from the newsstand and may even bring the DS or portable DVD player.
* Sleeping Beauty – I can sleep anywhere at any time. Planes just happen to be one of these places. 8)
* Hurry up and wait – as soon as that bell rings, I unbuckle my seatbelt (my hand is already on it beforehand) and stand up in the aisle (if I’m in the aisle seat). I’d rather stand up and wait for the doors to open than be seated.
* Holla! – during the wait-for-the-door-to-open period, I turn my phone on. This wait is a good time to make calls (for a ride), check voicemail/texts, and browse the web.
* Out like trout – like I said before, I don’t like staying in the plane longer than I have to. Once those doors open, I’m itchin’ to get out. I become the fastest walker in the world once out on the Jetway. Why am I in such a rush? I have no idea. LOL!
Sound anywhere close to how you do? Share, share!


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